Battle Info  2003-11-23 Division 2 - Week 5 (6)

American Gangsters 2 - 0 E1

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Initial spawns went our way, we got the PENT and QUAD while E1 got the first RL and RING. We were able to make a slight lead in frags within the first few minutes. We got the 15minute left PENT and locked the whole level with 50-10 frag lead. 9 minutes into the game we were up 90-15 or so and apparently there was some mm2/mm1 arguing between E1 guys (one of them apparently wanted to go sleep) and shortly there after he timed out from the game. We paused the game for a couple of minutes, but he didnt come back, so we were forced to finish off the last 10minutes of the match 3on4. - by American Gangsters



W.O. - Walkover


E1 could not find a 4th player for the second map, so we offered to play 3on3, but two out of three E1 members were not interested in that, and gave us W.O. on the second map. - by American Gangsters


Horatio ( 2003-10-04 01:15:53

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