2004-06-09 Kala vs. Fired 0-3 Silver playoff - final details
2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
2004-05-17 Batida Swing vs. Apocalypse 2000 3-2 Bronze playoff - 3rd-placed match details
2004-05-11 El?intarha vs. Fired 1-3 Silver playoff - semi-finals details
  Idle warning.  040219  

Activity is finally picking up, still most of the clans are behind schedule and some haven't even begun playing games yet. This is ofcourse not acceptable so by the end of this week those clans with 2 or less games played will be removed from NQR6.

Each week we will add 2 more to that, so next week we will kick teams with 4 games or less and so forth untill we reach the playoffs. For any clans that has intentions of staying in this league it should'nt be a problem catching up.

We are now in week3, rapidly approaching midway in the division games and things are looking sharp.


mel ( 040219 @ 13:17:33
first! ..too many
games/week for some clans. too
big divisions/short season :(
Horatio ( 040219 @ 13:25:59
2-3 games per week is ok, if u
guys only can play like once a
week, maybe u should only play
in admortem...
Apollyon ( 040219 @ 13:27:53
good 3 games a week really is
a bit much , especially for
teams like us that just play
once a week. Still we managed
to play 5 out of 6 games and
will continue to keep up with
trhe schedule. Last season was
a bit more relaxing
though. For the next seaon,
at least the lower divisions
should be broadened. Like you
have division 3a and 3b which
play a regular season. And
then the best teams from both
got o playoffs to decide div3
Horatio ( 040219 @ 13:37:28
sounds exciting
fausto ( 040219 @ 15:10:51
NQR seems to be a league where
ALL or almost all clans take
part, and it wouldn`t be
better if those, who cant
afford higher activity were
kicked from nqr. The more
w/o, the worse the league imho
razor ( 040219 @ 16:35:13
ye i think its unecessary to
kick them
razor ( 040219 @ 16:38:36 if some games in div1
isnt played the next four days
we could have 10 clans kicked
there.. i think last season
was kinda slow also but some
teams played ALOT of games in
the end
razor ( 040219 @ 16:40:58
oops i counted victories...
but still.. :)
dropdead... ( 040219 @ 17:03:32
well 0 games in 3 weeks is not
suck?. If u cant play then u
shouldnt be in nqr. So FNU:
start playing your games ffs.
The Swan of Inactivity ( 040219 @ 17:15:33
I am so idle that you should
kick me!
HangTime ( 040219 @ 17:49:00
It's kinda tough decision to
take, but probably necessary.
Only problem is that if some
clans with good players are
kicked from the league, maybe
you get a massive scramble
from other clans desperate to
sign up those players. Admins
will need to make sure you
don't have too many top/good
players in medium/low division
clans, upsetting the balance.
ZkilfinG ( 040219 @ 17:50:48
I'm sad to say, but fnu1 is
dead as for nqr6. I don't
understand you fausto, you
don't like WOs, but still you
want idle clans in the league?
3 games/week is a lot if you
concider that it's harder to
arrange a nqr-game against
specific clans than it is to
arrange pracs. But I don't
think the season should be
longer, that would be too
boring for the more active
clans. All this is of course
an effect of having larger
divisions this season, which I
think is a good thing. It's
better with larger divisions
since less clans gets placed
in the wrong division. And a
clan in the wrong division
matters less for the other
clans. So what to do? The only
solution is for the more
inactive clans to either
struggle to get their games
played (or at least as many as
possible) or if they feel they
can't play enough they have to
pass up on participating in
the future. It's not a good
thing, but the more active
clans can't suffer because of
inactive clans.
torch ( 040219 @ 18:54:25
crew made right decision imo.
It?s not that hard to play 2
games/week, or is it?
Horatio ( 040219 @ 19:10:42
who could imagine that sassa
would be idle?
ZkilfinG ( 040219 @ 19:35:47
sassa got a job, so that's
part of it, but the story is
longer than so, including the
starplayer seese whos ISP went
bankrupt =)
dropdead... ( 040219 @ 20:31:05
Xpress online? :))
jinx ( 040219 @ 22:10:42
Kicking clans will most likely
be very unfair to some clans.
Will you nullify the matches
they have already played? And
remove hard earned points from
those(if any) that has already
won rounds vs them. Or will
you just remove possibe future
points for alot of clans who
already havent played the
kicked clan?
dropdead,,, ( 040219 @ 22:26:28
I think they should kick all
the idleclans that havent
played a single game and give
clans with only 1-2 games a
ZkilfinG ( 040219 @ 23:04:40
I think it's fair to say that
clans that has only played 2
games in 3 weeks are too idle
to participate
Empezar ( 040219 @ 23:48:46
yeah fnu1 is too inactive,
Horatio ( 040220 @ 04:09:59
lucky us, we have played 6
games =)
forsberg ( 040220 @ 06:15:14
That is sad to hear, we will
stramme vores underbukser, and
try to get more games played
nle ( 040220 @ 09:38:33
what about HF and AXemen(witch
infact does not have a team al
the time(as they got
traitored), i dont want div1
teams removed, if they are not
COMPLETELY idle, that means,
no pracs, nothing at all.
m0lle ( 040220 @ 10:55:37
if u are a active clan u
should have no problem to play
2-3game / week. If ur not an
active clan why are u in nqr?
ParadokS ( 040220 @ 11:06:03
jinx: good point. I think best
way is to eliminate all
results. Those 1 or 2 clans
that played them already can
concider their match a prac in
regards of NQR. I do believe
the alternative is worse. But
I must say I have confidence
that those clans with 0-1
games played so far, that wish
to stick around, will make
sure to catch up by the end of
the week.
OPA|Metz ( 040220 @ 11:52:14
is it just me or is there a
lack of demos? Quake is my
favorite spectator sport and I
am not finding many demos this
season here or on Challenge-tv
: ( please don't force me to
watch televison or read a book
; )
Horatio ( 040220 @ 12:48:43
have u really watched all
demos avaliable? cuz there are
quite a few =)
ZkilfinG ( 040220 @ 13:24:15
OPA|Metz: There are A LOT of
demos uploaded here on the
nqr-site (150+).
ZkilfinG ( 040220 @ 13:24:15
OPA|Metz: There are A LOT of
demos uploaded here on the
nqr-site (150+).
Fausto ( 040220 @ 13:45:19
ZkilfinG: Actually u r right,
noone likes idling clans, and
the problem is to get a clan
playing vs ur team. It happens
many times that we, JW are
ready to play, and i spam
servu, but noone wants to play
/ has players. Then maybe one
guy schedules with us a game
for some day [or at least
tries]. It is just the way it
is - i guess it cant be
helped. Everyone finds it
hard to organize nqr games -
for example JW with medium
activity - 7 games - and we
play everyday... How about
considering the clanbase
system? there are scheduled
games with 1 week in advance -
or sth between the 2 systems?
OPA|Metz ( 040220 @ 13:54:54
thanks...but i have already
perused those. I am looking
for div1 demos....they are few
and far between. I don't want
to slight the clans in other
divisions though as i am div
20 material ; )
Jjonez ( 040220 @ 14:26:26
i dont really see the benefit
in that. the news post doesnt
mention any either. so what is
the point?
forsberg ( 040220 @ 16:30:36
Some very bad arguments, for a
very very badly arranged
league. Stuff like "why are
you in nqr if just idle" and
"most clans should be able to
play 2-3 games a week" is just
not very valid. The league is
put up so you can play the
games whenever, but then
suddenly you cant. Some clans
refuse to play, some dont have
right line up, some clans have
average age of 30, so there
are people working wich means
they cant play late. Either
you do 2 games EACH week or
you get all games played at
the end. Going on with this
vague system where you dont
HAVE to play all, but suddenly
HAVE to anywyas or kick, is
lajm :)
forsberg ( 040220 @ 16:31:41
again propulay vevy gut
Horatio ( 040220 @ 17:19:16
didnt really get it, but ok
forsberg ( 040220 @ 18:35:59
short version : A) a certain
amounts of games has to be
played each week or match is
voided (NOT to be played
later), OR B) All games shall
be played untill a certain
date. Clans can refuse to
play and nothing happens, but
if we dont play we get kicked.
Its just not right :)
fausto ( 040220 @ 19:04:40
i agree with forsberg :(
ZkilfinG ( 040220 @ 20:40:56
I didn't understand it all,
but it seems like he's on the
right track, yes. What's the
point in saying that games
should be played certain weeks
if they can be played in the
catch-up week anyway? Of
course, no one likes wo/voided
games either. So it's not as
easy as it might seem. I don't
find it very hard to get games
togehter, no matter if it's
nqr or prac, but I understand
if some people think it's a
problem. I think the basic
layout is good however. The
problem is not in the system,
but in the fact that some
people/clans abuse the system.
So what can be done about
that? Probably nothing, but we
can still whine about it, like
everything else ;)
Sassa ( 040221 @ 03:58:59
yeah I got a job + I didnt
find any time after my job
that could fit good with the
other players so that we could
play! It was better off this
way than to play 2-3 games and
then leave NQR! We will
hopefully be back later on in
nqr7 with a stronger team, Im
now looking forward to join a
clan or just try to get some
cash in so I can get a better
connection so I can join a
clan in the higher
divisions! anyways I dont
think I got the skillz.. ffs
even panic is better than me
at the moment and that is
fucking ashame btw GL to all
clans and players! have a
nice nqr6
mrlame ( 040221 @ 06:01:45
panic ?ger
error ( 040221 @ 06:13:22
jo, panig e stabil div1-2
ParadokS ( 040221 @ 11:57:22
I don't think you got the
point. We can only assume that
all clans should play all
their matches. For that to
happend they need to play an
average of 2 games pr week. If
a clan haven't played 1 game
... in 3 weeks there is
something wrong. It's nothing
to do with the fact that you
HAVE to play al your games
now, so try and look at the
numbers! I don't think it's
fair to the other clans in the
divisions to push your own
games forward untill the end
of season, and then wanting to
play them all. What if the
other clans don't have soo
much time in the end? What if
the clans want to follow the
schedule and keep it at ~2
games a week? If we did
nothing about it and let ppl
play whenever they want It's
my belief that we would get
even less games played, we
would get alot more walkover
requests at the end of the
season, which we don't want to
spend much time on. Frankly I
don't think quake clans in
generel are ready to be part
of this kind of league that
requires stable activity
through out the divisions.
Clans are simply too
sloppy/lazy/busy and the
minute we try and take
meassures to change this we
are portraited like nazi
league that don't take in
consideratinop that some clans
have average age of 30....
Division 1 which is supose to
be the most elite division is
the most idle. I'm not sure
what the reason is, but
something isn't right. On
paper the whole system looked
pretty good and at least most
of the divisinos are really
active. I hope the rest of the
season will play out nicely
and we can get a proper
playoffs this season. But I
have to go back to the
think-tank for next season.
Elimi ( 040221 @ 12:34:58
What I have already seen, you
have to be activa and schedule
the matches early with the
opponents. That way you leave
both your team and the
opponent some movement space
if something happens. I'v
arranged ~all our matches with
no problems even week ahead.
Seems the clans are not active
enough to go and ask for the
matches. I think all of our
played matches have been
arranged by our team. Haven't
seen many clans coming and
asking about out "next weeks
game" in our chan. Just be
active and schedule the
matches early and you'll get
them played.
Horatio ( 040221 @ 16:19:18
but don?t try friday or
Empezar ( 040221 @ 17:52:36
I'd be amazed if fnu1 played 1
fight, prac, nqr or vs mix,
before NQR6 ends
Jjonez ( 040221 @ 17:57:12
of course, if you want NQR to
be a league, each and every
game has to be played. If NQR
would be the ladder it used to
be, there would be no problem
with late or - in the worst
case - unplayed games. it all
depends on what you want the
rank to be, but you have to
make up your mind.
twist ( 040221 @ 21:30:49
so how many games have been
played if we dont get kick?:O
forsberg ( 040222 @ 00:59:08
i didnt bother to read
paradoks' long post, however
the optimal format for this
kind of thing is without doubt
that 2 games get played one
day of the week, same day
EVERY week, same time. Like
Tuesday 20-22 cet you play 2
games. Its like going to a
sport, a priority you make.
Its not such a big deal, since
most play every night
afterall. Doing it this way
will make alot of games
played, and easy to schedule.
Could also do so that every
week the teams playing each
others agree on some server
before hand, that way 2 games
shouldnt take longer than 2.5
hours. eod.
forsberg ( 040222 @ 01:10:15
Now I read it para, I think
the time to suck up to the qw
clans are over. Alot of clans
wanna play the league games,
and its very annoying having
to deny fights cause you want
best lineup, and its even more
annoying to have opponent team
cancelling for that very
reason. Take responsability as
a league and make it happen
;> BTW: for people with
lots of RL stuff to do, it
should be much more easier to
be ready that special day. "if
i do the dishes all week and
change the baby can i get
tuesday night off ?"
ZkilfinG ( 040222 @ 01:20:18
forsberg: I think that would
be very hard to get it to
happen, but it's a good idea.
I've been thinking about the
same for my clan, but so far
we've not gotten anywhere with
it, possibly because we're so
active we don't have to. It's
also a good idea to compare qw
to any other sport activity,
it has the same setup.
Practices and official games.
It's all about how you make
your prioritys of course. But
if we could get one night to
be "NQR-night" everybody would
know it, and try to arrange
their schedules around it. And
for those who couldn't there's
still the possibility to do
just as we do now, so we lose
nothing, but can gain a lot.
zkilfing ( 040222 @ 01:40:23
the point is, no they cannot
do like now, they have to play
or wo. Sad but true, i dont
like WO's but if people in the
clan cant get together that
one night, its tough luck for
them. I realize if a day were
chosen, it will hit some
percentage of people who have
have olympic swimming
practice, but ....zzzzZ.
(Maybe because QW players are
such a rare species, we could
make the following day for the
games now played, same time or
such, but THEN wo for no
forsberg ( 040222 @ 01:41:41
ups, above is my post again,
but directed to skilfing ;>
(getting tired after trying to
get one nqr game played for
10 hours straight now)
ZkilfinG ( 040222 @ 01:59:45
lol forsberg you fakenicker!
;) Yeah, if it's done like
that it's a much larger step,
and one I'm doubtful the
community can handle.
gaz ( 040222 @ 03:24:22
there aren't enough servers
for everyone to play on the
same night
ParadokS ( 040222 @ 12:39:50
well 5 divisions, 5 weekdays
:) *ding ding*
ZkilfinG ( 040222 @ 13:21:48
It would also be easy for
people to spectate games,
since everybody would know
when they would happen. "Ahh,
another boring monday evening,
but hey, tonights
nqr-div1-night! I can spec
some cool qw game!"
Elimi ( 040222 @ 13:46:39
But there is always the
downside also. There are days
when some clans can't possibly
play. Their members might have
something to do weekly at that
specific day. If that day
would become their NQR-day
they would have hard time
keeping up with the other
clans maybe. If asked other
clans to play on some other
day, they might get many
answers like "we will only
play on the NQR-day be there".
Might not be the problem of
the majority, but in the worst
case scenario it might ruins
some clans playing
paradoks ( 040222 @ 13:59:19
well i think thats the
minority really. i thikn it
sounds like a good idea..
could perhaps make it bit more
flexible. saying u got 2 games
pr week you could make 2
gamedays for each divisions.
like mon:1 3 tue:5 4 wed:2 1
thur:5 4 fri:3 2
ParadokS ( 040222 @ 14:03:02
Hmm.. if some clans can't
possibly play that day maybe
get some more members? or try
and schedule with the clans
outside that day to get them
played regardless.
Horatio ( 040222 @ 14:44:17
forsberg ( 040222 @ 15:02:53
what para said, if your
members cant make one single
day a week why bother. However
there IS the olympic
horsebackriding training, but
thats just tough. It will hit
very very few, as the system
is now, it hits lots of
Link ( 040222 @ 16:14:58
Just a little note: QW is
still anarchy, not an
organized sport. So that is
not possible my dear dane
admin :)
boegbullen ( 040222 @ 16:19:52
para this is so unfair to us
with something outside the
world of quake!
ZkilfinG ( 040222 @ 16:40:45
I don't think it's any more
unfair than that you can't
play qw a specific day because
of something else. Think of qw
as any other regular scheduled
event of your life. You even
get two chances if there are
two days each week. I'm not
sure it would work, but it
might be worth a try.
ZkilfinG ( 040222 @ 16:43:36
Now, since no one reads the
nqr-forums anyway I'll post
this suggestion of a changed
playoff setup here. I talked
abit with paradoks earlier and
this is about what we came up
with. The basic idea is that
the best teams should face the
worst team of course, things
are a bit complex however
because of the qualifying
round etc. But I've tried
concider everything. There are
two versions, the first I only
changed the qualifying round
and what teams from that round
should face what teams from
seeding group 1, the second I
changed the way teams face up
in the actual playoff, so that
t1 doesn't get a harder path
to the finals than t2. Here
are the urls:
gaz ( 040222 @ 16:45:03
whats wrong with just having
the top X teams from each
division competing amongst
themselves (i.e. like last
season's div 1 playoffs but in
all divs)
ZkilfinG ( 040222 @ 16:47:06
gaz That's a whole other
discussion, and it's been had
before. This setup is what
came out of it.
Link ( 040222 @ 16:47:38
ZkilfinG: in ordinary sports,
you usually pay a yearly fee,
to the organisation that
arranges the league, you do
this so they can afford to set
everything up for you.
Organized sports are not
anarchy, qw still is. There
are a number of reasons it
still is an anarchy, and you
need a lot more work into this
to make qw become an organized
online sport. Some
online-sports have reached far
in this aspect, qw still got a
long way to go, we still dont
agree on the fucking maps,
this is just one of many
factors that needs to be
ZkilfinG ( 040222 @ 16:47:48
I've just posted this on the site as well, it
can be found here:
jinx ( 040222 @ 22:50:07
idling clans is a minor issue
as long as u got playoffs.
ZkilfinG ( 040223 @ 00:14:55
Link: I know, but how should
we get there if we don't try?
I've said several times that
I'm not sure this would work,
but that it's worth a try. But
perhaps you don't even think
it's worth that?
HangTime ( 040223 @ 02:50:30
we had specific days for UK
leagues in years gone by....
Saturday and Sunday afternoons
were UKCL depending on
division, MCW
tuesday/wednesday evening,
QFFL/UKPL on thursday.
Generally speaking the leagues
were organised around what
evenings the main admin had
available etc. It was pretty
harsh on some people if they
were busy on a certain night
with some other stuff and I'm
not sure modern european qw is
ready for such hard
scheduling. Back when those
leagues I mentioned were
running nearly all players
were students or still at
school. Nowadays there are a
lot of quakers with jobs and
stuff, add that to the time
differences (moscow is 3hrs
ahead of me, finland 2 etc)
and maintaining a fixed
schedule can be tough. A
similar thing was used in
early smackdown seasons...
game were scheduled for the
clans who could then agree to
play at a different time if
they wished... but of course
that gives room for "lameness"
where a clan refuses to
reschedule if the star player
from the other team can't play
on that day. Personally I
think the current system is
working pretty well.
Divisions are larger meaning
idling clans aren't such a
huge worry, there are still
plenty of clans to play.
ZkilfinG ( 040223 @ 03:04:58
I agree ht that idle clans are
less of a problem now with
larger divisions, and also
that things are working quite
well. And as the old saying
goes "don't fix it if it ain't
broken". Always fun to
concider "new" options though.
Eipert ( 040223 @ 03:29:09
Idle, fakenick, play for fun,
fee? lol, sell outs, Cliff
Burton RIP
forsberg ( 040223 @ 04:16:44
HangTime you might be right,
however its very annoying
having to every other day deny
a game or have opponent team
deny, because best players are
not online. We tried to get
NQR games played last week,
6-7days and we managed to get
_1_ nqr game played last
night, due to opponent not
wanting to be kicked due to
new idle rule.
znappe ( 040223 @ 05:53:51
and ye ye ye like like like
... [03:42] <[servu-10]>
-QW-5 [f]-sweep - #freedom.qw
: any g*yclan nqr/am
now? [03:45]
<[servu-10]> -QW-5
almeida - #clanbase.qw : any
clan prac/am/nqr -
#freedom.qw [03:57]
<[servu-10]> -QW-5
almeida - #freedom.qw :
AM/prac/nqr NOW ... wtf!??!?!?
no clans play.. fucking
faggets.. this rule sucks cuz
some quakers are queers and
sleep @ quaketime! ye ye,...
its like.. all gay ye ye, best
players always sleep ye ye, so
no nqr ye ye..
error ( 040223 @ 07:24:52
ye, stop sleeping.
jinx ( 040223 @ 08:21:48
scheduling games a few days
ahead is still the better way
to go. Serv-u is more for
getting future weeks games
played early.
ZkilfinG ( 040223 @ 08:40:36
Teams that always must have
their best lineup should only
sign 4 players up imo. Then
everybody knows the deal and
there's nothing to whine about
(except that it's still a bit
lame of course).
ParadokS ( 040223 @ 11:32:27
I'm thinking about some online
event tracker where people
have to schedule over the
site, or at least make the
formel suggestions there as to
when to play. so there are
some clear overview/proof of
who asked who and what, and if
matches were actually
scheduled. But then it almost
sounds like clanbase site :)
don't know how thrilled people
would be about that.
ZkilfinG ( 040223 @ 11:45:23
My experience from when I
tried to do the same thing
tells me it doesn't work that
well. I think it would be too
much work for too little good
even if it did work. It would
be better if whoever were to
code that would do other more
urgent stuff (the buglist for someone?).
ParadokS ( 040223 @ 11:55:42
well that is being issued as a
whole new site coded from
scratch is in the works by
Kryten. As he let me know nqr
was his very first bigger php
site. So naturally it didn't
work so well compared to what
some are used to. However he
came along way from there to
today. So lets see what he can
do with nqr site v. 3 :)
ZkilfinG ( 040223 @ 14:10:01
yes, I know
forsberg ( 040223 @ 19:17:37
I guess this whole post should
be ignored since some clans
can actually stay in NQR (wich
they should) with less than 2
games played.
ParadokS ( 040223 @ 20:06:23
those clans with 2 games i
have spoken to, and they
informed me they had scheduled
matches for tonight. so i'll
let thems tay for now
wigorf ( 040223 @ 20:27:46
thanks for letting us stay
para, really appreciated


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