Battle Info  2003-04-02 Division 4 - Week 4 (4)

Unidentified Quake Entity 2 - 1 PsychoHaloons Crew

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Our map first, they chose to play e3m6 so we actually HAD TO WIN this map, to make a change of winning the game by decider. But because of amazing foolish play at our side, and some nice pl spikes we lost control @ ra (we had 3 guys at RA, all with rl. One of them comes by, the next thing i noticed i became bored with live while nielZ and yveZ were fragged as well?? gg @ lag) But their control wasn't very good either so we could take over again, but thanks to late reaction to hunt them down we weren't able to win this match. I thought all was lost! - jeZper - by Unidentified Quake Entity

jeZper (FlePser)(UqE)


E3M6 - Chambers of Torment


So after our loss on dm3 we had no good hope in winning this game at all, and the start wasn't too good either. They managed to get first RL and could camp it for a long time, but because jeZper and nielZ knew a bit how to play it they couldn't get much frags of us at all, yveZ tried to secure shaft area and wasn't fragged too much either, but no1 of them dared to go there, feared the mighty yveZ with his uberskilled shaft. After some stolen quads and bored RL's nielZ managed to lock down RL area, while I secured the Quad area, but their hiding places were quite unknown to me, after a while we were actually in the lead because the Quads and rl-camping gave some good frags, then the most suxiest thing happened! nielZ lost RL-area so i had to take over, which was quite difficult but I succeeded, and the roles were turned, nielZ did Quad while I secured RL. And another fucked up thing happened, Dragon had to leave because his mom went insane it became 3on4 then for a while, but because we had control of RL and nielz nor yveZ lost theirs we were able to hold the lead and just 30 secs before the end Dragon came back on the server, because he felt sorry for us, but even with his departure we would've won the game. AFter this map he REALLY had to go, thus he left. - jeZper - by Unidentified Quake Entity

jeZper (FlePser)(UqE)


DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


"because our 4th HAD to leave we tried to play 3on4, but they insisted on playing 3on3, we are very gratefull :)!" - by NQR Admin

So with 1 man down we had to play the decider map and both clans agreed on dm2, we insisted to play 3on4, but as good sportsmen should they did not agree with us and wanted 3on3, thus we played 3on3, and considering the score this was most good for us. We got fullstart I think and dominated the game from start untill end, too bad i couldn't make 100 frags cause the last minute I lost low-rl and did not manage to get an RL to make the remaining three frags. Me did Low-rl while yveZ and nielZ contolled ya/water/quad, even tho they got past tele a lot they could never make a real threat for us. GG for doing the 3on3 and next time just do the damned 3on4! -jeZper - by Unidentified Quake Entity

jeZper (FlePser)(UqE)

dragon - 2003-03-21 17:32:06
hm i dont know but hf pc and uqe
dragon - 2003-03-21 17:32:07
hm i dont know but hf pc and uqe
budzior - 2003-03-28 20:42:55
phc :D lolq
FlePser - 2003-04-03 00:34:48
moron dragon, we won :) gg @ dm3 drg
budzior - 2003-04-03 01:45:37
ggs guys. gl in rest matches !
budzior - 2003-04-03 01:46:30
give us extra point ;p LOOOOOOOOOOOL.
nielz - 2003-04-03 01:47:50
yveZ - 2003-04-03 01:54:00
somebody kick the polish servers OUT the window, jesus! :/
dREk - 2003-04-03 03:13:08
Nice gesture from PHC playing 3on3 last map..
draGon - 2003-04-03 08:50:03
FO it wasnt me at the begin FO who it was :S
draGon - 2003-04-03 08:51:27
oh it was me look at the time ! :D and ip hehehe :)
FlePser - 2003-04-03 13:35:48
Good gesture in our benefit :P
Hagge - 2003-04-03 16:27:38
znapz - 2003-04-03 18:20:59
looks like the most boring dm3 ever!? where the fuck is the frags?
Gluiptijger - 2003-04-03 18:41:33
FlePser - 2003-04-03 18:53:59
Boring???? just because we were not capable of getting loads of frags, look at it as very nice played of both, cause no team allowed themselves to get spawnfragged.
yveZ - 2003-04-03 19:11:04
on dm2 we did not get fullstart jes, they got high rl/quad :)
FlePser - 2003-04-03 22:28:13
oh :(

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