Battle Info  2003-10-20 Division 5 - Week 3 (3)

El?intarha 2 - 1 Caped Crusaders

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Caped Crusaders before known as The Stone Clan, who is DMX=? - by NQR Admin

Here's what i was thinking before the round started: "although we're lagging on this server, they lag even more. They can't hit shit with those kinda pings so I bet we'll win without me having to do anything." Or something like that. And that's what I did. Nothing. They were controlling the map from the very beginning and it felt like all of them have a rocket launcher all the time, and that they don't take any damage :) after 15 minutes of playing i had three frags. Yep, you heard me. 3. Then i got an rl for the 2nd or what time in the whole match. Yippee! A very strong performance by cc, gg. / JKova - by El?intarha



CMT3 - DeutschMaschine


Then onto our map. "Are you planning to frag 3 in this map, too, JK?" was asked in the prewar by spectators. Omg how they insulted me :((( Well, the round itself went a bit better because of the fact that none of the enemy had seen the map before. Most of them even downloaded it from the server. Well, that's not our fault. / JKova - by El?intarha



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


The decider. Here's what happened: the first 10 minutes went by and the score was roughly even. Then they started gaining some lead and when 5 minutes were remaining, they had a nice 40 frag lead. At that point things didn't look good for us. But then, their quadrunner, animalboy lagged out. Unlucky :( They didn't replace him immediately so we had our chance to play 4v3 and take control - which we did. When he returned to the server the tables had turned and we never gave the control up. Luckily for us, there was enough time left to turn the score into our favor. Too bad we won like this, -cc- was obviously the better clan despite the huge ping difference. Without animalboy's timeout they would've won. / JKova - by El?intarha


slik ( 2003-10-20 00:15:56
dmx is me
Hagge ( 2003-10-20 00:17:41
omg... animalboy and his gang owning in div5! too bad they couldn?t win this one :< gg! demos? :)
JKova^tF ( 2003-10-20 00:28:49
Hagge: awaiting confirmation
Chipi ( 2003-10-20 00:37:06
ok, but tell me why the hell cant u get me a time to play, i goto stoneclan channel on etg every day, and they cant say a word, once: talk to gandalf, but gandalf answered me ONCE (4 days ago?), then nothing...
JKova^tF ( 2003-10-20 01:24:23
Chipi: they had some changes in the clan. connect to and /join #cc
FlePser ( 2003-10-20 04:33:50
what's the command to see teamkills etc?!
slik ( 2003-10-20 06:33:11
we're gonna have a channel on quakenet now also.... #cc.qw
JKova^tF ( 2003-10-20 12:31:13
FlePser: newest fuh and these lines into cfg: cl_parsefrags 1 cl_loadfragfiles 1 scr_scoreboard_showfrags 1 (I'm not sure if all these are required, some of those might be tf-only commands but it works with those in both tf and dm :)
Hagge ( 2003-10-20 15:41:20
tnx Jkova :)
JKova^tF ( 2003-10-20 16:38:40
Hagge: why are you gonna do with this info? I hear you already deleted quake? :)
JKova^tF ( 2003-10-20 16:39:49
why what
Hagge ( 2003-10-20 19:40:47
I still have my demoplayer left! :<
Hagge ( 2003-10-20 19:41:04
and I will return one day stronger than ever :}

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