Battle Info  2003-03-16 Division 5 - Week 1 (1)

Vet's 1 - 2 Swedish Super Cops

E3M3 - The Tomb of Terror


It all started on our police station, e3m3 in the Tomb of Terror! Tonight the cops were unorganized as hell and tonights criminals Vet's created chaos. Luckily the cops recieved the RA/RL spot in the beginning and were able to keep a distance in the frags for a while. We managed to take over low for a while and fragged away. When it was 2 minutes left we "left" RA. :P So they did catch up some frags but of course it was not enough, we had the victory under control. GG Vet's and nice fight in our homearena. - by Swedish Super Cops



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


After having battled on e3m3, Vet's criminal gang choosed dm3 as their arena to try to be nasty cop killers. This time the bad gang won (The world isn't fair you know). It was a very tight game and they won only with 15 frags. Today it wasn't our night because it was chaos all the time and we missed several quads etc. But Vet's deserved this map point. Btw, thanx for waiting so long for our 4th player without complaining. - by Swedish Super Cops



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


After a 1-1 situation we had to play a third map. We asked the mighty one (^NQR^) which map it would be, dm2 he choosed. It all started good and the cops were more organized than before but still not in their ordinary shape. They got the first quad and rl and we got low rl.. low rl guy did kill the quad player and vice versa. So then it was a fresh start again u could say. It was an even game and we lost water several times but managed to take the quads and we were in the lead all the time I believe. So after 20 mins of struggle the Swedish Super cops once again showed everyone who is aiming for the top spot in div5. GG Vet's and thanks for a nice game, looking forward to next one.. - by Swedish Super Cops


fREd - 2003-03-17 00:14:57
GG's Vet's was quite fun, and gl in the future of the leauge!
dREk - 2003-03-17 00:20:13
Yepp, it sure was fun.. hope my comments are true and correct also. :P GL in the future Vet's.
dOOk - 2003-03-17 00:47:03
Yepp, it was fun .. but I didn't play =)
kan - 2003-03-17 03:41:27
s?d?rja, ni kan ?ga ?ven utan mig, n?ja, n?sta match ska jag va med era nannisar :)
[*.se]Ba]V[sE - 2003-03-17 11:11:13
Najs somenannan!
spd - 2003-03-17 13:11:40

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