Battle Info  2003-04-12 Division 6 - Week 4 (5)

Thangorodrim 2 - 1 OLW

E3M6 - Chambers of Torment





DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




rougue - 2003-04-12 17:34:33
hwhwh first comment to bad after all look my ping s:P
rougue - 2003-04-12 17:37:14
was a BG on e3m6 we lost first 10 min then we got control and they hidet for 10 min :( dm3 was clear map as u can see hehehe but then dm2 because of laggy server i got disconnected after 6 min and could not connect back so it was a 4-3 for 13 min in the last minnut i recoonect but just to late as u can see to bad of lousy ping and pl on thsi bad server gl to olw in qualifing :P gg to T anyway
Samgorod - 2003-04-12 17:44:00
Now after I've seen the demos I can comment this one.... Bad game! Teamplay was realy poor and we all know where that leads to... OLW played well as expected and they almost won the game... Its just too bad that Rougue timeouted from the decider dm2 it was a close game till then and even after he timeouted OLW was more than able to kick back with only 3 guys playing... They didn't want to brake, so the round was played to the end. This game was played late at Thursday evening and afterwards in IRC there were some quarrel about this shitty result... OLW wanted to replay dm2 and T wanted to replay the whole game... Neitherside didn't want to compromise any demands, so it was a dead end... At Friday OLW told us to close the subject and call it in... So here we are... In future OLW: Brake the round if your players timeout! Don't come afterwards with demands!
Link - 2003-04-12 18:06:51
Yep, Kala did the same vs PHC, did not break and lost, and wanted replay. Break the game and replay ;)
rougue - 2003-04-12 19:17:49
gg samgrod gl next round u need to :P wanan see u in teh next div hehehe i know we gave u the win so no argue anymore hehehe it has been don godo friends anyway gl with ur last 2 rounds u must win at least one gl ppl
Hagge - 2003-04-12 19:38:09
seems like a strong performance by olw but they lagged a bit too much to take this home ;:( gg
Samgorod - 2003-04-12 19:41:35
ye rougue np :)... Just wanted to tell ppl how it went and to express what our team feels about it... U know... None happy after game & result like this one... GL for OLW too...
rougue - 2003-04-12 20:01:35
u are k m8 heheheh gl :P hope u qualifie :P u are k to
ex3l - 2003-04-12 21:45:54
ggs to olw little ggs to T it was kinda lame to hide the last 10mins in first game and yeh to bad rougue timed out and i was away the last game on dm2 but gl to u and see u next time ( i called it payback time ) :/
blaps - 2003-04-13 09:18:54
from an outsiders point of view it's hard to see why not to play dm2 again? as far as I could tell olw didn't even notice rogue was missing until the last few minutes (they were in the lead despite the fact they played 3vs4). if someone disconnects they usually come back in a minute or two but rougue didn't. perhaps something to consider as a rule for nqr5? someone dissed for more than 10 minutes and it's a default re-match (unless both clans decide otherwise).
ex3l - 2003-04-13 10:56:18
They didn't want te replay dm2 why??? i dunno . We don't mind to be in third place whats the differents? 2nd or 3th? they only want to replay all the games. So we said u take the win and be lame but i think thats a good idea blaps
dREk - 2003-04-13 13:38:03
d - 2003-04-13 15:51:28
:) gg (:
fix - 2003-04-13 19:51:40
\0/ rinssi q!!!11
persuader - 2003-04-13 20:57:25
sooo lame...
Domin - 2003-04-13 21:03:17
bg, but atleast thango won
rougue - 2003-04-13 21:22:01
well its what u call wining lol :P heheheh
Domin - 2003-04-13 21:28:15
easy points and 1-2 spot in division, thats the way thango! ;)
persu - 2003-04-14 23:30:23
well 4on3 was 2 way ez.. 4on2 next time plz :(
prinssi quu - 2003-04-16 19:16:35
pwned. ei n?? pasca huoh helpoc ruotsalaiset tajuu et pelaan ilman n?ytt?? kaikki pelit..plz 1on4 veisin jos olis n?ytt? auki...plz huoh omg n00b lol psiit...

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