Battle Info  2003-10-26 Division 2 - Week 2 (3)

Griffin's Tappra Gossar 2 - 0 E1

CMT4 - Andromeda Nine (CMT Version)


As usual, I'll whine some about the map. I'm a fan of custom maps, and CMT4 is in my opinion on the upper half of the CMT maps, yet it fails drastically to appeal to me in a 4on4-nature. I don't like the big RA room, the very easy access to Quad from virtually any place on the map, nor the stupid boxes at YA/RL. The details just don't fit on a serious map - they're much too complex and "in the way". Other than that, it's kinda fun. As for the game.. Well, it was odd. We got a really good start - something I sure didn't expect us to - leading with 50 frags in virtually no time at all, and then E1's experience on the map paid off. We lost some of our grip and E1 were actually 30 frags ahead with only the last pent to go. We caught up, little by little, and when the bell rang we were ahead. Close game, and quite intense. /dak - by Griffin's Tappra Gossar



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Hlt played really well on cmt4, and he was of course sorely missed on dm2 for E1. The first quad was a mess, picked up by a very late quadjump from E1(I think). After a bit of humble-tumble ala dm2 we picked up an unsteady control at water and kept E1 away from quad. Griffin handled the berzerker blue well with his bondeskills, never letting E1 get a foothold to work with. The game started alot closer than the final score tells - we probably got half of those frags in the last 5 minutes or so. /dak - by Griffin's Tappra Gossar


Link ( 2003-10-26 22:46:39
splash ( 2003-10-26 22:48:41
griffin lekte med l?gpingarna :)
swift ( 2003-10-27 00:53:21
lol , griffin $$$$ ????
Hagge ( 2003-10-27 00:55:53
really strong by gtg.. winning over the overskilled finnish clan e1 :< hlt?s superpowers didn?t help all the way for a victory on cmt4 and without him they couldn?t do much on dm2 :( and griffin.. how can he get so much frags with that ping??? :S can?t imagine the ownage he would do with 13 ms :) demos? gg! too bad e1 :<
Link ( 2003-10-27 14:35:38
You are a fan of custom maps? ;) CMT4 is too complex, but its still on the upper hand of the CMT maps? :) Lot of confusing statements here Dak, but fun to read :>
dak ( 2003-10-27 18:40:57
I am a fan of custom maps. I want more custom maps in QW. I'm NOT a fan of exmy maps. I don't think the CMT maps are the best custom maps available (but if they are, we might as well play TB3 and forget about custom maps). I consider CMT4 on the upper half of the CMT maps only because I don't think the CMT maps in general are that great. Perhaps that explains it better? :/
dak ( 2003-10-27 18:44:11
With 'available' above I rather meant 'doable'. I think we could get alot better custom maps if the community were a bit more criticizing (positive or negative - feedback is ALWAYS good) on the ones we currently have.

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