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2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
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I am anticipating a great deal of games this weekend :)
Infact im expecting THIS many games!
Week 1 is not over yet, and the weekend usually is the most active part of a week for QW games. But I do strongly recommend that you start playing more NQR games. I have heard rumors of clans refusing NQR games, because they rather wanna play AM or practice.

but I probably heard wrong ;)


gaz ( 040206 @ 04:04:38
stop moaning and fix the
website problems! :P
Horatio ( 040206 @ 08:40:59
and btw, fix the maps, some
clans are playing kenya maps.
is that really allowed?
Goljat ( 040206 @ 08:50:36
hey come on horatio stop your
one man war against community,
cmt4 is played almost as much
as tb3.
Apollyon ( 040206 @ 13:22:19
Yes, it is allowed. Maybe we
will select such a map just to
annoy you. But maybe we will
decide to annoy you on tb3
Horatio ( 040206 @ 14:12:38
Like i am the only one that
dislike cmt and other kenya
maps? if u make one kenya map
allowed why dont all kenya
exmy and exmytdm? too hard to
learn all maps? well why
should we play some clans
kenya homemaps and not others?
Horatio ( 040206 @ 14:13:20
btw Playing qw 4on4 on other
maps than tb3 is like playing
soccer on table tennis tables
or on a horsejumping court...
Gamer ( 040206 @ 14:21:29
stfu horatio ITS NOT THAT HARD
nEpra ( 040206 @ 14:25:07
no you are probably not alone
hating those maps Horatio. But
im probably not alone hating
dm3 either. plz remove it?
kenyan ( 040206 @ 14:25:26
alien ( 040206 @ 14:27:16
wwooo-o, i'm an alien, i'm a
legal alien, i'm an kenyan in
alien ( 040206 @ 14:30:04
and i'd like to add that you
shouldn't press the clans that
muchm the fixtures were up
last weekend, and most clans
have 3 games to play within a
week. of course it's crucial
to get the games played before
summer, but i think the
schedule is a bit too tight.
Apollyon ( 040206 @ 14:31:58
I think the idea behind the
map system is to establish two
more maps in order to
eventually have tb5 some time
soon. Smackdown tried this as
well, but the maps tried didnt
quite match up with tb3. In
NQR6 the map selection is a
bit unfortunate, too as cmt4
certainly is a great map while
e2m2tdm seems to be doubtful.
But this is of course all very
subjective. Btw, both map are
not new at all, both being
played in competitions and on
ffa for years and only
slightly modified. If you
still dont know your ways
around them - bad luck. We all
still got a lot to learn on
them though and that is very
positive i think. I mean image
teams that have totally
different styles of playing
cmt4! When have we seen things
as these on tb3 last time, 6
years ago?
nEpra ( 040206 @ 14:54:16
i just dont get why you make a
e2m2TDM from e2m2. e2m2 have
been one of the exmx maps who
works in 4on4 and i doubt the
TDM version will be any
gaz ( 040206 @ 14:55:22
e2m2tdm is quite fun but its
not very condusive to teamplay
really. and quite spammy also.
Apollyon ( 040206 @ 15:01:29
nepra: i guess Link thought
e2m2 sucked and needed to be
menth0l ( 040206 @ 15:50:08
Oh jesus shut up about the
maps. Cmt4 and e2m2 are both
fine maps. Which is more than
can be said about certain maps
with 2 quads *ahem*
Link ( 040206 @ 16:04:17
Apo said: "But this is of
course all very subjective".
Very intelligent words, and
this is why THERE WILL NEVER
BE such a thing as TB5. You
will NEVER EVER get the qw
community to fully agree 100 %
about TB5. Only thing ppl
fully agrees on is TB3. This
is why the current NQR map
system is flawed. k?
oosi ( 040206 @ 16:38:43
how about kenyamaps tournee
and tb3mapstournee? its not a
quakeplayer who cant play all
maps, its a big whiner and
bagesie ( 040206 @ 17:22:32
soo many hootsiepootsie for
soo little maps... during my
"student"-days i played like a
hundred maps (mostly 1-1 or
2-2 though) and 10%-25% of
them was big fun.... perhaps
those whom whine about a few
"new" maps never played
anything else than tb3 and
should broaden their
experience... anywayz, i like
hootsierolls too and btw, ToT
rulorz !
Link ( 040206 @ 18:17:48
Ye, ToT are ALWAYS broadening
their experience when it comes
to maps.
ParadokS ( 040206 @ 18:22:35
I am aware that TB3 probably
wont be a reality - which
wasn't the intention anyway. I
see nothing wrong with getting
another map in the pool that
also top clans can enjoy for
many many matches in the
future (cmt4), that provide
the tactical depth and action
we like. A 5th map could be
cycled from season to season
or smoething on the line with
that. I don't see why that
should be a big problem. Also
the sheer fact that we reduced
map pool dosen't only produce
negative replies. Let me quote
slabby: "Well first of all i
hate all custom(kenya) maps
coz i dont find any of them
very good, but i think it is
good that they have reduced
the number of maps to five
instead of like 9999999. Now i
have actually taken the time
to learn cmt4. It still sucks,
but now i can play it."
Archvile ( 040206 @ 18:41:33
I'm from semiserious clan and
I have to say that 3
match/week is quite a burden.
Please can you stretch the
schedule a bit.
Link ( 040206 @ 18:41:35
Quotes from Slabby regarding
maps is much like reading
this: "I see nothing wrong
with getting another map in
the pool that also top clans
can enjoy for many many
matches in the future (cmt4),
that provide the tactical
depth and action we like" (c)
ParadokS. Tell me when I
should start to laugh. It is
really nice for the qw
community that you have
selected the 4th map for us
para, for many years to come!
ParadokS ( 040206 @ 19:53:54
ye it is :) And the more you
talk the more tiresome you
become listening too. The
whole fjortis attitude is
outdated :( Your a grown man,
start talking like one.
jinx ( 040206 @ 20:21:02
cmt4 have some uniqe teamplay
wich is what I want from maps.
Its very ugly though
gaz ( 040206 @ 20:27:08
if you want good looking maps
then go play q3 or some other
eye candy piece of crap!
fisto ( 040206 @ 21:01:53
I dont like the cmt maps. I
think we gonna se dm4 i the
poole soon. very soon. I AM
xhrl ( 040206 @ 21:12:06
there never was any
'conscious' intent among the
nqr admins to establish a tb5.
cmt4, which is not everybody's
cup of tea, was nevertheless
very popular last year; so it
was almost automatically put
into the map pool; the fifth
was unclear to us, hence the
vote that was held. perhaps
link is right that our map
pool system sucks, but it is
what seemed best to us. most
admins, including me, do
believe a map pool of 5 makes
for a better quality of
gameplay amongst all divisions
than if it were 7, 9 or even
more. this is disputable of
course, but we are just trying
to do our best for the qw
scene and nqr.
Icce ( 040206 @ 22:14:14
Mr Link from No-way always
whine, no matter what we
implement/change in this
league :P. And I'm not as
confident as Para that cmt4
will automaticully be the
natural tb4 map..we'll have to
let the season go and see what
evaluation/feedback gives to
us first imo :)
sweeper ( 040206 @ 22:15:05
I think its very nice that
there are only 5 maps now. I
just wish you would have
included e2m7 - that map is so
underestimated :)
Link ( 040206 @ 22:26:13
WoW Icce, I see some
intelligens. Para is still
stuck though. Cmt4 got popular
coz it was the easiest map to
learn, and THATS IT, has
nothing to do with the quality
of the map whatsoever (you
need teamplay to get penta (c)
goljat. gg :> ). And slabby
knows the map a little now coz
he is FORCED to play it. He
would take dm6 over cmt4
anyday. Stop fooling yourself
para, its pathetic. Youre so
smart that you wanted e2m2tdm
in the map pool, then you say
it sucks, and now it is in the
map pool, a map that has not
even been tested. And YOU are
telling ME that I got a lame
attitude towards maps? omg,
you need to start smell the
shit you are shuveling.
error ( 040206 @ 23:48:14
I dont like dm2. Please remove
Horatio ( 040207 @ 00:24:58
why repair whats not broken?
tb3 has always worked. And
goljat just because you have
managed to actually learn a
few new maps doesn?t make them
any more good or fun? Get back
in the sauna!
Horatio ( 040207 @ 00:32:13
oh sorry, it was gamer who had
learnt the maps, can?t tell
the difference between one
sauna lahtinen from another...
Strife ( 040207 @ 00:36:19
What is this TB3 everyone is
talking about? I thought it
was "the big four" cmt4, dm3,
dm2 and e1m2?!
Gamer ( 040207 @ 00:40:22
games are much more
interesting now with new maps
in the pool thats enough for
me... Horatio looks like
nobody else cares as much as
you :(
gaz ( 040207 @ 00:44:30
cmt4 is great. thanks.
Horatio ( 040207 @ 00:53:13
Strife Pleeeeease? Just cuz eq
choose the right kenya map
wich was PARA-elected into
nqr, if u had choosen any
other cmt (as you might as
well had done) you would get
raped in div1 now and not get
thoose nice 1pointers :).
Horatio ( 040207 @ 00:53:58
And please stop get so cranky
just cuz i got another opinion
about the maps than you
Gamer ( 040207 @ 01:02:42
I agree with you that cmt4
isn't as good map as tb3 but
it is good enough for
competitive play. I don't know
about e2m2tdm yet I have
played it only once. Sorry for
Horatio ( 040207 @ 01:19:50
Thnx gamer, I am only stating
what i think is best for nqr,
not saying that cmt4 and/or
other maps should not be
played at all. Sorry to all of
you who got offended and/or
angry about it. But i sure
miss a tb3 league cuz i never
got the chance to play in
smackdown since i wasn?t good
enough :)
DARKL0RD ( 040207 @ 01:26:30
I never thought i would play
anything else than tb3, but
then i finally tryed ctm4 a
few days ago, and now i?m
hooked.. it rox! :) !!
Horatio ( 040207 @ 01:37:04
the scene is lost
ParadokS ( 040207 @ 01:53:48
Only reason why e2m2tdm was
even considered was because
icce and legio loved that map,
and e2m2 was played a fair
deal last season. I hated the
map from the start but seeing
as i convinced them of
including e3m6tdm and e3m7tdm
it would only be fair to let
them have e2m2tdm included and
let the clans vote. However
I'm quite confident I was
right in my previous statement
saying that e2m2tdm was voted
in based on the option to vote
at all. It was first map in
the vote list, people might
have also remembered it from
last season aswel as
smackdown. I'm still convinced
it's not a good enough map
though, but clans are more
than welcome to proove me
wrong by playing it heaps and
testing it to the limit
:) ... and yes, I'm very much
hooked on cmt4 myself :)
Saying it's the easiest map to
learn is both right and wrong.
It's not that hard to learn at
first, but to develop tactics
and playing the map is intself
a great task even for the best
of clans. Which is just yet
another example in QW how
something simple can be a
success even despite of it's
flaws. I do see the joy clans
have by playing other maps,
which is why we can only
encourage them to be active in
other parts of the community
that allows them to do so.
is a great resource, and links
long anticipated teamup
tournament might be aswel :)
Goljat ( 040207 @ 01:55:06
horatia, cmt4 wasn't just
paradoks pickup to nqr6,
because it was the most played
map in nqr5 of cmt maps. There
is something new in cmt4, not
copy of tb3. It totally needs
different kind of playing +
much more teamplay skill than
Horatio ( 040207 @ 01:56:26
right, but can?t someone put
up just a tiny tb3 league :)
(i obviously can?t since i
would have done so otherwise)
Horatio ( 040207 @ 01:58:14
ok golle. I guess i just don?t
have the time to learn new
maps when i hardly can do the
right things on tb3. sad but
ParadokS ( 040207 @ 01:59:54
so just accept that you will
never be top player, and your
too lazy/stupid/busy to learn
the tactics on that level as
well and let the others be. As
i stated above - go play
admortem/teamup or even make
your own "hello we are all
very sucky and only wanna play
tb3, eventhough we don't know
those maps either".
ParadokS ( 040207 @ 02:01:44
some clans and players
actually find enjoyment in
learning the maps and becoming
better on them over a period
of time. Having a learning
curve and building routine.
There is just another aspect
that top clans also wan't some
'refreshment' and i think
neither of those 2 groups
would be best off with a 20
map pool like link thinks.
ZkilfinG ( 040207 @ 02:50:08
I agree that 20 isn't a very
good number, either have TB3,
5, 7 or "all" maps. All beeing
dmX, eXmY, eXmYtdm, cmtX and
possibly some other "well
known" maps. But which is best
the community will never agree
tranq ( 040207 @ 04:10:58
this will never end...
Link ( 040207 @ 05:22:19
tranq: no shit :)
RaptoR ( 040207 @ 10:44:36
always the same 5 persons who
are arguing here... looks like
the rest of the community is
either ok with the map pool or
has the patience to wait for
this season to finish and then
yell out their opinion to
others. maybe a good idea for
those 5?
Firehoppir ( 040207 @ 11:27:36
I think Link or someone should
make a tdm version of e1m2 and
dm2 with a shaft included,
that would put a little spice
in those fullstart maps :) its
too much all about getting the
first 4 rls now :/
flinty ( 040207 @ 11:38:58
best maps would still be tb3 +
e2m2 + e2m7 - easily the best
built in maps :| rest rules
with nqr, point-system etc.
Icce ( 040207 @ 11:39:53 got a point there
:) In sweden we have a proverb
that says: "Empty vessels make
the greatest noise" ^J^
sexC ( 040207 @ 12:28:31
if any cmt map was to be a
part of the nqr map pool it
should've been cmt3. I reckon
that there are more people out
there that know cmt3 than
there are people knowing
cmt4...and imo cmt3 is way
better balanced than cmt4.
come to think about it cmt3 is
probably better balanced than
any of the tb3 maps...but
maybe people just don't find
it fun enough? anyway since
cmt4 goes back further in qw
history in the sense that it
was a remake rather than an
entirely new map it makes
sense to me as to why people
"like" this map more. If tb3
would never have existed and
only just got created, I bet
anything that none of those
maps would make it into the
map pool at all. Therefore
cmt4 had an advantage over the
other cmt maps due to the fact
that qw players stick to
history and remain
conservative rather than
daring to try something new.
oh well the season is up and
running and as long as people
still play quake I must say
that I'm quite satisfied :)
Link ( 040207 @ 14:05:28
RaptoR: doesnt matter when you
yell it out, when you know
whats right or wrong from the
start :> Some ppl always
have to do it the hard way :)
Teach me some more sence,
would you Icce?
king-nEpra ( 040207 @ 15:37:06
i will always love this league
for having admins taking their
time personally attacking
people who makes comments
here. superb. O'hail the king.
error ( 040207 @ 15:49:23
I will always love this league
for having admins who take the
time to answer and debate with
the players. I am very much
looking forward to links
league. It might show that
e2m2tdm is not the best remake
of a map. 8)
Empezar ( 040207 @ 15:57:46
e2m2tdm is fun to play but its
too much camping and spamming
Link ( 040207 @ 16:10:04
And that comes from a e3m7
lover? Can I laugh now Emp? :)
Empezar ( 040207 @ 16:15:46
yeah it's probably the same
with e3m7, cause e3m7 is very
fun to play, but apparently
not a good 4on4 map (nobody
wants to play it)..
Empezar ( 040207 @ 16:16:34
however, on e2m2tdm you can
win by just camping RA and
taking quad, on e3m7 you gotta
do a bit more than that... but
gaz ( 040207 @ 16:23:07
yeah you have to camp, take
quad AND spam rockets towards
spawn points.
Link ( 040207 @ 16:37:39
Sounds like qw?
Empezar ( 040207 @ 16:45:43
you have to "camp" several
locations if you don't want to
lose the map, which makes it
harder to hold. also there are
2 quads, 1 ring, 1 pent, 2
rls, etc... it's a hard map to
rekk ( 040207 @ 17:21:41
e3m7 is teh bestest teamplay
map ever. t. SSC
Firehoppir ( 040207 @ 18:32:18
dm3 became popular when clan 9
played deathrow there, before
that it was too big and nobody
could jump across ring/quad :)
and sexC, i like cmt3 too but
its not as well balanced as
cmt4 i think no played map is.
Link ( 040207 @ 20:00:00
Not very hard to make a
perfect balanced map Fire,
just do like cmt4: make 2 big
rooms, put one RL in each room
+ one armor, and make fast way
to quad from both places. lol?
Link ( 040207 @ 20:02:34
Oh and Rekk, if you spawn
correct in the start at e3m7,
all you need to do is hold RA,
and gg. So just practise vs
nmy quad at lava-bridge
attacking RA, and then you
rule the map. GREAT MAP :) But
fins like cs maps the most,
like dm2 and dm3, so I am not
surprised :>
Gamer ( 040207 @ 22:43:08
yeah link cmt4 is a bit too
simple for my liking too but
it sure makes some great
quadfights :)
Strife ( 040207 @ 23:51:02
Horatio: Wouldn't have
mattered what map ended in
NQR, we rule all maps except
div4-->lol ( 040208 @ 00:20:40
zetor div4! ,for jw joined
new members(div1) yep it's
fair :(
pro whiner ( 040208 @ 01:22:33
yeah why did admins approve
docent joining jw? whats the
point in having admins at all
if they're gonna let clans who
are already too good for div 4
increase their strength even
janneshaftz0rs ( 040208 @ 05:10:44
kissa mig i ?rat, smek min
pung - men bara om du ?r fr?n
Thailand och riktigt ung!
sexC ( 040208 @ 06:22:03
could people PLEASE print
normal screenshots?!
raket ( 040208 @ 06:35:29
remove cmt4 and kenya map
e2m2tdm - those maps was just
added so slackers could win
another nqr tournament :<
drejfus ( 040208 @ 10:39:41
i agree with you nepra... i
get this amature feeling over
the nqr-crew :|
drejfus ( 040208 @ 10:41:11
and why didnt we vote for 2
new maps, im almost 100% sure
that cmt4 wouldnt be in if we
voted for 2 new... again
amature nqr-crew...
cara ( 040208 @ 13:21:06
the only thing wrong with new
maps is that there will always
be more and more new maps, so
even if we learn the tactics
of each new map you come
forward with, how can we be
sure that's it? for all i know
you can have 10 random maps
called nqrDM1-10 ready for the
next season. new maps can be
funny, but i question their
Horatio ( 040208 @ 13:22:34
strife, since you are not
playing... :)
Horatio ( 040208 @ 13:23:48
ParadokS, atleast you could
give some credit when i tell
the truth, instead of calling
me a sucky tb3 player...
Horatio ( 040208 @ 13:55:34
Besides, i know i cant be a
top player, but i still want
to have a fun time with even
games, like our last match vs
ZkilfinG ( 040208 @ 19:14:54
Link: you can't know e3m7 too
well if you think one can win
by camping low/ra. There are
only two spawns in that area
so you won't get any frags at
all, and even worse the only
rockets you have there are the
RL at low, so you'll very soon
run out of ammo and get raped.
In order to win e3m7 you need
the tower area, at least the
major part of the game. I do
think e3m7 has a couple of
flaws though, but the tdm
version didn't get it right.
Perhaps without the start/end
tele we would get closer to
the original feeling but still
have improved the map so it is
easier to retake the map. But
what I would really like to
concider is to move one
spawnpoint from tower to low
so low gets a harder time. A
spawn on both sides of low for
instance, end then remove
either the spawn between
tower/gl or the spawn at tower
lift. I don't know cmt4
enough to tell if it's really
good or bad, I know I hated
dm3 back in the old days, but
I really like it now, so
perhaps I will like cmt4 in a
couple of years, who knows.
But since we're living in the
moment I'd rather stick with
maps that I think is fun right
now, like cmt3 for instance,
and many other maps as
well. However I do think
cmt4 was a good choice based
on why it was selected, ie
because it was played most of
all cmt-maps in nqr5. Thus
it's also likley that many
clans would have voted for it.
And talking about voting, why
do so many people think that's
a good way to decide what maps
to have? I'd much rather have
people who knows more than the
majority decide for them than
to have the majority vote for
something stupid just because
they don't know better (yeah,
do feel free to apply this to
politics as well ;)
ZkilfinG ( 040208 @ 19:15:48
oh, the \n's didn't work too
well, it's really only the
e3m7 part that's directed
toward you link, even though
of course everybody should
read it ;)
Bronx ( 040208 @ 19:49:12
Cmt4 is ok but the damn map
has way too many cells how us
hpbz compete with those damn
lpb shafts :P. Personally I
love tb3 but I think the qw
comm needs some new maps, im
just not sure which ones
everyone can agree on.
gaz ( 040208 @ 22:28:50
you should have seen the
original version of cmt4
bronx, there was a second LG
near the YA ledge (where the
SSG is now). oh and the YA was
a second RA. there was also
hundreds of rox and cells
everywhere. it was so easy to
lock :D
Legio! ( 040208 @ 23:31:45
Omg Drejfus, you hurt my
Link ( 040208 @ 23:43:26
"Link: you can't know e3m7 too
well if you think one can win
by camping low/ra". So what
excactly are you gonna with
tower? Wait for nmy pent and
own him? RA is the key, keep
RA and PENTA and gg. At RA you
can lock the enemy both ways:
lock the penta-team, or lock
the tower-team. So if you got
Penta and RA, you will run out
of rockets? Thats ez to solve,
camp with Quad at RA, and wait
for nmy noob Quad. There are
only ONE WAY inn to RA/Penta,
this is the reason why E1M3
never made it: only ONE WAY
inn to YA. If you know how to
play e3m7, it is very much gg
if you the Penta spawn.
Link ( 040208 @ 23:44:31
+ get
stal ( 040209 @ 01:38:04
keft o spela link
Link ( 040209 @ 01:46:31
Psycho_Dad ( 040209 @ 02:06:38
I rule
Tezz ( 040209 @ 03:13:21
The only way we're going to
settle on a larger map pool
for leagues (and by god, we
need one) is to play many
custom maps and see which ones
fit. There's no single vote,
no quick fix and certainly no
amount of arguing that will
make it happen any quicker. I
for one am quite sick of "The
Boring 3".
Angua ( 040209 @ 03:21:08
cmt4 sux!! e4m1 roxx!!
sexC ( 040209 @ 06:38:04
dm7 ffa plz
Max Rebo ( 040209 @ 08:41:33
Anyways, despite the
admin-whines above there were
30+ games played
yesterday/past night.
kippo ( 040209 @ 08:45:44
you're all just w a y 2 e z
pattah ( 040209 @ 09:28:50
We even have the first W.O.
already... woohoo.
gaz ( 040209 @ 09:35:18
pattah, surely your game vs
goh wasnt that easy? :P
ZkilfinG ( 040209 @ 11:05:48
Well, if you play against
people who suck, sure you can
camp them out. But since I'm
usually in the sucky team I
need some real strategy to
win. With only 5 rockets it's
impossible to hold low for 5
minutes to get the second
Horatio ( 040209 @ 13:28:26
if u stand in the same place
there will spawn alot of new
rls in 5 mins, then u get some
rockets =)
troma ( 040209 @ 14:24:05
there?s nothing wrong with
this years mappool imo
jinx ( 040209 @ 15:05:44
I agree Link doesn't know e3m7
trev ( 040209 @ 15:59:31
ctf5 plz
Firehoppir ( 040209 @ 16:18:06
hmm i think Link have a
point... you are not alone at
low... and with a quad you can
pretty easy take over tower
with a sg teamate with ra who
can put the tower guards of
focus for a while :) but
hanging around waiting for
every pent wont work against a
good clan, but if you get the
first pent and attacking and
fixing som armor you can flood
ra for some time :) lame map
any way
ZkilfinG ( 040209 @ 17:24:45
Horatio: You only get 10 rls
in 5 mins and that's only 50
rockets, while you get no
frags and the opponents gets a
lot of frags and a lot of
rockets. Firehoppir: since
tower also have a quad the
quads will either camp
eachother out or someone will
either make a mistake or delay
the quad to get an advantage.
Either way tower won't lose to
a quad that easily if the
opponents are doing nothing
but camping low/ra. Anyway,
it's very fun to play imo, but
I do agree that it's too easy
to lock it down if you get
both low and tower secured.
That's why I think it could
become better if remade, but
the current tdm version isn't
very good since it becomes
total ffa.
Link ( 040209 @ 20:22:00
What do you mean ffa? There
are 2 ways to penta, and 2
ways to tower. This is FFA in
your eyes? 50 rox in 5 mins is
enough if you know the map,
and you will also get some
lame packs with 234234 rox.
And how can anyone get any
frags at Tower at all if
everyone is at penta? And what
is "low"? Biggest noob
location on e3m7 I have ever
seen :))
ZkilfinG ( 040210 @ 04:20:56
Low is end, or pent or ring or
whatever you like to call it.
With two quads things get very
chaotic with the start-end
tele in my experience. And
I've never seen a team winning
on camping end/ra only. Of
course, if they get pent
second pent they can take
tower, but the rls will run to
start and hide out and come
back to take the next quad. If
you got any demos from good
clans, where both teams know
the map, to point me to I'd
sure love to see your point be
Xcom ( 040210 @ 14:09:33
You all forgot the best map,
Horatio ( 040210 @ 14:33:03
the best map ever is e1m6, if
you want to play for fun and
not take it so seriously :)
Vertigo ( 040210 @ 14:45:50
Ooh.. activity.
Horatio ( 040210 @ 14:51:31
Dag's quakeworld demo
collection now released on
DVD! More than 5 hours of
fully loaded action, and an
exclusive interview! Now only
499 SEK!
supa ( 040210 @ 20:06:24
Sorry to bring up old stuff,
but nepra wrote something
which touched me in a special
way, mmm. "But im probably not
alone hating dm3 either."
<- I hear you! You sure
arent alone!
mrlame ( 040211 @ 00:18:40
sure isn't alone! please ban
dm3 and add cmt3 tnx
error ( 040211 @ 02:40:04
Wasnt cmt3 way to easy to lock
Link ( 040211 @ 02:49:23
you mean like fullstart dm2
and dm3 ?
ToT_ejEct ( 040211 @ 11:48:05
Why whine??? quake isnt just
dm2,dm3,e1m2? Boring! learning
new maps and take funny time!
cmt4 is great map!
m0lle ( 040211 @ 14:45:05
yeah CMT4 is great! e2m2 rocks
to but the tdm version sux! :/
m0lle ( 040211 @ 14:46:00
that was comment nr 120 this
is comment 121 .. GG NQR!
tranq ( 040211 @ 18:10:07
comment 250 wins a new car
Horatio ( 040212 @ 00:28:13
lets go
error ( 040212 @ 00:42:04
Yes Link, I mean like dm2/dm3.
budzior ( 040212 @ 09:11:14
link : you mean like fullstart
dm2 and dm3 ? ^_^ HE HE HE
oosi ( 040212 @ 12:38:35
at last a great silence. dont
play maps if you dont like
them, stop whining. fokken
progamers wtf is WRONG ALL OF
YOU!? LOL RALF LOTR (c) jkka
bionic13 ( 040213 @ 21:49:28
i find it funny that link is
the one shouting the loudest,
but still has only played 2
official rounds in NQR the
last 2 seasons. Do you
actually play quake, Link, or
are you simply spending all
your time arguing and
dictating what maps people
should play ? To the
people saying the NQR crew is
amateurs: i think we should
thank the NQR crew with all
our hearts for actually doing
all of this for free and in
their spare time.
znappe ( 040214 @ 05:37:33
link = pwmed
FlePser ( 040214 @ 18:38:56
e2m5 CP
sweeper ( 040214 @ 22:44:32
Bionic13 said it all, now stfu
sexC ( 040215 @ 08:45:14
auch :]
Link ( 040215 @ 09:32:42
If they did a good job, in
their SPARE time, then this
site wouldnt had the same
flaws as it still has since
NQR3. And ye, I got a good
line and a good PC now, so I
play almost every day, but
what does that have to do with
anything? And I dont dictate
what maps ppl should play, the
NQR admins do. Why dont you go
jerk off to some Rosenborg
Link ( 040215 @ 09:33:51
Here is an example at this lol
ZkilfinG ( 040215 @ 15:03:17
yeah, that's real ugly link
prb ( 040215 @ 17:27:09
hp sux and caban is lame :D
nextone ( 040215 @ 17:41:08
lol maybe hp is sux, but JW
lol !!!!!!!!!! FAKE CLAN WITH
SUPeR LAMER star fausto
- ( 040215 @ 20:02:29
Link, you're more than welcome
to code a better site
yourself. The CMDT site really
rocks!!! And afaik kryten has
already coded the new nqr site
(which is a lot improved
version), just waiting to get
a new design to put it on. Btw
how's it going with your
league Link? :))
barbro ( 040216 @ 01:22:34
I think somthins's wrong :)
Better get this fixed.. while
ur at it, remove the > on
Link ( 040216 @ 02:29:29
Its going ok thanks, but what
has the CDMT site anything to
do with this shit? And be an
adult and put your realnick
when you want to try and own
me plz.
melody ( 040216 @ 09:46:58
where is all the news :(
jester ( 040216 @ 11:09:13
New maps are a good thing to
the scene if you play
hardcore. I love QW but I
don't have the time or will to
learn the new maps. I would
gladly just play tb3 when I
have time and that's it. Now
when we a game and our
opponents take cmt4 or some
other shit I'm just like wtf
is this. Playing those maps
are no fun to me. But I think
I'm just minority and I thank
you just for having this
league. GG
lib ( 040216 @ 12:14:32
i think it's great to have
somethign else than the big
boring 3 as mapchoices. thank
god for that... honestly.
ParadokS ( 040216 @ 14:52:20
jester: that's sad :( CMT4 for
example is really fun. It's
not about not knowing them,
cause it takes a few games on
it to know the basics.. and
then it really starts to
become interesting :) Your
missing out man :\


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