Battle Info  2003-11-13 Division 2 - Week 5 (6)

Griffin's Tappra Gossar 0 - 2 Fragomatic

E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


I didn't really expect us to stand a chance on E1M2 with the lineup we had, so the close score surprised me a bit. Both teams played well, quads didn't produce much, which is kinda surprising as it's e1m2, but they were generally won with misc weapons as no RL was there in time. /dak - by Griffin's Tappra Gossar

Jesus we're in a tight SPOT!... - by Fragomatic



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


With the result on e1m2 I kinda expected us to have a better chance on dm2 than these scores tell. Well, we've never been really good once we lost control on dm2, and fOm handled their fullspawn really well - it gave them a good 80 frags lead before we even got a taste of the quad. In the end, they proved to be, in my opinion, better on dm2 than on e1m2. GG fOm and good luck with the rest of your games. /dak - by Griffin's Tappra Gossar

scores looks like we had a fullstart - and we did. Seeker went beserk, Vert was the teleport camper - and after Dare he is probably the second best teleport camper from Finland - we are proud to have him on our team. Manu was doing a great job a rl low while rx was working his magic around the level :-). I think that if we played again the scores might not have been this different, as we all know that GTG are really good on dm2 - and I dont know if they normally have slugfest on the team? - GG - by Fragomatic


m0lle ( 2003-10-02 17:39:37
Lets GO!
Horatio ( 2003-10-04 01:15:20
Hagge ( 2003-11-13 10:26:02
omg seems like a nice game! slugfest must?ve been out of shape though :( gg.. demos?
spz ( 2003-11-13 10:36:30
varf?r spelar ni s? sent
m0lle ( 2003-11-13 11:36:16
NICE to se f0m getting a game played!! Spz: I think they play late at night cos there connections is bad(better@nights). Still a GG by FRAGMATIC! Start owning now dammit!!!
m0lle ( 2003-11-13 11:37:56
Manu whats up? u still in pain after that "fall" :D .. ending up lats @ 2 maps :D GET A GRIPP M`A`N!
m0lle ( 2003-11-13 11:45:51
and wtf! OFFBREED i miss u s`O`tis!!!
manu ( 2003-11-13 12:44:18
m0lle s?tis! har ju feta rivs?ret p? armen :>> klart jag inte kan quakea p? full niv? =)) sjukt sp?nnande match p? e1m2, vi satt och skrek i mm3! SPAWNA INTE(och sen samma p? engelska ?t vertillinen). ggs GTG, turen var p? v?ran sidan denna g?ngen
Hagge ( 2003-11-13 15:06:10
fom ?r s?ta :}
Vertigo ( 2003-11-13 15:30:52
E1M2 was really great match to play. GTG were incredibly well organized and kept us buzy all the time. Thanks to that full pressure we didnt manage to build the gap during the round, but gladly we were able to pull of few frags which were enough during the final minute. The round ended just in the right time for us. Great round indeed. In dm2 we got a true fullstart and got comfortable 19 frag lead during the first minute! Thanks to our guys solid performance at lowrl, we didnt have much of problems at quad/uprl side, although GTG were keeping the pressure in the same high level as they did in e1m2. Also Seeker played an incredibly good round and the biggest thanks go naturally to him.
m0lle ( 2003-11-13 15:41:58
FEAN att man missa att specca matchen.. Dont forget to record @ TS. ps. RX har sexxi r?st!!
offbreed ( 2003-11-14 12:57:23
dak ( 2003-11-14 14:48:55
We played so late because fOm were unable to procure players for 3 occasions in a row, and when they finally could play it was late and we didn't have our main lineup available (but were tired waiting for a game that wasn't happening) :) PS. Not making excuses, only explaining the lateness of the game.
crazymac ( 2003-11-15 06:17:38
dak, love you.
R2D2 ( 2003-11-16 12:52:48
Great to see that some clans got patience with the other team, and not jumping over the WO oppurtunity like rabid dogs... compared to some clans in division 3 *caugh*2nd*caugh*phcrew*caugh...

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