Battle Info  2003-03-27 Division 5 - Week 3 (3)

War Hammer 2 - 0 Dreadful Offensive Squirrels

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


After another small delay as DoS got their fourth man on the sever we started. Once again we started badly and took a long time to get going. The game was very even nearly all the way through and DoS played extremely well. It wasn't till the last few minutes that we finally consolidated the lead and took it by a small margin. All credit again to DoS for making us fight to the last second. - by War Hammer


tyrone - 2003-03-27 13:04:28
Ok, here's my story: We arranged a game on Tospid @ 22:00 cet, we were there with 6 ppl.. not a single DoS to be seen... 22:20: still no single DoS 22:25: gambit shows up 22:30: badh and the unknown blasphemer show up 22:40: they suggested to play 4v3.. ok sucky, but i could really use some fragging and didn't have much time to wait either So we got DM3 going and our start was HORRIBLE, it even looked after 3 mins that DoS was gonna beat us 3v4... after that we took full control.. gg DM2: wow, a full team for DoS \o/ Once again our start was HORRIBLE here, almost a fulllock for DoS, the whole map basicly was one big chaos, but we just managed to get the lead with 3 mins left. Stats from your author on Dm2: most deaths along with 7 Tk's... my worst Dm2 since 1996... sorry WH :(
diza - 2003-03-27 13:08:26
blasphemer= kael
FlePser - 2003-03-27 13:09:01
You just plainly suck tyrone :), gg tho with ending up last of us on dm2 :(, 2nd tho behind the great psycho_dad
Link - 2003-03-27 14:33:42
blasphemer frags is added
Hagge - 2003-03-27 14:59:09
dos should?ve been in div6 :[ gg! tyrone ownz! ;)
aken - 2003-03-28 09:16:53
hmm, maybe div4 would be better, maybe there aren't div1 playerz ^.^
billie - 2003-03-28 10:15:45
tyrone : u had fullstart on dm2 :P u just did a fullstart fuckup TM (c)
nielz - 2003-03-28 11:52:54
hahaha! nice comment billie! .... . . still dont like you tho :P
RuinatioN - 2003-03-28 16:21:03
tyrone did several fukups bless him. dont worry about it tyrone. we all have them days every now and then. Played DoS. GG on dm2. hope u have better success in your other games.
Anonymous - 2004-07-14 01:41:43

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