Battle Info  2003-10-08 Division 5 - Week 1 (2)

Civil Disobedience 0 - 2 Ancient Gods

E2M2 - Ogre Citadel


Played on, new map to most of us. cd took the lead early on until afro managed to get hold on quad/ra area and fragged like hell for about 5mins taking all quads. As a result we took the lead at about 13mins left and never gave up. - by Ancient Gods



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Noidea of this game, I guess we pretty much ran around the map taking most of the quads and pents. RA was secure most of the time, some battles around YA and quad from time to time. GG's - by Ancient Gods


Hagge ( 2003-10-08 22:14:26
ancient gods looking really strong with their superstar player rampage! gg!
apollo ( 2003-10-08 22:24:50
ye, arttu is our savior ggs, considering first ever e2m2 to me and afro and guess ares also...
xoro ( 2003-10-09 19:26:58
Ara aka rampage u suck kuk! You wouldnt know how to play qw even if your life depended on it! And you little f*ck always /quit or reset your pc when you're about to lose duel. GL.
scorponok ( 2003-10-09 20:52:31
gg AG keep it up. GG cd hope you rule next time. I know playaz in both teams. Nice :)

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