Battle Info  2003-11-06 Division 6 - Week 6 (5)

Vampire Reborn 1 - 2 fnu

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





E3M7 - The Haunted Halls





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




Empezar ( 2003-11-07 02:20:17
ggs although I don't really like it when people hide at start on e3m7..
ZkilfinG ( 2003-11-07 02:25:28
ggs, especially on dm2 which was quite close
billy ( 2003-11-07 06:59:08
lame fragrank @ e3m7 :|
dragon ( 2003-11-07 07:52:16
empezar i know that you would do the same btw we saw you had 50 or something in 5 min . if you where geting owned you will 2 hide 4 a lower score
m0lle ( 2003-11-07 14:30:41
Emp: vad vare du snackade om att case var lam som fick dubbla frags mot sin mates. lol @ e3m7.
Durand ( 2003-11-07 17:06:45
m0lle: det handlar om vem som har vilken pos p? e3m7. Jag och diablo campade en spawn var. emp hade en pos med n?gra fler. D?r har du skillnaden.
Empezar ( 2003-11-07 17:10:33
dragon, no I wouldn't. I'd rather get 20-600 than 0-400. molle, jag h?ll tower och var den som tog quad (och rensade start och gl), d? f?r man mer frags. dessutom ?r jag b?ttre adde p? att h?lla tower, s? jag fick mer frags. det ?r ganska simpelt. case ?r 2x b?ttre ?n alla i SKK p? alla banor, it's a whole different case. haha.
dragon ( 2003-11-07 17:23:58
now in english? :)
mixu ( 2003-11-07 17:26:35
gg Diablo
mixu ( 2003-11-07 17:26:58
gg emp whining about other clans with super stars, gg diab, gg div6
Empezar ( 2003-11-07 17:48:07
dragon, mixu is comparing me with case (div1) just because I get alot of frags on e3m7. I've been in fnu since it's start, it used to be just a channel with friends but we started a qw clan. case joined up in SKK who lost div6 miserably last NQR, just this season. SKK whined themselves down to div5, fnu got placed in div6 to start with. SKK is upset about me whining because it got them to report WO on our fight eventhough I never requested such a thing. fnu is in the bad here, because SKK is always right. there, now you have it :)
Empezar ( 2003-11-07 17:49:54
um oh wtf, replace "mixu" in last post with "molle" :) mixu, gg div6? our opponents didn't know e3m7 that why we won it. dm2 and dm3 were quite even if you actually look at those sceenshots. I know fnu is not div6 material, but so is half of div6.
Empezar ( 2003-11-07 18:02:35
one more thing, SKK whined themselves down *FROM* div5 to div6..
case ( 2003-11-07 22:28:35
Empezar suxxors my boxxors :] du ?r fett keff
mixu ( 2003-11-07 23:13:18
im just making a fire
mixu ( 2003-11-07 23:14:57
and its funny when you see other posts about you saying stuff about div 1 players in div 6, then you go along and add diablo :)) Dont get me wrong, i dont give a shit nor would have any reason to since we already won our official game, so go enroll dag for all i care :) but it is really funny to see hyprocy :))))
mixu ( 2003-11-07 23:16:14
"our opponents didn't know e3m7 that why we won it." nice. we did'nt know it either :)
unstar ( 2003-11-07 23:45:20
empazar :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Empezar ( 2003-11-08 00:04:49
diablo is not div1, he played in div3 last season, and never played a game with EQ. I do not like it when good players join sucky clans and get 2x the other guys frags on all maps - if you get this you are clearly too good for the clan. if you would look at fnu vs other clans you won't notice such a thing, because our skill does not vary too much, I agree fnu is not div6 but wtf are we going to do about that now? I just hate losing to clans when one of their players always gets 2x the other players frags, i.e. case. we lost against gauntlet because they were better than us.
case ( 2003-11-08 00:46:22
im div3 player i haven't played a 4on4 in like a year before i joined skk, fu emzp
sassa ( 2003-11-08 01:16:30
mixu ( 2003-11-08 06:59:33
sassa eid
m0lle ( 2003-11-12 14:17:48
cus case played in div1 ?-1? years ago dont make him div1 player now. Just said that cus u always comp about case getting dubble frags .. anyways bla bla.. bla and more bla. ps. Emp ta ett l?n, k?p en cyckel resten vet du.
Empezar ( 2003-11-13 22:24:06
if case was a div1 player 1 year ago, and played as lousy as some SKK players do, do you actually think I would complain? div1 is just my way of saying "too skilled"

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