Battle Info  2003-12-07 Playoff 1/4 Final

Clan Malfunction 2 - 0 Campbusters

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


DelayBusters map choice. Just as we were starting, dare joins the server and demands that he must get2play. But since dare missed our damn_important_tactics_discussion he was told 2 get the fok out! We got lottostart with both rls but hlt decided it wasnt fair and let them bombstick him2death. Quadruns were really lol in this round, couldn?t clean backroom and instead died and started crying. Eventually manly_man_hagge took over and used quadpowers to close the gap a little. - by Clan Malfunction



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Well, siv figured out why he played so bad on dm2, he didn?t have his mousedrivers installed and so he went2install those. Meanwhile our cs-expert jus sneaks in and the game begins. We get rl and pent while cb grabs quad and ring. With some insane boomstick action the quadguy kills our rl and our lottostart is reduced to only "gr8 start". The game remains pretty close all the way through but cb never really gets into positions and we win comfortably. - by Clan Malfunction


Horatio ( 2003-11-28 21:59:06
gg ETA
spokz ( 2003-11-28 22:36:44
oosi ( 2003-12-01 10:36:31
gg! fifi ?ger CB igen!
melody ( 2003-12-01 13:56:35
Very well played by CB!
[qkz]Pow ( 2003-12-05 15:15:59
when its done?
racersnigeln ( 2003-12-05 20:35:47
du f?r en puss ifall ni vinner hagge ;>
Eta-bETa ( 2003-12-07 22:41:47
nEpra ( 2003-12-07 22:43:00
Luuuuuuckiiiiieeeeeeee *anime style*
Hagge ( 2003-12-07 22:43:50
hehe... we have been very inactive lately.. but we tried our best with preparing for this game and such (except for eta.. and that?s why he sucked so god damn much :< well anyway we are quite pleased with our performance.. but it wasn?t ez when cmf got both maps under control directly.. at qhlan we will be more prepared and hotter than ever so there we won?t lose to anyone, not even cmf :< hv ps. I got best eff on dm2 :<<<<<
mem, ( 2003-12-07 22:59:59
we were lucky that we had been much more active!!
tns ( 2003-12-07 23:04:25
demos plz... =]
Legio! ( 2003-12-07 23:23:36
Demos uploaded....enjoy!
Hagge ( 2003-12-07 23:24:18
whine memil! :(
slabby ( 2003-12-07 23:29:31
gg memil dm3 cs kungen som inte g?r att hitta
Link ( 2003-12-07 23:30:23
What's with all the stupid nicks? Are you too cool to carbonate? Hagge: who cares if you got the best eff, are you promoting your self to SR?
Hagge ( 2003-12-07 23:52:28
there?s nothing stupid with them.. and I care so fu? :)
SLB ( 2003-12-08 00:12:19
Link is funny, cares about the nicks but not the eff, okidoki.
Chipi ( 2003-12-08 01:00:26
troma ( 2003-12-08 01:30:15
"Are you too cool to carbonate?" hehe, link ?ger
xorcist ( 2003-12-08 01:35:53
link is a norwegian.....
nEpra ( 2003-12-08 02:32:17
ive come to realise... links stupidity have nothing to do with norway. its just him.
Link ( 2003-12-08 03:18:33
No wonder ppl fakenick, when fucking div. 1 players cant even play with their nicks in NQR playoffs. Ive come to realise... nepras stupidity have nothing to do with nepra. he's just a swede.
_HangmaN_ ( 2003-12-08 11:01:15
Someone know who many ppl that watched this game live? Fun to know i think...
Xerial ( 2003-12-08 11:51:17
Link, your mother sells used dipers on malmskyregatan. Those arent fakenickes, just reformations of the regular nicknames..
Legio! ( 2003-12-08 12:41:53
A few hundred maybe? Note sure.. :) ..
pattahHh ( 2003-12-08 12:51:59
Hagge :(((
Hagge ( 2003-12-08 13:26:04
I see no fakenicks so what?s the problem? not even memil fakes ffs.. and :((( to u too pattah :P
Eta-bETa ( 2003-12-08 14:01:24
Slabby used his surname in this game after complaints from the Norweigan Secret Service. Link is now officially known as Link06. Just stfu link and Chipi for president!
Link ( 2003-12-08 15:04:34
* camp|Eta-bETa has joined #axemen <camp|Eta-bETa> Link is now known as Link06 * camp|Eta-bETa has left #axemen - THAT REALLY HURT!
fifi ( 2003-12-08 15:09:23
silly ?gda-beta, hagge already reserved 06
Link ( 2003-12-08 15:27:49
Xerial: I am sure you can do better than that, just try hard enough.
Eta-bETa ( 2003-12-08 15:33:02
Oh, sorry. *sob* :(
Eta-bETa ( 2003-12-08 15:33:34
(oh it was irony in that one too) bet you were writing "haha, eta lol I was ironic"... lamer.
nikke ( 2003-12-08 18:01:06
Vad g?r ni?
Firehoppir ( 2003-12-08 18:55:33
leker mamma pappa link
r?dda jeppe?! ( 2003-12-08 19:45:57
I think this owns, I love link =)) LINK GO GET THEM TIGER!!
xhrl ( 2003-12-08 20:57:06
this thread has convinced me to try to get the camp_busters to rename their clan to the flame_busters :p not only is it appropriate, as can witnessed here and in other threads, but also it isn't too bad as clan names go:)
quesus ( 2003-12-08 21:48:41
Eta-Beta used the teamsay "No/Sorry" 5 times.
Link ( 2003-12-08 21:50:13
I just ask why they modify their nicks all the time, the answer I get back is that I am retarded etc. And Canius still says to me: "not all swedes are like this!". Of course not!!!!!!
Hagge ( 2003-12-08 22:25:47
I?ll just answer with a smiley this time: =-8)
nEpra ( 2003-12-08 22:33:44
i know this might come as a shock... i hope you can bare with me link when i uncover this myth/legend/secret. we were bored.
Link ( 2003-12-09 00:30:16
I am not sure why are bored playing nqr playoffs, but I am norwegian so I might miss something.
SLB ( 2003-12-09 00:33:19
Bored with the nicks Einstein
SLB ( 2003-12-09 00:41:57
And xhrl, if there is someone flaming it's Link, for some reason he always tries to trash campbusters every chance he gets and I honestly don't know why, we haven't, as far as I know, said anything bad about axemen yet he continues to post these bullshit comments one after another..
Link ( 2003-12-09 01:21:46
SLB, are you serious? =)
Hagge ( 2003-12-09 11:33:23
he simply seems to have a problem with our nationality.. maybe he should change to a game which norweigans plays?
melody ( 2003-12-09 11:39:43
link is racist
Hagge ( 2003-12-09 15:23:31
exactly B>
gaz ( 2003-12-09 17:19:20
does ANYONE like link? :o
persuader ( 2003-12-09 21:45:18
cmf spelar j?mnt mot campbusters ? skoja inte nu.. haha
Link ( 2003-12-09 23:16:02
I think my mother likes me...not sure though.
vortex ( 2003-12-11 15:43:23
link =(
rx ( 2003-12-12 14:49:20
i like link because he is sweet as hoony

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