Battle Info  2003-10-31 Division 1 - Week 4 (4)

Clan Malfunction 2 - 0 The Axemen

E1M5 - Gloom Keep


We got fullstart here as SIV got the first rl from premortem! The game was quite close all the way but they were in the lead only once when it was 1min remaining. We won the battle of last quad and denied them the chance to frag with it. Only siv did fragrank-climbing here :( - by Clan Malfunction



W.O. - Walkover


Always sad2c a team giving up without a fight. I guess this was part of their masterplan... you see, they told us before the game that they were gonna destroy our fragranks, so I guess they were only going to play e1m5 even if they had won it! :D - by Clan Malfunction


Horatio ( 2003-10-03 17:02:28
fifi ( 2003-10-31 00:08:44
huhu i filled in a message for admin saying "dm3 was actually a wo but since its lame to quit in the middle of game, this shot should be uploaded instead, its from cb game so dont count frags in fragrank" :)
fix ( 2003-10-31 00:09:58
GG martian the man of games when it gets right! such a rape at dm3 tho bg axemonne
fix ( 2003-10-31 00:10:33
damn you fifi!
Link ( 2003-10-31 00:12:43
Rofl :> If the admin had any brains at all, he would have known that NIGHTMAN plays in DIV.3 in NQR5. gg.
lol ( 2003-10-31 05:38:29
Really nice of Axemen to drop in the middle of dm3. You are true sportsmen guys! Wouldn't this be a nice update on the Lame-Ever site, Link? Oh, I forgot it's not a swedish clan, sorry.
Max Rebo ( 2003-10-31 08:25:31
Actually they didn't even start dm3 due to some of their members refusing to play. Just as lame.
rAGE ( 2003-10-31 09:14:37
bgsr :<
Hagge ( 2003-10-31 09:29:51
haha.. so funny.. the other day link comes on irc accusing me for my bad sportmanship just because of some whine on this page.. but now after this game I know what BAD sportmanship is, lol.. gg cmf.. siv ownz e1m5? :) upload demo of that map plz!
TheChosenOne ( 2003-10-31 10:02:26
The server wouldn't allow 2on4 ffs! Wants atleast 3 players per team, how lame :(. Our 4th player had to go to bed.
FlePser ( 2003-10-31 10:09:57
then change the server bitte :(
niomic ( 2003-10-31 11:36:35
4-1 = 2
panic ( 2003-10-31 13:13:21
varf?r spelade inte link?!
Hagge ( 2003-10-31 14:19:42
han var v?l f?r bra :<
mogvard! ( 2003-10-31 14:28:05
haha this was funny.. !
Link ( 2003-10-31 14:46:04
Actually, Axemen couldnt field 4 players because one of our swedes just disconnected after loosing e1m5, then another swede member we have dont play official games it seems, he only play pracs! And Hagge, you retarded little kid: I was talking about YOU, not CB, and I didnt play at all, so what is your fucking point? I cant play 4on4 with my connection, my GREAT adsl gives me 30 PL in fights. Fucked up. Bottom line is: some SWEDE members fucked it up :>
Vertigo ( 2003-10-31 15:23:24
Link, you motormouth. Try to act more like the 'Mr 6 frags' should. Even more inappropriately, that is!
TheChosenOne ( 2003-10-31 15:49:25
One swede went to bed. One norwegian prioritied school since we werent 4(thats why 2on4). Link got 30 pl gg, and our last member didnt want to play official when he/we was out of match shape.
Janozh ( 2003-10-31 16:34:17
I HAD to go to bed.. starts work 05.45 and we were 3 anyways. since nikke didnt want to play nqr without some prac. shit happens. not the end of the world. Btw, i sucked big time on e1m5, my fault we lost that.
cara ( 2003-10-31 18:17:36
znappe ( 2003-10-31 19:29:06
lol p? nikke :>
troma ( 2003-10-31 19:32:19
fint ? b?rja jobba kvart i sex ?
Janozh ( 2003-10-31 21:11:00
Mycket goda pengar!
Hagge ( 2003-10-31 23:29:43
Mama ( 2003-11-01 23:32:22
Come on, your last member was out of match shape? You got to be kidding me. Play if you can especially if you are in the middle of a game already played one map. Not playing is bad sportsmanship, no doubt about that.
Janozh ( 2003-11-02 12:43:59
we wanted to play. but we cant force him to join the server and play if he dont want to.. we begged him but he didnt listen. thats his choice :/

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