2004-06-09 Kala vs. Fired 0-3 Silver playoff - final details
2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
2004-05-17 Batida Swing vs. Apocalypse 2000 3-2 Bronze playoff - 3rd-placed match details
2004-05-11 El?intarha vs. Fired 1-3 Silver playoff - semi-finals details
  New playoffs system  040120  

Season schedule spring 2004
Playoffs seedings

Gold Tournament
Silver Tournament
Bronze Tournament
(don't mind the dates in the tournament texts, it's the one from Season schedule that will apply)

The above is what I worked on and was talked about here. Try and stop talking about how bad the FA system is - we already know that. So that's pretty pointless. Your only alternative is having no playoffs at all - at least I haven't seen a proper system/schedule layed out for us to consider. So here's something for you to consider. It looks pretty good to those I talked with. Before you comment on why the bottom 3 teams from each division don't reach playoffs. Well, they didn't win enough games that's all. If all could join playoffs simply by joining then that would be pretty boring :) Here we have 3 diffrent playoffs, gold/silver/bronze. Each playoffs consist of teams from minimum 2 divisions. So should be lots of good fights imo =) In any way this is better alternative than what we have had before, so unless you can find some really major flaws - then we might use this playoff system for this season.

Also in light of last seasons activity on e3m7 we've decided to include e3m7tdm in the voting pool for the 5th map. When you signup you have to write either e2m2tdm, e3m6tdm or e3m7tdm and we will register your vote.

We are open for signups now and you can signup here but remember e3m7tdm IS included in map voting even if the signup page says otherwise (ill get this changed asap). We might push starting week forward with 1 week, depending on the debate on playoffs system and how fast clans signup. Please keep your critizism constructive and have some perspective. Have in mind the alternatives aswel when you decline a playoffs suggestion. Unless anything drastic changes, the plan is as follows:
Playoffs system will be decided next weekend - signups are officially open on monday (although if you feel confident under either playoffs system please signup now! So we will have more time to sort the clans - this will be most appreciated).


Link ( 040120 @ 15:10:51
Eid...Hagge, getting old? :(
Horatio ( 040120 @ 15:14:26
atrox ( 040120 @ 15:21:50 "Remember
your map vote must be either
E2M2TDM or E3M6TDM" maybe
should edit that?
ParadokS ( 040120 @ 15:38:12
maybe you should read the
newspost (dumwit): We are
open for signups now and you
can signup here but remember
e3m7tdm IS included in map
voting even if the signup page
says otherwise (ill get this
changed asap).
ix ( 040120 @ 16:51:43
lite mastigt med division2 f?r
oss skulle jag tro....
drejfus ( 040120 @ 17:50:54
looks nice... tho i would
rather see e3m6tdm/e2m2tdm
instead of cmt4/e3m6tdm or
e2m2tdm but i guess u cant
have everything only eq plays
cmt4 in our div anyway so its
np... or maybe slackers.
manu ( 040120 @ 18:06:42
New system looks really nice!
well done! why dont let us
vote for all new maps? (from
the pool u pick), i agree with
drej, i also like all 3 tdm
maps before cmt4, tho that
just because i suck at cmt*.
But a vote from
would be nice, tho to late now
perhaps. Playoff system looks
really good tho!
gaz ( 040120 @ 18:11:42
cmt4 forever!
sexC ( 040120 @ 19:16:08
first of all, the new playoffs
system looks awesome. This is
exactly the type of system
that would provide the
community with plenty of
exciting matches as well as
certain teams get to show off
their skills by playing teams
from a higher/lower division.
secondly, great initiative to
include e3m7tdm which is
indeed a good map. In my
opinion I cannot see why
can be included all at once,
but I would suggest that you
could choose cmt4 as an
alternative as well, this way
if it makes it way into the
map pool one would know that
people actually preferred to
play cmt4 rather than lets say
error ( 040120 @ 21:34:59
I presume that t#9 is going to
play versus t#24 and t#10
versus t#23 and so forth.
However I dont get the
tournament brackets. Shouldnt
it be 1vs8 4vs5 on one side
and 2vs7 3vs6 on the lower
side? That way the number one
seed gets the easiest game and
the number two seed gets the
second easiest game and so
forth. As it stands now the
number 3 and 4 seeds have an
easier bracket.
xhrl ( 040121 @ 01:17:25
it is a sexy system, indeed:)
manu ( 040121 @ 01:19:13
btw is e2m7tdm even under
consideration, its really
ParadokS ( 040121 @ 02:11:56
I wonder if those clans voting
for e2m2tdm have actually
tried it? I just did, and it's
really REALLY bad 4on4 map imo
:) it feels bad, it plays
bad, and it's so hard doing tp
on it
Link ( 040121 @ 04:20:07
Dag told me its the best 4on4
map he have ever played, even
better than tb3, that was his
first impression. And
Paradoks' first impression is
that it fucking sucks. Me? I
got no further comment, I
designed the shit. But you
have to ask your self why you
bring it in to NQR6 if you
think it is REALLY really bad.
The leadership in NQR only
gets better and better,
changing opinions all the
time. Sigh...sorry for my
useless shit, but this is a
joke :|
Max Rebo ( 040121 @ 08:54:26
Ye, it's an awful map, too bad
it will get in there on old
merits. It's too small, no
place to stock up for the team
that's down, the teleporter
into RL makes it easier for
the downed team to take over
it, but makes it almost
impossible to hold vs the
RA-guys. The YA in water is
dumb, it should be GA there
and YA at LG IMO, but I can
see the reasoning for it, the
rl-camper has to take a dive
for it, unfortunately you've
blocked of the LG
->mega-> new water-YA
area route and thus making it
a lot harder to get a
discharger down there. The new
RA-Quad area just seems badly
designed, I can't put my
finger on it but it's just as
if you've sprinkled new access
to area "just because". These
are just my first impressions
from a few specs and a
mixgame.... but I can see why
LA likes it since it's real
easy to lock down for an
"individual-skill"-team such
as LA (RL+LG and RA for most
of the quadwielders).
Max Rebo ( 040121 @ 09:05:03
Ah, I had more to say: none of
theese things I mentioned
above are bad on their own,
(e.g, see DM2 which is also
"too small", but that map is
clearly divided in two halves
and has lots and lots of
armour, it's a decent map
despite the claustrophobia)
but put all these small things
together... they amplify each
other and pull the map down in
the basement. Indeed, it's too
bad E2M2TDM in all likelyhood
will get into NQR on E2M2's
Smackdown merits..........
Link, I'm not slaggin' you on
principle, for example my
first impressions of E3M3TDM
and E3M6TDM are a lot better.
jinx ( 040121 @ 09:28:16
There is one important point
missing in the cmt and tdm
maps. Variety. Every new map
should be DIFFERENT, but
somehow they all seem to get
more and more the same based
on what someone think is a
good tp map. CMT project had a
couple ok maps but the TDM
project seems a total
sexC ( 040121 @ 12:33:27
e3m6tdm is teh sex...can't
wait to see cmf on that
map...hi ho silver!
ParadokS ( 040121 @ 12:43:17
You can go from anywhere on
the map to anywhere else in
matter of seconds.. Too many
interconncetions binding whole
map. It's no telling where
teammates or enemies are or
are coming from. No fun
playing when you have no
feeling of teamplay.... The
original version of this map
is much better - and even that
I didn't think would hold up
in tournaments. But yeah - one
has to ask oneself why I
included e2m2tdm in map pool
when I think it's such a
horrid map. I guess I weren't
quite aware of the consequence
it would have and legio/icce
really liked it. On the other
hand I really like e3m6tdm and
e3m7tdm. If we would have had
more time to announce a
specific map pool people would
also have had more time to
practice them - then I'm sure
we wouldn't see so many votes
on e2m2tdm. We almost broke a
game last night cause everyone
thought it sucked =) GG! I
guess we would have been
better off simply dictating
what maps should be used. But
oh well. Considering it all
the vast majority of the map
pool are great maps, the
system seems to be accepted so
I see a great deal of matches
laying ahead...
error ( 040121 @ 12:49:15
I like e3m6tdm a lot more too
but I guess we cant all be
Goljat ( 040121 @ 13:30:46
exmy maps are so small, i mean
small corridors, small rooms.
You don't have that problem on
cmt maps. Let'see hard to say,
i think tdm maps are better
than original ones, but not as
good as cmt maps. :E
Max Rebo ( 040121 @ 13:38:03
Exactly Para, I argued the
smallness and interconnecton
with akke the other day, where
he felt it enabled the down
team to attack from anywhere,
I felt it only added to the
upper teams ability to
_attack_ from anywhere,
there's no "safe" spots to be
had (GA+LG is not a position
of strenght to work from).
Sassa ( 040121 @ 14:22:56
we have played vs strong teams
on e2m2tdm and we always had a
good chance of getting quad or
killing a RL enemy.. so yes
the map is VERY GOOD! and if
you dont believe that we
played vs a good team then
look at the admortem site (we
played LA, enough? k!) Try
to play it 4on4 paradoks
before u come and complain
about it, and more than 2
times plz? so bad to not
include all maps so ppl can
vote and besides, get some
fresh guys from the lower
divisions in your choice of
what team should be in what
division! two straight
seasons with faliure wont make
u succeed this year
either.. give the job to
somone that playes all clans
and know the skill level of
them all!! I suggest 1 guy
from fnu, 1 guy from
Thangorodrim, 1 from homeboy,
1 from fappers and finaly the
nqr admins to help us off
course! (btw the playoffs
looks cool)
Max Rebo ( 040121 @ 15:00:14
Oh ye, you got 39 frags in 20
minutes, that's almost one
frag per member every two
Goljat ( 040121 @ 15:13:44
yes max rebo, but they had
good chances to kill enemy rl
Link ( 040121 @ 15:22:44
Nice whining ppl, i wouldnt
have it any other way! I dont
think you can blame the map if
you dont know where your
teammates or your enemies are,
or where they are coming from:
reading messages would be a
good tip, and then learn the
map would be another good tip.
sigh. I have played a lot of
mix-games on it, a couple of
games with my clan, and seen
some demos. This is what
happens: The controlling team
controls RA, gets Quad, and
sweeps RL. Sometimes they they
move to LG as well. But the
team that gets owned, always
seems to get LG GA and MEGA.
So many times i did just that,
and I end up at GL-WATER,
outside RA. In addition to
that I many times could move
to SNG-MEGA as well, so
infact, I ended up with GA,
250hp, LG, GL and SNG. Now I
can do 2 things: I can go to
quad-stairs in water, and wait
for next quad, or I can attack
RA. If I also get some
teammates to help me, then I
would say my chances increases
a lot. So then compare this to
a dm2 maplock, and ask
yourself: would you rather
rund around with sg/ssg and
ra/ya, trying to take over, or
would you rather have what I
just told you? Yep, e2m2tdm is
much faster from area to area,
it speeds up the map even
more. The new way to quad made
even the butchered FNU steal
quads from LA, hell even Sassa
stole a Quad from
full-map-lock-LA and he owned
LA byhimself with quad-rox.
Plz give me LA vs HF on this
map, and then I want the
players reactions after the
game. Youre reasonings for
saying this map sucks is
simply the usual whine: you
really dont know the map. But
relax, I am not surprised. One
thing though: dm2 is the most
played 4on4 map after every
nqr season. And as long as
this map is the most played
4on4 map in qw, then you cant
fucking whine on other maps,
you are owning yourself. gg.
ParadokS ( 040121 @ 18:11:05
I would rather have dm2 then.
At least you know what to do
as a team. If your down you
protect low and attack
ya-large when quad is out.
This feels soo much more as
FFA - maybe thats why the
'newbies' do so good. And yes
as max rebo also says - the
team in control has much
easier to keep control now.
When teams start to get good
at the map. You can't really
do much with an rl with no
armor. and you can control
quad-ra-lg pretty good. Oh
well.. if it will be voted in
and people actually play it -
it will get playtested more,
which is generally what we
want anyway :)
forsberg ( 040121 @ 22:12:57
Some people deciding what is a
good map and what is not, is a
bad thing. EOD
Link ( 040121 @ 23:20:17
Ye, like if someone decides
that e2m5 and e4m6 are bad
maps for 4on4, that is really
bad, coz those map are very
very fun to play!
Babel ( 040122 @ 00:09:51
Just one thing. You cant
accept to many maps ok?
Ofcourse there are some newbie
clans that have their special
cmt or exmx maps and want
these in the nqr. But if you
take in a lot of random maps
you cant really see what clan
is the best. The maps dont
gets old and boring, its like
all other sports, the same
"map" but different tactics
and shit. Bla lblalllba
Eipert ( 040122 @ 01:19:17
tb3 + 2 other maps isn't much.
sassa ( 040122 @ 01:52:01
yes link, I totally owned them
by my 5 straight quad steals
error ( 040122 @ 14:02:31
why did we chose from exmxtdm
in the first place? the maps
has not been playtested nearly
as much as cmt4 for example
which I know consider part of
Horatio ( 040122 @ 16:43:20
Oh? so now its tb4 =). Are you
for real? Why not include some
REAL q3/rtcw maps too? No,
because they are TOO big and
the rooms really sucks for
playing qw, just like the
badass cmt maps. If you guys
REALLY want to see which clan
is the best you should stick
to tb3, but that?s a bit
booring so i guess we?ll have
to play some exmytdm and cmt
maps. But still, thoose maps
are way way way below the
standards of dm2/dm3. And why
do we play the third map in
tb3? ONLY because clan 9
started to play it. If we play
exmytdm and cmt maps for like
7 years from now, maybe we can
have a map-pool called tb10 or
something. But please don?t
even think of calling cmt4 one
of the big4 because that?s
just utter crap right now.
error ( 040122 @ 18:07:57
seriously, the only really
good map from the tb3 is e1m2.
Horatio ( 040122 @ 18:23:26
Apollyon ( 040122 @ 19:34:25
What is wrong with cmt4
Horatio? I think it is a great
map. Like all maps, including
dm2/dm3 it has its flaws but
it is still fun to play... In
the end it only matters how
often a map is played or has
been played and not how super
elite design it has.
Horatio ( 040122 @ 19:55:39
The RA in the water is one
major flaw. Random FFA style
to get it, and the map has
huge unusable water areas and
the ya/rl/pent area is just
one of the lamest places ever
seen on a map up today...
Apollyon ( 040122 @ 21:15:46
so water=lame ? but apparently
whole map is lame to you. it
is not my favourite map but
always enjoyed playing 4on4 on
it when i had to. can you
suggest alternatives (apart
from tb3)?
Horatio ( 040123 @ 02:47:23
Yes in that case water is lame
cuz it has no meaning and that
part of the maps is just plain
ugly. But there are more maps
than tb3 that beats cmt4.
E1M6, E2M2, E3M7. But thats
just personal opinions. What i
reacted against was not the
map itself and i think it
should be played in nqr6 but
to call it the fourth in tb4
is just nonsense...
Link ( 040123 @ 11:11:00
QW players are just lazy, or
stupid. This is why cmt4 is
played more than real good
maps as for example cmt2 and
cmt5b :)
Horatio ( 040123 @ 12:30:28
qw players are not lazy link,
they are afraid to loose...
gaz ( 040123 @ 16:29:04
played e2m2tdm last night.
it's fun but it seems like
there's very little teamplay
about it. the map doesn't have
a good flow to it and feels
quite random. maybe that will
change when it's player a bit
HangTime ( 040123 @ 16:38:08
Horatio: Who cares if it's
ugly, it's all about gameplay
baby, not asthetics. The
water does not "have no
meaning" as you put it, it
serves as passageways to link
square, crates and quad areas.
They are not unusuable, they
are of tactical importance.
For example, you can discharge
a foolish quad runner, launch
sneak attacks on YA etc by
using the underground water
tunnels to good effect. If
water is lame and has no
meaning, surely the LAVA in
e1m6 and e3m7 must be even
lamer with even less meaning!
gaz ( 040123 @ 17:24:12
ah but HT you could use pent
to make sneak attacks through
lava :P
Horatio ( 040123 @ 22:52:26
i have nothing further, cmt is
just not that fun
dREk ( 040123 @ 23:47:42
Hummz.. I will not make any
statement about the system
since nobody will listen now
anyway. :P And the map-pool
issue is not worth discussing
but I think they made a fairly
good decision.
Link ( 040124 @ 04:28:17
Good Point HT :> Actually,
get RA, go to LG, and then go
to Quad is very common when
the chips are down. Horatio
just dont like the maps,
doesnt mean its a bad map. But
you knew that Horatio, you
were just whining :D
Horatio ( 040124 @ 04:30:44
me likes to whine, me is teh
happy when i am whining about
maps and divs in nqr, i don?t
like cmt and i don?t like div3
whine whine whine


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