Battle Info  2003-04-13 Division 5 - Week 4 (5)

The Artists 2 - 0 Civil Disobedience

E2M2 - The Ogre Citadel


Big whining from CD (Joke). Saying "the rox are so slow, sucky serwer and ping", omg cant you ppl from sweden play with ping 45-50 anymre? Thie screens dont show it but billy played the game with 100-170 ping (demos) the rockets slow? ?rl showing 101,5% entety speed. Skins? hmm.. I dont know what to think, every one had OK skins but not CD. Maybe /skins? One CD dropped? A exchange of players, they had one extra on spec so why brake? The change was quick also a couple of secs. I don want to accuse any one but it looked more like CD was scared of the start and wanted to replay the map of that. - by The Artists

After a long discussion we decided to play on the Artists server choice (we wanted another) that was bad like hell, with slowrockets. And they had a boy with 150 ping so wtf. But later when we started to play he had like around 50 and the others had 20-50, when we had about double of their ping. So then after we played 1-2 min of our (cd's map) the skins became fucked up. We want to break but the lamass of artist didn't. We got a dude dropped but no break or anything. They just wanted their 3 points. Fair play? This is what they had to say about it: [22:37] (fireeeee): Pretty lame not to play e2m2 again, maybe it isnt your fault but you hadnt beat us there if our skins were right [22:38] (art^billy): yeah [22:38] (art^billy): well maybe you are right [22:38] (art^billy): but we are point hungry [22:38] (art^billy): we still hope for 3rd spot [22:38] (art^billy): :) - by Civil Disobedience



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


This was a close game with a couple of mistakes. First penta goes to CD (where was billy fromYA spawn?), quad went to art and the firs rl to i think. 5 min in the game and Art was leading, with a couple of frags, but then something happened, Cd got quad and striked back, they took a lead with 3-6 frags. Then tha map was in Art's possesion and the fragging beggined with billy as q runner. He scrared 3 CD players out of SNG and waited for them at the teleport, man that was a sight. Flame was covering YA and with a big succes. Anyway big GG's and gl in the rest of nqr games. - by The Artists


Joke - 2003-04-13 23:27:59
i dont even have any comments.. but I'll hope We never has to play artist in the future again.
rockis - 2003-04-13 23:30:09
BG! :(
fires - 2003-04-13 23:41:35
The Artists, bad manners not break if two of my teamates saw me as enemy (skin).. We did what we could but we couldent fix it during the match and you lamers would not play the map again for a fair game? Lamers-deluxe.. Hope you dont get the third spot cause you aint worth it.. Burn in hell..
k4rn - 2003-04-13 23:48:17
Big whining, not our problems that you are to dumb to fix the skins, or maybe you didint want to? Admin was there and you that he said that the skin problem was you problem not ours. Next time you will check your skins before the game. We had often problems due skins and we never whined to breake the game.
Nocturnal - 2003-04-14 00:13:32
We got a real good start on e2m2, until like 2 min in the game when our teammates started to kill each other due to some problems with the skins. It became chaos and we lost the map because of that. Dunno what happened really but it must have been that gay polish server since it apparently worked on other servers, and we've never experienced that before. Of course we demand a break but Artists refused (probably afraid of losing). Then we get an admin to the server (legio), who says it had nothing do with the server... but then he couldn't explain what it was. Really lame behaviour by Artists, hope we never have to meet you guys again.. BG :(
Nocturnal - 2003-04-14 00:32:49
In the report you say: "every one had OK skins but not CD". Then k4rn: "We had often problems due skins and we never whined to breake the game. " LOL? Pretty obvious you didn't want to break the game when you were in the lead. "A exchange of players, they had one extra on spec so why brake?" Yeah, right! Who cares if the best e2m2 player in our team (joke) have some problems with skins and drops in the start of the game? You don't get and advantage of that?
ShaFt - 2003-04-14 00:36:25
nice art :)
supher - 2003-04-14 00:47:14
GG art :D
MIXU - 2003-04-14 00:52:13
the day art have stable pings... gg billy :D
tobik - 2003-04-14 00:53:05
slowrockets - nqr admin came in and said it was ok. ~100% entity speed. just your imagination so stop sayin stuff like that. pings - yeah check the mvd demos and check the quality of polish connections. skins - they get fucked up once in a while and the only way to fix that is to type skins twice. it's a known bug; random, not server-side related. if you don't know it than it's just because you're damn amateurs. whine whine whine. i guess we can set up a prac just to see who's better - without slow rockets, unfair pings and haxored skins, hehe. and yeah we need the points cuz we fucked all our recent games. the skin bug also troubled us a few games ago; check some demos, maybe you'l find it. anyways, afaik there is no way to proove that the skins were actually set bad just by the demo, so there is like no evidence. this means you could fake it after a bad start. however, i do believe that this was bad luck and this bug did just happen, but that's not enough to stop the game. just imagine everyone doind that after dm3 nmy fullstart.just be sure to type skins before you get ready and there's no problem.
Hagge - 2003-04-14 01:46:13
sad about the e2m2 :[ learn how to fix ur skins next time cd ;)
Fires - 2003-04-14 02:10:38
J?vla idiot j?vlar, har splet qw ett BRA tag och jag VET hur man fixar sina j?vla skins f?r helvete!!!!!!!!!! De va n?t som va fel, under matchens g?ng kolla vi v?ra skins, skrev skins o tp skins, ALLA i laget gjorde detta, hur fan kan de d? fortforande va fel!?!?!? M?ste varit n?t skit med servern..s? j?vla irriterande.. Vi skulle slaktat dom p? den banan! Vi hade f?tt ds?ng p? dm3 ?nd? kanske men e2m2 va v?r bana och The Artist vis as? j?vla d?ligs stil genom att inet vilja spela om mappen.. Riktigt j?vla fegt..fyfan f?r er..
En sak till.. - 2003-04-14 02:13:34
J?vla skitland ni bor i..
billy - 2003-04-14 07:22:01
if you really were good on e2m2, you would have still won it with one player dropping, it was our first game on e2m2...first's
billy - 2003-04-14 07:24:04
and i played both games with ping 60-160 , dont believe me? look at ping fixes at like 22:30 now
k4rn - 2003-04-14 10:18:21
Very mature to write the comments in swedish, probably you are looking for sympthy from your swedish fellows. That is so pathetic, and calling others names in swedish is lame... but you should know that by now.
fire - 2003-04-14 13:26:51
X-con - 2003-04-14 16:41:12
Now its my turn: WHINE WHINE Feeling much better now :)
Looser - 2003-04-15 23:49:03
Hello Artists. You say "look at the mvd demo". Where is the fuckin demo? Not here at least.
Lurq - 2003-04-16 00:02:30
You can't see if the skins is wrong in a demo btw. They wrote skins several times after the was started, but it didn't work for joke. so I replaced him after a couple of minutes, not seconds... Not a good idea I guess, joke's prolly our most important player at this map. But I didn't have any skin-problems. Billy, sure it was your first play at e2m2...What do you say about a prac on this map with our regular team?
MisYu - 2003-04-16 14:16:08
LOL! CD, you're bunch of whining lamers, go die, kthx bye.
MisYu - 2003-04-16 14:20:15
Sue The Artists, go and cry to your mothers, delete Quake, call the police or whatever, stupid loosing crying lamers. You have no honor, mustwinnerish fucks.
tobik - 2003-04-16 22:50:27
please excuse misyu - he had no sex for months now since his hamster died 8) lurq: i really hope such game will be played, please talk to billy or karn at irc to set it up.
MisYu - 2003-04-16 23:22:18
tobik, stfu =) I am against whining after lost match. Goddamn, guys, it's just a stupid game. Would you feel better if the match was cancelled and repeated? If yes, you're a bunch of mustwinners, who are having emotion problems with computer games :E Behave like a man and shut the fuck up.
Lurq - 2003-04-17 17:07:25
MisYu, if your against whine. why are you whining right now =)) what's wrong with a prac anyway?
MisYu - 2003-04-17 19:14:43
Lurq, if you don't see the differnce between whining after a lost match and whining on whining, I'm against you as well =)
ARNE - 2003-04-17 19:20:27
watch out for arne, in a clan near you!
letrev - 2003-04-17 21:02:54
nice coments and I had a gr8 lough about the whole WHINE and "the hamster topic" :E If someone breaks due to enemy skin bug and can't fix it and that is the only reason to for stoping the game than no more NQR games will finish :) ( GG's ALL )
Looser - 2003-04-28 22:34:00
MisYu: I hope to meet you and have some beers with you and later throw you in an alley in the ghetto. Your welcome.
Molgrum - 2003-09-08 22:44:42
I don't understand how you can classify this as whining? You are really misusing the word, artists...

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