Battle Info  2003-10-10 Division 7 - Week 2 (2)

FIPS 2 - 0 SmackThatAss

CMT4 - Andromeda Nine (CMT Version)


The game started with cmt4. It was all setting off nice and quick but purity wanted to explain the map to his teammates first, but he gave up after two minutes because the other three had never played it before (can't learn a map in five minutes). The start was quite close but after a minute FIPS got pent and took control. sTa was never able to take control and keep it longer than two minutes. The only one in our team who could stay alive for a longer time was Purity but he couldn't do enough to get FIPS under. It was clear that FIPS knew cmt4 well, they got every pent what was very important. I think they took over at least two times with quad/pent when we had control for a change. FIPS ended up with alike ranks/effi's (17/63%), with us it was another story. Purity got 2/53% and the others had ranks of -16, -33 and -52 (nice one meth). GG we did better than I expected with three who never played it before. - by SmackThatAss



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Dm2 was another story. FIPS got the start as Noodles took low-rl and Gaz had high-rl and quad. The last died at bigroom 10 seconds later but FIPS got control in those first minutes building up a 30 frags lead when Purity took over at the 17 minute mark. He got the next quad too but did a nice quadbore at bigroom after he swept low-rl from two rl FIPS'ers. Cloned got next quad but get's killed and the control is back in FIPS hands. Andy is running quad very well untill the 10 minute mark. With 12 minutes to go Purity takes over tele but jumps into the lava there, a minute later he does the same trick but got killed by his teammate Clnd which let an enemy pass tele to get 150 rl at the same time. Then at the 10 minute mark the trick works and Prt takes the Q and kills nme rl's. sTa is back in control and secures tele/water area. It remains that way for five minutes, then Anni teamkills his teammate Purity at low-rl and Andy is able to grap the 4min Q. The contol was still in sTa's hands with Meth doing tele and anni at ra/mh but Andy saves tele. The next Q is for Clnd but Noodles secures FIPS victory at the two minute mark, they are leading with seven frags, he kills Prt at quad and whipes out tele again. Cloned is able to grap the last Q but FIPS made enough frags in the last minute to secure their victory. Purity did a good job with an effi of 72% rank 30 after who the best player was Noodles with 39 (1) 54%. Everything went very smooth and quick, only some smokers of our side delayed the dm2 start for about 4 minutes. This was the first time Prt played with us, that wasn't in the planning as he is the coach of the team but because he isn't playing NQR with another clan he joined sTa forces for this season and it worked out quite well, too bad that meth was tired but nothing to do about that. I would like to say GG to FIPS and I can say that we did a bit better than I expected, cya again next season. - by SmackThatAss


konk ( 2003-10-10 20:18:17
gg sta =)
Ez ( 2003-10-10 20:24:25
Well played STA, two very close and fun games. Damn, we need to get some of that ub3r sexy lo ping action .. uk adsl sucks :( (and god knows wtf is up with andys connect?!) Good luck for your next games
anni ( 2003-10-10 21:14:52
dm2 was closer than i thought :P
Link ( 2003-10-11 00:21:54
Nice report :>
Hagge ( 2003-10-11 02:25:31
I can see that sta got some help with purity :) now they will grab some points! gg!
andy ( 2003-10-11 02:38:43
don't blame uk adsl mr easyfrag, because MY ping represents German DSL. B?rp b?rp. can't get any better than this, i didn't lag, this is my standard ping. gg STA, quite a nice game
gaz ( 2003-10-11 14:31:09
uk cable is worse
meth ( 2003-10-11 17:25:06
4 hours of sleep and then 7 hours work are too much :/ beside that i suck and dont know the cmt maps.
noodles ( 2003-10-11 22:57:15
gg's sTa, very enjoyable. your reports on the matches are great, although i feel the repeated tking and telefragging (of my own teammates) by myself needed a mention, as they certainly made me laugh my ass off.
anni ( 2003-10-12 10:13:57
MVD Demo can be found @

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