Battle Info  2003-10-19 Division 4 - Week 3 (3)

Dybbuk 0 - 2 Radiant Nails

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


We got first pent, dyb took the rest. Moris got second red and with some 1337 bs skillz owned fox with rl at ya. Unfortunately he wasn?t 1337 enuf to keep the rl so after 2nd quad it started all again. The next minutes were a bit chaotic with red + quad ?control? switching every second. Gore managed to get his rl to sng, unfortunately red was under quaded/bs nmy control so he couldn?t equip himself with a nice red top. After quad ran out also dyb players ran kindly ;) away from quad and left it for gore with his rl. Dyb leading by a few frags having a rl guy at sng who became a rl pack in a minute. Now it was RN?s time to get some. 2nd pent was coming soon we killed nmy quad and also another rl at ya. Pent was secured by 2rl guys + moris at window who took next quad while gore took the pent. We got some 10frags lead but then dyb managed to stir some wars at red with mutual kills and stole some quads aswell. yvez held red for the next couple of minutes and didn?t let dyb to enhance their equipment. 3rd pent went to dyb securing them the red shirt. With 9mins left RN led by 5 frags and some crucial moments were coming. First flamer+moris owned with some sng skillz the nmy rl at quad and shortly after moris scalped another rl guy at red securing the famous red shirt for his m8s. dyb didn?t want to give ezfrags and they attacked next quad with all 4 and succeeded in getting it. RN secured ya with a rl guy while dyb did some quad sweeping. Control switched rapidly between both teams in the following minutes, with RN getting a slightly upper hand. Last pent went to yvez who owned everything that moved (including a teamm8 ;). moris decided to try his bs again with 200 100 at ya and another rl victim kindly handed his rl to him ;) RN were leading with about 30-40 frags and secured a nice win on this map. PLD - by Radiant Nails



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Dm2 started with gore getting low rl, tuna getting high and another dyb player took quad (he trick jumped there from flamer who is very friendly with everyone today cuz he got a new girlfriend) yvez got another rl while moris took high but got killed pretty soon by some sgers same happened to yvez?s rl seconds later. Dybbuk got control of tele water area and did the next quads. RN tooled themselves with some rls at low and attacked next quad from large and high rl. RN quad got killed and it was all tied after 4mins. Neither team got full control of tele water area, still RN managed to gain some 25 frags lead with 10mins left. At 8.5 mins left dyb did some nice quad ownage while another rl dude killed our rls escaping thru tele. The Radiant Nails showed to be a hard nut to crack though and came back in full power to water area and restored peace. With under 4mins left RN was leading with about 70 frags and started dreaming of their first win in nqr. With 2mins left dybbuk pushed RN to low rl but it was too late to change the outcome of this match. GGs - by Radiant Nails


Hagge ( 2003-10-19 23:04:54
moris is the king! :) gg report... like I have time to ready it! :) give me demos instead! gg!
moris ( 2003-10-19 23:05:01
do u like my report? :<
FlePser ( 2003-10-19 23:27:16
taking dyb down on dm2, nice one
Legio! ( 2003-10-19 23:59:33
Omg what a match report :)
moris ( 2003-10-20 00:16:14
i enjoyed writing it a lot :>
Flamer ( 2003-10-20 06:50:27
moris: lool!!! (he trick jumped there from flamer who is very friendly with everyone today cuz he got a new girlfriend) :)))))))))) Yes i have new power in my hands :) but this was accident:)))... my aim is again good if i have new gf :)... I WANT REPPIE'S HEAD in 1on1 compo tournament!:) heheehe j/k only in my dreams :)...
Fox ( 2003-10-20 08:03:24
well.. what a shame. RN played well and deserved the victory, we were just TOO bad that game (which is so called: black-shapes). we'll have to think about at least SOME things.. gnn
Tuna ( 2003-10-20 12:27:36
RN didnt even played very good on dm3. we were able to compete most of the time. we lost the chance for a surprise win here in 3 or 4 big point situations. they gave us big headache on dm2 aswell. we were unable to get a decent equipped team and the map was a whole battelfield all the time. suddenly RN managed to frag all our rl guys and 1 minute later the they had a 50 frag margin :( we were able to make a comeback.. but the margin was just too much.. or the clock went too fast.. gg! the 4th match in this division and we did not experience a single whine, lameness or idleness until now.. gg div4!!
Flamer ( 2003-10-20 14:16:11
I think ... DYB were only first sheeps on way of sacrafice ... next wins for RN coming... :)
Apollyon ( 2003-10-20 14:40:52
damn, i wanted to play e1m2 :/
welovehagge ( 2003-10-20 15:36:45
amature div :>
Hagge ( 2003-10-20 20:05:15
wtf? :< I don?t even love myself :<

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