Battle Info  2003-10-30 Division 6 - Week 6 (4)

JihaD WarriorS 0 - 2 fnu

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Since I had blocked the power switch to my computer my cats had problems with fucking my NQR game up, so they got creative... A few minutes into the game when we had total maplock AND I HAD EVERYTHING %("?#=%/=(#T"?#... they decided to rip my mouse cord out of my computer. I put the mouse cord back into the computer but it didn't work, so I had to restart. When I got back JW had taken over the entire map. We managed to get the control back, so I'm not too angry, JUST A BIT! THOSE FUCKING CATS ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO SCREW ME F=(FG#HF=(#H"=(FRJH#"=FG?"... gg JW /empezar - by fnu



E3M7 - The Haunted Halls


Not much to say, we got the pents that mattered, I got a few quads... etc.. /empezar - by fnu


Empezar ( 2003-10-30 23:59:23
clox ( 2003-10-31 00:22:57
hehe emp
ZkilfinG ( 2003-10-31 03:21:32
gg - especially adde who played from my computer, with special aid from a couple of beers ;)
fausto ( 2003-10-31 14:54:12
Be :>
dropdead... ( 2003-10-31 17:30:28
OMG!!!!!!!! emp fick mer ?n dubbelt s? m?nga frags som durand. Han m?ste va ngn elitdiv1 spelare! BANNA FNU!
Empezar ( 2003-10-31 17:48:56
eller s? h?ll jag tower
dropdead... ( 2003-10-31 19:52:34
tower p? dm2? var e de? har letat i en halvtimme nu men har inte hittat det. aja, jag f?r v?l leta vidare, Om jag hittar det ska jag tipsa slurpas s? han kan campa d?r ? vinna fragsen p? dm2 varje g?ng. GG p? dej emp.
Empezar ( 2003-10-31 21:10:16
det ?r i lavan i big
Empezar ( 2003-10-31 22:46:21
jag antog dock att du snackade om e3m7 eftersom d?r var jag den enda som fick dubbelt s? mkt frags som durand, vilket inte var fallet p? dm2.
Apollyon ( 2003-11-01 11:52:06
that is what i call fragrank climbing
Fausto ( 2003-12-02 15:31:25
shove e3m7 up ur asses :( :E:E

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