2004-06-09 Kala vs. Fired 0-3 Silver playoff - final details
2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
2004-05-17 Batida Swing vs. Apocalypse 2000 3-2 Bronze playoff - 3rd-placed match details
2004-05-11 El?intarha vs. Fired 1-3 Silver playoff - semi-finals details
  Signups are open  040122  

The deadline for signups has been set to Friday the 30th. Then we will make a last review of signups and be ready to kick off the division games from monday the 2nd of feburary.

So far we have 68 clans signed and confirmed. Frankly this is way below than wehad last season - and I have a feeling there is more activity now. So please spread the word to your friends about the NQR deadline, incase some clans intended to join but for whatever reason are not aware that signup is infact active.

Depending on how many clans join we will have to tweak the playoffs system and teams pr division during the weekend to make the system work. However the system concept as a whole will remain.

To signup CLICK HERE!

!!! NOTE !!!
83 clans signed up so far which is starting to look really good, as we were expecting 90~. If you scan the divisions you will see quite a few are missing in division 5. So if you know some clans that are really newbies, but would like to give it a go in a real league, ask them to join up. The rest in div5 are pretty bad too - no offence :)

So hopefully they will all have a good time.


ToT_ejEct ( 040122 @ 00:33:55
Signups are open !
clox ( 040122 @ 00:57:06
where do I sign up my clan?
canius ( 040122 @ 01:00:40
where's that club when i need
RaptoR ( 040122 @ 08:28:31
when i look at the recent
sign-ups, i see a HUGE
skill-gap between div1 and
div2. but looking at the
playoff system, i would say,
that some div1 clans are
really fucked, cause they have
to fight so hard for a playoff
spot, while they would have
such an easy time in div2...
when you leave the divisions
like they are, plz allow more
div1-clans to have a chance,
reaching the playoffs. i think
the games are worth to see.
Horatio ( 040122 @ 09:21:15
can someone signe us up?
{T} Katsku ( 040122 @ 09:53:54
Ahehahe wtf we are doing in
Horatio ( 040122 @ 09:59:49
what are boyzone doing in
div4? they should be i div2
like the rest of the gayclans
Apollyon ( 040122 @ 10:43:08
Horatio ( 040122 @ 10:46:48
whine whining about whine
Sassa ( 040122 @ 11:41:36
MM in div2 is LOL LOL, plz
hire a monkey to spank me if
that will be true!!
McC ( 040122 @ 11:43:27
Why aren`t fud2 in div1?
Max Rebo ( 040122 @ 11:54:02
Yeah MCC!
ParadokS ( 040122 @ 12:48:42
Raptor, what are you babbling
about? 15 out of 18 teams
from div1 will go to playoffs.
If teams can't make it into
that cut, then they don't
belong in playoffs, simple as
error ( 040122 @ 13:38:30
mm looks like div1 material.
error ( 040122 @ 13:56:14
checked through the nqr
divisions further. maybe
switch {T} with SKK and
disturbed with boyzone. Dont
know anything about div5 but
if any clan rapes div5 its a
fucking shame.
Domin ( 040122 @ 14:14:08
mmmm :) maybe mm should place
in div1 and ssc to? :)
nle ( 040122 @ 16:01:03
mcc, you are so right, i cant
understand it either, this is
a fucked up tournament?
Max Rebo ( 040122 @ 16:03:23
MM is on the verge between 1-2
and it wouldn't be unfair at
all to place them in div2, but
they would be among the strong
favourites there for sure. My
list for Div1 (18 teams) if
all teams sign up would be,
same as Div1 last year, minus
qandrane, plus diva, plus HGC
plus TVS and then the top 3
from div2. Is CB still around?
If not, then add GTG. This
doesn't count any of the
inevitable pick-up teams and
I'm sure I've forgotten some
ParadokS ( 040122 @ 16:06:55
come again ? =) ssc ended dup
7 in division2 last season
with minus 700+ frags. So
whats the deal with the being
in div2 this season aswel?
It's a nobrainer... for
nobrain comments. St?l
kalle klanen is already bumped
up another division compared
to last. Looks fine aswel.
ZkilfinG ( 040122 @ 16:21:38
I'm sure that after some whine
most of the divs will be
fucked up as usual ;) I hope
the admins can handle it, good
Horatio ( 040122 @ 16:28:55
"minus 700+ frags" gg
paradoks, u should be awarded
or something ;)
sexC ( 040122 @ 16:31:57
horatio: if you thought twice
about what paradoks said I
think that you would realize
that he meant negative 700
frags OR EVEN MORE (hence the
SLB ( 040122 @ 17:22:03
Max Rebo: campbusters will
reunite in 448 days :| in
other words, you won't see
campbusters on the servers for
a quite while :|
RaptoR ( 040122 @ 17:38:52
Paradoks: ok, my mistake. next
time i'll look twice.
panic ( 040122 @ 17:46:33
MNY is div1 for sure :)
Max Rebo ( 040122 @ 17:47:15
Army? Aaah, the young'uns and
their wars. GTG then, UL
should take them past CN IMHO,
especially since it looks like
there's no znappe or pietro
playing for CN this season.
gaz ( 040122 @ 18:36:54
boyzone have locktar and
they're in div 4? er....
blaps ( 040122 @ 18:49:39
and us poor shadow minions
have no terror (nor psymorph)
to rely on and are still put
in div4?
Mcc ( 040122 @ 18:58:11
What`s with the "real fnu
clan" in div 5 ? x_X
oggie ( 040122 @ 19:25:11
Mcc: it's "#fnu2", those who
don't fits to play in div3
with #fnu. but name is going
to be changed
SLB ( 040122 @ 19:58:03
ye, army :\ the young and
eager boy Eta decided he
wanted to prac war irl for 15
months, we wish him GL :?|
HangTime ( 040122 @ 20:20:44
"15 out of 18 teams from div1
will go to playoffs. If teams
can't make it into that cut,
then they don't belong in
playoffs, simple as
that."<BR><BR> That
still means you are punished
simply for falling as the
16th, 17th or 18th best
clan.... it's ironic really,
if there were an extra 4 top
clans you would be pushed down
into div2 meaning a good
chance of qualification. I
still dispute the fact that a
clan finishing in 9th place in
div2 deserves to be in gold
playoffs more than a clan
which is 16th place in div1...
It's like you are being
punished for having a good
history.<br><br> I've
said it before and I'll say it
again, if that team in 9th
place in div2 is really so
fucking good, make 'em prove
it by beating a div1 team
which is cruely denied a
playoff berth. Just cos they
beat a load of low div2 clans
doesn't mean they deserve it
more than a team which was
(perhaps wrongly?) placed in
Apollyon ( 040122 @ 20:58:36
90% of NQR clans were denied
playoffs cruelly last season
HangTime! But what about
dropping the idea of playoffs
at all? They did never fit
in with divisions anyway in my
eyes and where introduced as a
compensation for not having SD
around or earlier for
competing with SD in earlier
seasons. I for one could live
without any playoffs in NQR
and relegation/promition
jinx ( 040122 @ 21:35:50
Drop playoffs and do 4
season/year :)
sexC ( 040122 @ 21:36:31
playoffs is a must! :)
HangTime ( 040122 @ 22:05:34
I agree that playoffs are
unneccesary (since the absence
of playoffs would make regular
season games much more
intense). But not everyone
thinks that way.
Ez ( 040122 @ 22:31:49
Regular season games would be
a far better idea, just drop
the playoffs all together. It
would allow better continuity
of divisions and a proper
relegation system could be
introduced. Proper seeding of
clans based on performance,
and a shorter turn around time
between seasons as well. I'm
sure this is all just wishful
thinking on my part tho.
Joke ( 040122 @ 22:36:52
Do i really have to have a
homepage working for the
signups? trying just to get
some old friends together and
play for fun :O will be
hard counted in div 8 or 9
ParadokS ( 040122 @ 23:34:39
Well at least write proper
contact info for IRC channel
and mail. if possible just
upload some txt to a host with
memberlist and contact info.
telly ( 040123 @ 01:00:43
umn I can't imagine all 18
div1 teams being around by the
end of the season anyway or at
least being active enough to
deserve a spot in the
playoffs. I think the real
problem with the format is
that in division 2 and
division 4 there'll be a lot
(probably more like all?)
teams figuring they don't
stand a chance in the gold or
silver cup respectively and
will just coast through the
regular season (or even
delibrately 'lose' games) to
get in the easier competition
at the expense of lower div
luckyshot ( 040123 @ 01:46:15
qandrane in div1? isnt fix in
army and vana is busy with his
school things...
sassa ( 040123 @ 02:01:35
say it like this: mm in div2
and qandrane in div1 = lol
fortuna ( 040123 @ 02:50:07
hehe, gg @ div1. check our
latest AdMortem games and wish
us good luck :). and like
luckyshot said, fix and vana
are inactive. they are our
members, but inactive. i think
div3 would be better place for
us (qandrane) for the next
season, and i think we would
have a hard time there too :|
but well, its up to the
admins, not me.
Horatio ( 040123 @ 02:50:37
make it 92 divisions so every
team can have their own, then
we can start playoffs. because
every team seems so afraid to
face off with opponents they
MIGHT loose against. OMG what
i WE LOOSE ONE game, that
would be real
error ( 040123 @ 03:17:00
Horatio you have a point.
However qandrane is really
missplaced. They had a very
hard time in div1 with fix.
Now when fix is in the army it
will be rape.
Horatio ( 040123 @ 04:34:10
sorry qandrane, i was not
talking about you alone, i was
talking about the whole scene.
glimt ( 040123 @ 10:14:57
rpickup and ready ffs!
ParadokS ( 040123 @ 11:40:19
uhm but fix is in their
lineup, same as vana. We don't
know if they are inactive or
not. If they wanna be put in
lower divisions they should
remove them from lineups..
they are inactive anyway =)
sexC ( 040123 @ 11:48:15
exactly...why add inactive
players to your lineup? if
your claim is that fix and
vana are inactive and that you
should be in div3 then it
would not be very fair if fix
came home and played a couple
of games (perhaps against the
better teams in div3) causing
you to win the whole division.
All clans should be placed
according to their registered
lineup and not their "active"
lineup. Is it so hard to see
the logic in that?
Max Rebo ( 040123 @ 11:59:31
Well, even with fix and vana
it's doubtful they're div1, 4
- 23 in maps won last year,
and this time we're seeing the
return of HF, Diva, TVS and
HGC, it won't be easier this
time around.
fortuna ( 040123 @ 12:03:05
ok, so i'll remove them.
fortuna ( 040123 @ 12:28:44
and placing us in div1 was
pretty stupid on the last
season aswell :>. 2
top-players dont make a team.
ParadokS ( 040123 @ 13:00:04
well noone claimed they should
be in div1 this season , even
with fix and vana. I was
thikning more div2 (top 36) if
vana/fix plays, or div4~
without them.
sassa ( 040123 @ 13:09:32
MM is still in div2 ;((
ParadokS ( 040123 @ 13:24:17
it's a div2 team
ParadokS ( 040123 @ 13:24:17
it's a div2 team
znappe ( 040123 @ 14:23:07
" The deadline for signups has
been set to Friday the 28th. "
.. the 28th is on WEDNESDAY
and friday is the 30TH.. so
which day is last day to
signup eee? make it a little
more obvious please.
ZkilfinG ( 040123 @ 14:55:40
I agree that the playoffs
should be droped in favour of
the league.
ParadokS ( 040123 @ 15:00:07
might be considered for future
seasons. I thought about
simply duing divisions back to
back, and then these
gold/silver/bronze tournaments
would serve as more or less
independent tournaments ...
where we divide seeding groups
the same as now, but it's all
invites instead. and with only
1 game pr week.
sweeper ( 040123 @ 15:10:02
I don't :)
sexC ( 040123 @ 17:34:43
what if the game between the
nr1 and nr2 team is played in
the first week of the league?
imo playoffs is a must as it
is more exciting with best of
5 maps and plenty of more
coverage etc...if you don't
like playoffs just stop
watching the games after the
season is over and count
whatever team was first as the
winner and let us others enjoy
the playoffs :]
Link ( 040123 @ 20:17:20
Ye, it really sucks when Real
Madrid plays Barcelona the
first week!
sexC ( 040123 @ 20:33:54
like I said, there is no one
forcing you to watch playoffs
if you don't like it...:)
znappe ( 040123 @ 21:03:53
there is no need for
playoffs.. they only make the
regularseason boring...
straight leagues without
playoffs plz.. and sassa why r
u bitching about mm? they r in
div2 and they belong there?
they dont have anything to do
in either div1 or div3..
Empezar ( 040123 @ 22:38:51
mm are div0
dREk ( 040124 @ 12:34:11
Apollyon and HangTime nice to
see that you agree with me
once again and some others
too. I have for a long time
tried to post matters about
this and tried to open the
admins eyes a little bit. I
actually got ParadokS
attention last week where I
critisized the new system and
talked about things that a
league should have and
hopefully we would see a
change next season, but you
never know. Courteously
Horatio ( 040124 @ 12:56:11
Do you guys have someone this
year who will work a little
bit harder on the interviews
part? I think you should have
a goal to atleast interview 1
person from each division or
maybe, if you guys work a
little harder, one from each
team. Interviews are always
appriciated and a funny asset
to the rest of the info
avaliable like played games,
fragstats and so on...
SLB ( 040124 @ 14:34:34
Change the colors on this
site, you're using last
seasons colors. :d
Horatio ( 040124 @ 18:02:37
-fluartity- ( 040124 @ 18:19:28
laxr ( 040124 @ 20:28:10
SLB, have you been on drugs
since NQR3? they've used the
same colors for quite a long
Goljat ( 040124 @ 20:51:16
"Horatio -
040124 @ 12:56:11
Do you guys have someone this
year who will work a little
bit harder on the interviews
part? I think you should have
a goal to atleast interview 1
person from each division or
maybe, if you guys work a
little harder, one from each
team. Interviews are always
appriciated and a funny asset
to the rest of the info
avaliable like played games,
fragstats and so on...
" maybe drek and xrhl can
make interviews? :)
Horatio ( 040124 @ 22:53:02
Well, put SOMEONE on it cuz
interviews are sweet...
Horatio ( 040124 @ 23:24:06
and btw: OBEY THE RULES (c)
gaz ( 040125 @ 01:36:36
aren't CN more div 2 style
without valla?
SLB ( 040125 @ 02:07:38
sgfgah laxr! these colors are
SO 2003..... pah.. change
fausto ( 040125 @ 04:13:22
WTF who is dumb enuff to move
JihaD Warriors from div 456 to
div3?!?!?!?! A great FU goes
to that person. Plz repair
that asap, k?
Legio! ( 040125 @ 04:35:42
Im not sure who did that
Fausto, i can tell you this
much though, an attitude like
that is not going to get you
Mcc ( 040125 @ 05:10:14
Gotta agree with legio :>
kender ( 040125 @ 05:29:20
lol fausto wanted to own div4
with a easy ride on his team
members back :D
TuBBs ( 040125 @ 11:40:01
What is going on with X
changed name to divines or
Mega ( 040125 @ 12:28:31
Thangorodrim lost 3 of their
players. Mega,Zilch,Luckyshot
quits qw. ggs
Horatio ( 040125 @ 14:17:26
Tubbs, its mostly the same
players anyway, and divines is
an old clan name
Horatio ( 040125 @ 14:23:21
And i give thoose three thango
guys about 3-4 weeks and they
will start playing again once
nqr6 is up and running. See
you in the future guys
Screamer ( 040125 @ 14:24:23
Same players :) there are no
players since x arent signed
Horatio ( 040125 @ 14:29:51
oops my mistake
sweeper ( 040125 @ 16:50:54
Only Javve and Xerial joined
divines? I think X is still
running with Angua, Xorcist,
Ztorm, Havz etc... :)
gaz ( 040125 @ 18:12:15
ja both clans are active in
sassa ( 040125 @ 20:01:24
I have dropped that MM should
be in div1 but SM should be in
div5 instead of div4!
Legio! ( 040125 @ 20:38:42
Heh, quite amusing watching
all of you going "OMFG, that
clan cannot be in that
div....!!!!" and stuff like
"WTF, this is wrong put us in
X Division!!!" Belive us, we
_ARE_ trying our best to fit
your clans into the "right",
division, and if you have not
yet figured that one
out.....It is not easy ;)!
Max Rebo ( 040126 @ 01:34:27
Hrmm, switch GTG and CN? CN
has lost valla and znappe and
GTG has gained UL.
sexC ( 040126 @ 05:46:40
well gtg doesn't have mrlame
and a 13 ping
div2 looks alright I suppose
Horatio ( 040126 @ 09:26:31
Give me a W, give me an H,
give me an I, give me an N,
give me an E. WHAT DO U GET?
Firehoppir ( 040126 @ 12:31:09
Let the NQR crew handle the
divitions please :) they know
what they do.. i think
Apollyon ( 040126 @ 15:04:23
A bit hard with aliasing
players though. Already
spotted one div2 skill player
using different name in div4
team. Their opponents will
have much fun playing his team
Mcc ( 040126 @ 15:49:13
who apollyon?
Apollyon ( 040126 @ 16:55:17
JW Evil_b aka. Gijs from Dutch
glimt ( 040126 @ 17:42:25
Horatio :D
McC ( 040126 @ 18:58:58
Where`s the fun in playing for
a div 4 team, when u got div 2
skills? There`s a pretty large
skill gap btw div2-div4 imo.
Link ( 040126 @ 19:04:51
Raping is always fun, in qw as
well :>
Archvile ( 040126 @ 19:57:17
I'm from twiddle, and I think
we should be in div 4, if the
divisions are like they are
now. We finished 5th in div 7,
and I think we are a bit
better now.
fausto ( 040126 @ 21:30:52
im not gonna comment this :(
fausto ( 040126 @ 21:30:53
im not gonna comment this :(
jinx ( 040126 @ 22:17:25
You already did.. :)
Horatio ( 040126 @ 22:27:18
qwish motherfucker! do you
speak it?
gaz ( 040127 @ 00:13:50
btw hell patrol is in div 2
twice :P and i've been told
that superelectrochickens (div
3) have folded, but i'm not
band ( 040127 @ 05:29:42
OMG mad admins. BWL is placed
in div1? Pls replace us with
CN. They are much better IMHO.
sexC ( 040127 @ 09:10:38
2x hell patrol in div2?
:P btw how many teams will
there be in each div?
Domin ( 040127 @ 11:34:34
clan HomeBoy in div3 is
ParadokS ( 040127 @ 11:52:43
band: Latest performances from
both clans: bWL: CN:
FLePser ( 040127 @ 13:40:35
I'll say it again: 2x
hellpatrol in div2? :P I
think it's not wrong to whine
about divs at this stage cause
it's not sure yet and with
enuff whine and some nice
arguments it might be changed!
fausto ( 040127 @ 14:27:04
i guess it is ok to whine, cuz
this is important info for the
admins. Anyway i hope everyone
will go into the proper team
fausto ( 040127 @ 14:27:23
err team=div :E
prbozhead ( 040127 @ 15:52:24
znappe ( 040127 @ 16:44:53
lol band.. CN's active lineup
is foppa, fah-q, lem, pwr,
tengo, whimp.. YE! they surely
own BWL! ... lol
ParadokS ( 040127 @ 18:12:39
and i'll say again.. hell
patrol is listed 2 times
becauase of a BUG.... there is
only 1 clan in the database
FlePser ( 040127 @ 21:18:22
Para, i was wondering why
everybody asked the same
question and remarks the same
thing, see :) Why is tot in
Domin ( 040127 @ 23:11:58
could you remove thangorodrim
from div2.. thango will go for
little break and is not going
to join in nqr6..
Empezar ( 040127 @ 23:43:05
all clans whining about being
placed in the wrong division,
can start with NOT ADDING THE
Empezar ( 040127 @ 23:44:08
You can't just add dag to your
div5 team, and then whining
about being placed in div1-2
"hey wtf ffs omg plz n00b, dag
will not play ffs omg, so wtf
are we fucking placed in
fucking div2 omg plz"
McC ( 040128 @ 00:33:29
OMG, watch out for hixos!
kippo ( 040128 @ 01:52:44
make love, not war :X
menth0l ( 040130 @ 10:19:19
NRU (d3) and SKK(d2) should
switch places...


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