Battle Info  2003-11-10 Division 1 - Week 5 (6)

Clan Malfunction 2 - 1 Slackers

CMT1b - Silverdome


we had this map in the bag, but decided that we need more pracrounds and so sr won. btw hib tried to escape fragrank by disconnecting just before the end, but gr8 server was way2clever for him! - by Clan Malfunction



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Got like the best start ever but then siv started clowning with his dsl-plug! He took several private timeouts without consulting us first... which was good cos we did better without him, KEY TO VICTORY! - by Clan Malfunction



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Screen shoot pretty much says it all... mem fragging while rest of us enjoyed the game from sauna once again. It?s good to have friends with good connections who kept gamer out of this match! - by Clan Malfunction


Horatio ( 2003-10-03 17:00:09
broest broest
shaft ( 2003-11-10 00:36:09
error ( 2003-11-10 00:36:10
gg, shiva visar vem som ?r kung.
fast_rewind ( 2003-11-10 00:48:27
Mursu ( 2003-11-10 00:55:59
OMG gr8 game
menth0l ( 2003-11-10 00:55:59
Castle of the Shiva
tumult ( 2003-11-10 00:58:54
i just wish i was hungry like a motherfucker.. i love to eat and watch high standard quakeworld.. so do you paradoks ?
jester ( 2003-11-10 01:04:50
omfg, plz watch your language tumult! para might get personally insulted because of your suggestions! Prices in qhlans should be Gymform Max-products.. :/~
Goljat ( 2003-11-10 01:22:57
tumult, relax this is just a game, it just so funny when over 20years old guys try to make a fight at internet forum lol :)
tumult ( 2003-11-10 01:26:21
ohhman.. aint nuting heatin up? acually i do like to eat during a great game like this.. and i got really hungry, eventhough i just had my meal
viag ( 2003-11-10 01:46:51
best games to watch since long time ! nice and gg all
Gamer ( 2003-11-10 01:53:55
gg's e1m2 was pretty exciting to spec. Too bad our over 20 game winning streak ended :)
Goljat ( 2003-11-10 02:11:45
hehe yeah we made pretty big misstakes dunno why, maybe i just suck :)
zilch ( 2003-11-10 02:13:10
maybe you accidentally unbinded your kfjump button? :<
xhrl ( 2003-11-10 02:17:33
tumult, you seem like you like to be rude :/ just try eating the peanuts out of your own shit might then get my point. yes, e1m2 was an entertaining match; was your connection off eating peanuts or what, gamer :P
ztranger ( 2003-11-10 04:59:05
@menth0l: some (long) time have passed since they called him lord of the castle.. or castle of vana.. but yes.. shiva did it preety well
moRtiZ ( 2003-11-10 08:22:38
GGs. Fifi had many nice quad stolen
Mega ( 2003-11-10 09:21:34
So nice game! gg cmf
unf ( 2003-11-10 10:15:27
where this mother fucking demos? %|
ParadokS ( 2003-11-10 10:52:43
on #slakcers fserve if u type !slackers or
one_FIST_all_DEAD ( 2003-11-10 10:59:06
mem was playing bad!!! he is very bad player!! but rest is worse!!
s? e ni ( 2003-11-10 11:40:05
s? e fan ni
reppie ( 2003-11-10 12:21:27
amazing games! especially goljat was great so spec :) (especially in the end of cmt1 and dm2) ggs!
stal ( 2003-11-10 12:28:15
Agree with Reppie there. Golle had a mad and spectacular run on dm2 where he annihilated what seemed like 3 cmf clans in one short minute or so. Strange that it wasn't enough to turn the game :o
Link ( 2003-11-10 12:32:01
Nice to see that some clans can give SR a fight on cmt1b.
Vertigo ( 2003-11-10 13:24:21
The greatest moment of the match was in the end of dm2, when first Fifi and then Memil made two amazing quadruns to low rl. Incredible job under pressure.
m0lle ( 2003-11-10 13:42:24
Yeees! GG Mem and CMF !
Goljat ( 2003-11-10 14:09:30
zilch - 2003-11-10 02:13:10 maybe you accidentally unbinded your kfjump button? :< heh i dont use kfjump, i use fjump (scripted one), because you don't have the same feeling with ktpro kfjump.
menth0l ( 2003-11-10 14:43:04
The same feeling of failure and self-loathing? :(
Eject ( 2003-11-10 15:14:36
hlt thats my boy:) wuhuu!
razor ( 2003-11-10 15:18:37
dm2 somewhere towards the end has 2 great FDE material... one was: sr guy spamming rockets towards cmf guy at gl.. fifi makes rl jump up to tele-exit and kills him with double hit.. and leaves pack i think ?.. :) and continues down to quad and kills another rl guy and grabs quad.. .. and second one was: goljat takes out whole cmf team (all rl).. in one cool run.. (not quad run)... and leaves some packs too i think? :).. stuff like that in official 4on4 vs elite clans is what truly belong in frag movies imo..... dmm4 games with tripple air hits... zz who cares ;)
purge ( 2003-11-10 15:23:08
goljat that is even worse ... that isn't something to be proud of using it :)
menth0l ( 2003-11-10 15:24:32
i agree, Goljats insane run to take over the map belongs on the highligh reel.
fifi ( 2003-11-10 15:33:57
i didnt get the quad... dare decided to shoot me when i had killed another rl at quad and didnt even take the quad nor my bp.. instead left them for sr to take :/
Hagge ( 2003-11-10 15:42:38
gonna watch these games now! from reading the reports from cmf I expect loads of shiznit! Be hlt will win this season of nqr for cmf!
razor ( 2003-11-10 20:36:53
aah! ye ok.. :)
forsberg ( 2003-11-10 21:53:31
gg, razor > i agree !
error ( 2003-11-11 03:28:36
More qw-movies! Yees, and not dmm4. If its not 6 diamond midairs in a row or something.
R2D2 ( 2003-11-11 13:15:03
The shit fifi did was awesome. It was probably one of the coolest move I've ever seen. It's always nice when someone gets on a fucking spree
emest ( 2003-11-11 14:26:34
/whois mem
Chipi ( 2003-11-11 14:43:09
mem=memil=shiva (the swedish avenger in cmf:)
galen ( 2003-11-11 20:51:20
j?vla mycket finnar p? dom d?r screensen, se p? fan
oosi ( 2003-11-18 23:46:56
siv masturbating @ cmt1b
-=mNY=- ( 2003-11-28 18:02:38

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