Battle Info  2003-10-27 Division 7 - Week 4 (4)

Teamkill 0 - 2 mjoelktand

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Ok, got a decent start with pent and quad i think.we also got the first rl and second rl. we held ra pretty good me lus had to guard that fucking armor a bit more then the rest while the others were racking upp their avg frags :)). gg - by mjoelktand



W.O. - Walkover


Hmm, we wanted to play e2m2 and everybodt was on the server and it was time to readyup, the whine was detected rather early over the map choice but I (lus) thought they would agree anyways, but when 2 of their players still dident want to write "ready" they started to drop and leaving us with a W.O we got on irc and confirmed and even left them a second choice that was playing a more "unlame" map e1m2 but one of their members couldent play for some reason well well, our first 3 pointer! gg - by mjoelktand


FlePser ( 2003-10-27 15:57:50
sad in pants
lusive ( 2003-10-27 18:12:54
me very sad in pants. they dident want to play our map e2m2 :// so they dropped
viag ( 2003-10-27 18:27:42
suka :(((
Horatio ( 2003-10-27 18:45:41
notify the admins so they can issue a "LAME WARNING"
t00nsy ( 2003-10-27 19:08:18
OK let me explain the situation. I wasn't there yesterday so i couldn't play, i talked with my mates about the problem and here we go for the explanation. Look at the dm3 score, regarding the ownage on dm3 which is our homemap, just think about what it would have been on e2m2 a map some of my mates don't even know...i think it was obvious it was gonna be worse than on dm3. Let me recall u we are in div7 if u play only to win then e2m2 was a good choice, but just remember in this case that there r about 100 clans better than just play for fun and don't make map choice which will make the game one sided with no fun for my mates... The players dropping was lame, but i'm not sure u are completely innocent...anyway GG =)
deurk ( 2003-10-27 19:18:57
Why would you complain anyway? You won! You got 3 points, why bother any further? Issue a "LAME WARNING" on a div7 clan? The only french one in NQR? That would suck for sure. As a record, you proposed E1M2 after we dropped, and at that time, one of us couldn't play anymore (everbody has its own troubles, right?) so it's about fair that you had a WO. We weren't just sure that E2M2 was in the pool cause none of us even tried the map in DM yet!! That's our mistake, and you gain your points, and we're all in the lamest division, why don't we GG everyone? :) GG for you anyway, we sucked bad that night on the play!
lusive ( 2003-10-28 13:51:18
well, well as said we got three points but wo sucks and regarding e2m2 we havent played that much either, and sure deurk everybody has their irl probs and issues. I can understand that
lusive ( 2003-10-28 13:52:32
gg :)
Miffi ( 2003-10-28 18:42:20
yea yea, we hope we can get out of our bad luck now, this was our firts win and we hope it will last gg TeamKill

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