2004-06-09 Kala vs. Fired 0-3 Silver playoff - final details
2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
2004-05-17 Batida Swing vs. Apocalypse 2000 3-2 Bronze playoff - 3rd-placed match details
2004-05-11 El?intarha vs. Fired 1-3 Silver playoff - semi-finals details
  Overview  040216  

The 6th season of NQR is rolling for two weeks now, so here's the time for a little overview. I don't wanna waste your time, lets just see the facts.

Division 5
Neatmeat shows a nice activity, they already played 6 of their games so far, and together with the activity, they seems to be efficient too with 5 victories, and the leading of Division 5. The second place in this division is held by Batida Swing. They won 4 out of their 4 games, without even a maploss. Tho, they haven't played with the "leaders" of the division. Classics on the 3rd place are also unbeated, 4 wins, with one lost map. I think the next 2 clans in the list should not be forgetten too, Veni Vidi Vici and Clan Danube. Both clans have 4 victories and 1 lost game, so they can still arrive to a top spot in the div.

There are only one clan in this division, which didn't manage to start playing their games, so hurry up Oblivion!

Division 4
This division is clearly lead by two unbeated clans, JihaD WarriorS, and Assassins. They won all out of their 6 played games so far, and if everything goes nearly as the schedule says, they must face each other pretty soon. Maybe it will decide the fate of the ranking in this division. The rest of the division shows a nice activity too, like the 3rd Hixos, or the 4th Pigs Of Fucking Fury, with 8 and 9 played games. Altough they both lost some games, they can catch a good position in this div. HoLY can be a sleeping threat, they played only 3 games, but they managed to win all of them, and now they are on the 7th place. We'll see how good they can be, when they face the top of the division.

Good to see that all clans in this division started to play their games, even if only one. Move on guys!

Division 3
The current ranking is familiar to Division 4, there are 2 unbeated clans leading the ranking. Stal-Kalle Klanen and Quadrane have won all of their 8 played games, and i think their battle will be quite interesting. Too bad, that it's scheduled for the last week of the season. The following clans in the ranking already has some lost games, except JAMS on the 7th place, with 3 won games. Maybe they can catch up to a top spot, there's enough time remaining.

Two clans did not manage to play a single game, they are #fnu and Lost Boyz. Move move move!

Division 2
Quite interesting to watch the ranking of this division. The most active clans are leading the ranking, even if they have some lost games. 1st place goes to Fraggers United, they have 4 won, and 2 lost games so far. They are followed by Satanic Slaughter Clan, 6 won games and 3 losses. Team freedom takes the 3rd place with 3 won games out of 4 played. The next 3 clans seem to be still waiting to show their strength, they only managed to play 2 games and won all. In the order of ranking they are Chopstick Ninjas, Bored With Life, and Paranoids. I'm looking forward for the games of BWL, since they already beated the clans on the 1st and 2nd spot in the division.

The activity is not the highest in this division, but at least every clan started to play.

Division 1
Let's see the elite. The leaders of the division show a high activity, with 7 games played. Bad Game Slackers is in the lead with 16 points, hunted down 5 of their 7 opponents. Earthquake on the 2nd spot also has 7 games, and managed to gather 4 victories. Lege Artis played 5 games so far, and lost only one vs. Firing Squad, Slackers are on the 4th place at the moment, but i'm sure they don't wanna camp this position for a long time. To show us their intention on this, they won all of their 3 games. Firing Squad won both of their games, and that performance secured the 5th place for them. We'll see what they can reach in this season. I think taking down LA shows that they are not kidding this time. The Divines on the 6th place played 3 games, but BGSR took a game away from them in a close battle. Fragomatic faced only Hyphen so far, but managed to win both maps. This means the 7th position for them in the ranking. The 8th in the division is TVS, with one won, and one lost game.

HellFire 2LAx4 and The Axemen haven't played a game yet, eh!

At the end, let's see some statistics
1. DM3 - 107 games
2. E1M2 - 98 games
3. DM2 - 94 games
4. CMT4 - 72 games
5. E2M2TDM - 27 games

173 games have been played so far, 95 demos have been uploaded. There are 93 active clans, and 790 active players playing in this season.

The most active clan is Boyzone in division 3, with 10 played games.



Link ( 040216 @ 15:15:07
lol first comment, some ppl
are getting old
Firehoppir ( 040216 @ 15:29:51
nice boyzone most active :)
Strife ( 040216 @ 15:37:26
Nice update
ZkilfinG ( 040216 @ 17:05:43
gg, except that you failed to
comment on #fnu2 ;)
Gamer ( 040216 @ 20:17:12
wee a newsupdate! a little
surprise that cmt4 is almost
as popular as tb3. Good to see
that a new map is finally
accepted by the community.
OrioN ( 040216 @ 20:38:32
However CMT4 is an
"unskilled-just-luck" map -_-
xhrl ( 040216 @ 20:39:27
i predict tvs will step it up
a notch or two now with
addition of elec.
joke ( 040216 @ 20:41:38
raaawk and rooooll var det
n?n som sa ? :/ nu jeflar
kommer holy:>
Goljat ( 040216 @ 21:44:38
fs is pretty strong now.
ZkilfinG ( 040216 @ 21:47:25
We (both #fnu2 and #fnu) have
played e2m2tdm quite a lot,
and selected it for many
nqr-games because we've had
quite fun with it, and usually
won on it as well. But the
more I play it the more I feel
that it's a lottery-map. But
perhaps it's possible to learn
the subtle patterns of it as
well as TB3 and it will turn
out ok again. Just a few
thoughts on it. CMT4 I can't
say much about since I've only
just started to understand it
Cthulhu ( 040216 @ 21:51:43
e2m2tdm is pretty a-ok - just
that the waterlift is
furiously irritating! Why oh
why isn't it like the one in
apa ( 040217 @ 01:14:02
I like e2m2tdm sometimes ;>
canius ( 040217 @ 02:38:13
cmt4 isnt accepted, its a
error ( 040217 @ 02:58:51
Its played nearly as much as
e1m2,dm2,dm3. I think its
quite unique and fun map. It
requires extreme timing by the
entire team(quad,ra).
luny ( 040217 @ 08:15:10
The reason cmt4 is played as
much as it is now, is that
some clans just wanna win,
even if it means playing
"lolfagmaps". Because fact is,
many clans can't be arsed to
learn new maps unless they are
really spectacular, and cmt4
ehm, really isn't :) So, this
is where the other clans see
their opportunity, "let's
learn this/these maps others
don't bother", and they'll get
atleast the nice 1 pointers,
and maybe even get lucky and
win one of the tb3. So please
do not draw any conclusion on
how good cmt4 is based on the
games played on it.
ParadokS ( 040217 @ 10:06:21
Hehe, pretty immature comment
from Luny, and quite
unexpected I might add. CMT4
is not a new kenya map, it's
quite the established custom
map on the 4on4 scene and lots
of clans really like the map.
It was played 53 times last
season and with that you have
to take into account that it
was excluded from any decider
games. As mentioed above it is
a map that requires and
rewards the use of teamplay. I
agree that layout and first
impressions aren't top notch -
it could be much better - but
in terms of gameplay it rocks.
tbh aren't we pretty used to
this by now? mipscale/mipcap
for software anyone? How about
? I mean It's not first time
something simple and less
attractive at first seem like
the best sollution - but in
case of CMT4 I think it's
definitly the best offer for a
solid map addition that will
stick around for many leagues
and tournaments in the future.
mooniz ( 040217 @ 10:55:54
yes, luny is known for his
immature behaviour. I agree
with luny that some clans pick
cmt4 just becouse they wanna
win, like last season SR
picked e3m7 vs Qandrane. They
did it becouse it is a cool
teamplay map? Naah they wanted
time to play the games, we
havent pracced almost at all
tb3 maps. Needless to say that
if we dont have time to prac
tb3, we havent learned the new
e2m2_tdm and cmt4. But luckily
some clans have learned them
and pick it against us becouse
they wanna win, maybe we
should just give them WO since
thats what they are after :)
mel ( 040217 @ 11:33:44
but how can you know if people
play it for the gameplay or
the willing to win. i can say
from my clans (qandrane)
behalf that we play it mostly
for gameplay, but there is
some "wanting to win" in it
too. I agree with luny (and
mooniz) that you could replace
cmt4 with any cmt map and it
would get about as much games
as cmt4 is getting.
Link ( 040217 @ 11:46:54
Mooniz, stop saying you dont
have time to prac tb3.
Praccing tb3 for you is not
actually praccing tb3, it is
praccing QW. You dont need to
prac tb3, you need to prac QW.
Its like swimming or cycling,
you know how these maps work,
has nothing to do with your
"rusty" aim or movement, so
stop using the "dont have time
to prac other maps" argument
when you it should be "dont
have time to prac so much QW",
its lol every time you say it
:) I think the reason cmt4 is
played more is because it is
easy to learn, and that
combined with the fact that
clans like EQ and 4K choose it
as homemap + that some oldies
knew this map from the old UK
leagues, has given this map
and advantage, compared to the
other cmt maps. When you look
at the CMT tourneys, cmt4 was
not the most popular map. Why
the noob admins of NQR choose
to pick cmt4 as the the 4th
map of 4on4 qw tdm in the
biggest league there is, is
still a mystery to me, I guess
they just dont know better.
For if you got to know the
other cmt maps as well as they
knew cmt4, maybe they would
understand why I still keep
shouting about this
neverending map issue.
FlePser ( 040217 @ 12:04:34
e2m2tdm needs the 'secret'
waterway from ya/rl to ra/gl!
tranq ( 040217 @ 12:48:56
oooooohh noooo the map
discussion starts again... :(
make a private forum
discussion about it but please
don't spam all newstopics with
gaz ( 040217 @ 13:18:16
all these discussions go the
same way: x: cmt4 LOL KENYA
MAP LOL tb3 rulez ^_^ | y: no
way dude cmt4 is awesome stfu!
| paradoks: yes cmt4 is good
and cos i say so we're gonna
play it | x: NO WAY KENYA ROFL
| y: CMT4 RULES | Link: OMG
everyone : zzz
HangTime ( 040217 @ 13:55:56
I agree with Luny, some clans
choose custom maps for
competetive advantage. The
only time my clan has never
picked custom maps is because
we think it is the best chance
to get a point, not because we
neccesarily think it is a good
Tezz ( 040217 @ 14:46:36
I laugh at those who moan when
we choose CMT4/E2M2TDM, it so
satisfying to know that they
either don't have a clue how
to play it, or can't handle
any non-TB3 map. I'm glad to
say that some of our division
seem to be good on it though,
despite the rest appearing to
be pre-programmed TB3 robots.
whimp ( 040217 @ 16:24:36
I would like to point out that
CN did not chose any Kenya
maps vs fappers :) And we have
become quite fond of both the
"new" maps! Please stop
whining about maps, in the old
days we whined like bitches
when ppl started playing DM3,
"its to big" "only 1 rl" etc,
now we all love it, and
(maybe) whis will happen with
the new maps also :)
razor ( 040217 @ 16:26:09
ye to be honest i also think
clans pick their map to get
advantage.. and that is when
it comes to tb3 also....maybe
they like the map also.. but
it should be some "wanting to
win" in it also as someone
said... and picking cmt4 or
e2m2tdm sure gives more
advantage than picking lets
say maybe dm2 if u think the
other clan is slight worse on
that map than on dm3 and
e1m2... but the other clans
has still played dm2 millions
of times... so not as big
advantage as cmt4 and e2m2...
and sure everyone can prac
cmt4 and e2m2 as much as they
want.. but lets say we prac it
20 times its still some other
clans that has played it 40
times.. and in this early
state of mapknowledge of those
2 compared to tb3 that is a
big advantage... and then it
is mapknowledge that wins.. i
want more maps and i also
wanna learn them... but cant
we just have these 2 maps in
the regular season only for a
couple of seasons.. i dont
think theyre ready for
playoff.. and keep the damn
maps this time instead of
changing all the time :) in
playoff every single map is
important and should also be
100% fair i think.. ok fair is
wrong word cause everyone can
prac as much they want but i
just dont think the ones with
most time should win
whimp ( 040217 @ 16:33:20
Razor it will always be teh
players who put the most time
in any map or just playing QW,
that will win in the end.
razor ( 040217 @ 16:41:09
i dont agree.. some players
get much better even if they
have much less total played
TryM ( 040217 @ 16:58:32
I always pick a map, where I
know my opponent will have an
mrlame ( 040217 @ 17:00:06
indeed look at griffin :)
Goljat ( 040217 @ 17:32:30
you still play at least 2xtb3
in a game if you want and when
other clans prac cmt4/e2m2 you
own them easily on tb3 then
and get 3 points or a victory
in playoffs. If you can't win
2xtb3 map, maybe opponent is
better than :)
joulukuu ( 040217 @ 17:49:23
omg omg plz ban dm2 plz the
map is so unfair because we
can't play it!!
jinx ( 040217 @ 17:55:15
So we aren't really free of
TB3 as decider. If there was 7
maps map pool we would be free
of TB3 decider and also more
accurately know wich non-TB3
maps is popular (and more
easily swap 6th and 7th map
next season).
razor ( 040217 @ 18:06:20
well my point was that in
playoff every map is important
if you want to win in my
opinion... its not "easy" to
win 2 straight tb3 maps just
like that... plus if we want
that we have to discard the
custom map that wasnt played
and then the one that won the
first custom map get to choose
their favourite tb3 map of the
2 remaining... joulukuu: cant
play a map is one thing... and
mapknowledge is another
joulukuu ( 040217 @ 20:00:23
and if all other div3clans
have a lot more experienced
dm2players don't you think it
would be beneficial to them to
pick the map against us? i
think we played 2 pracs in
e2m2tdm before the nqr season
started and we have won 3 out
of 3 games in that map in nqr
so its not like we are betting
everything on one map, its a
way to equalize the huge
advantage some players who
have simply played the game
longer have. i bet we would be
div4material in a
tb3-tournament and i don't
feel that we are "cheating the
system" or anything.
xhrl ( 040218 @ 04:59:28
link: stop calling me names
like noob or numb nuts etc.,
or i will have to cry or start
singing the Canadian National
Athem to quiet you down :P As
for cmt4, the issue was
really one of popularity in
terms of playing time last
year. If it were just me
picking, then I'd have gone
with cmt3 for nqr. The same
could be said for most of the
other admins and their
peculiar map preferences. But
basing it on the most popular
map (other than tb3) seemed
more matter
why a clan chooses the map;
our concern could not be that.
forsberg ( 040218 @ 07:45:42
Variation are good, me like
new maps. The whiners are
right, its annoying to play
some map you dont know, dont
have locs etc, and the rest is
right also, more maps are more
fun. However everyone just
needs to shut up about, having
people like link and para
doing propaganda for one side,
and others for the other
doesnt help. On the contrary
people get more narrowminded,
and try to hold their ground.
If the maps are as good as
some say, they are here to
stay. Personally i like
both e2m2 and dm2 much more
than ie. dm2. At this day and
age, with all the timers and
cheaters, and superfast play,
its nice to have a map big
enough for a regroup and
weapons some place not so easy
forsberg ( 040218 @ 07:46:37
ups i meent both e2m2 and cmt4
than dm2 ;)
ZkilfinG ( 040218 @ 09:31:29
I don't think we should base
our mapchoices around issues
like cheating ;)
Link ( 040218 @ 14:45:29
For what its worth: if the 4th
map had been cmt3, at least I
would have understood it.
Xhrl: sorry mate =)
XantoM ( 040219 @ 08:01:41
spill the whine and eat some
Horatio ( 040219 @ 08:30:33
Icce ( 040219 @ 09:58:00
Last season we had cmt1b, cmt3
and cmt4 in the map pool. Most
played cmt map was cmt4 (53),
which was more than double
played compared to next
closest map cmt3 (25). In this
perspective it's not so
strange that cmt4 is in this
season. I guess that if we had
put in cmt3 instead, much more
ppl would have pointed at the
stats last season and
questioning wtf we're doing
aswell. That would have been
true noob behavior imo, if we
should use those speaking
fisto ( 040219 @ 11:29:25
"gaz - 040217 @
13:18:16 all these
discussions go the same way:
x: cmt4 LOL KENYA MAP LOL tb3
rulez ^_^ | y: no way dude
cmt4 is awesome stfu! |
paradoks: yes cmt4 is good and
cos i say so we're gonna play
it | x: NO WAY KENYA ROFL | y:
: zzz" this was so right
=) plz stop talk about these
maps, and just play the game
=) bg!!
jinx ( 040219 @ 13:09:45
Icce just for the record I
think its strange cmt4(53
plays) was picked before e3m7
(59 plays)
Icce ( 040219 @ 14:07:19
I was referring to cmt maps
jinx which the discussion was
oosi ( 040219 @ 15:00:09
link: mooniz prolly meant that
fappers are 'so idler' clan
that we dont really push up
for the new maps and take like
4-6x cmt4/e2m2tdm in pracs per
day. we all have played many
years qw and tb3 has been all
the time there. so, theres no
point us to play CMT4 vs SSC
or so, they r00l our asses
easily (though hope get their
asses punched in e2m2tdm coz
we rock there a bit ;). but
ggs, i can play every map
except dm3, i s0x there too
much. gl and HF to all of the
true quakers around here! i've
had nice 7years kih kih and
ill play next 7 years, ill
Link ( 040219 @ 16:32:26
Icce: what does that have to
do with anything? As jinx
stated, e3m7 was played more,
so your argument is flawed.
Goljat ( 040219 @ 16:39:35
link it was the most played
map in cmt and we had chance
to vote e3m7(tdm) to in, but
people didnt want that. I
think there is enough
experience of cmt maps to let
admin choose, but tdm we need
more games.
Link ( 040219 @ 17:03:01
Goljat: icce used the "most
played games" argument. That
is flawed since another map
was played more. So what it
comes down to, is what map
they think ARE BEST FOR 4on4.
And I dont care if cmt4 is
played 234234234 times, there
are still many cmt maps that
are better, hell, even
schlosb1 and grim are better,
lot of the exmxTDM maps are
better. Why is not dm6 played
in nqr? You think it got
something to do with the map
itself, or how many times it
is played? Someone grow a
Icce ( 040219 @ 19:46:45
Link if you weren't so hasty
with your attacking you might
read better. I said: "most
played CMT-map".
Link ( 040219 @ 21:42:28
And your point was?
mel ( 040220 @ 08:16:37
well maybe that it was logical
to pick cmt4 from the CMT-map
pool. and i don't think e3m7
can be taken seriously when
teams like SR play it
only4fragrank. and i think
that e3m7 isn't played for the
same reason as dm6, you can't
get really nice teamplay-games
jinx ( 040220 @ 10:00:11
mel: some people can :)
nEpra ( 040220 @ 13:41:15
arguing with Link is like
competing in the paralympics.
he is a norweigan, he will
Horatio ( 040220 @ 17:37:35
oosi ( 040220 @ 18:16:20


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