Battle Info  2004-10-26 3A - Week 7 (4)

Apocalypse3000 2 - 1 just mix from ufa

CMT4 - Andromeda 9


Our map choise Hanging on to our brittish roots, we decided to once again go for cmt4. It proved to be a good choise. me (willg) and tGM racking up loads of TKs when roaming the map with quadshaft, while adde and cosmos kept YA from the russians. Pents went our way, so did most quads aswell. Ufar did some fragging when they managed to steal a few quads, but thats about it - by Apocalypse3000



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Tight game, where UFAR-players seemed to have lots of armor all the time. We managed to build up a small lead, unluckily they locked the map with a few mins remaining. Slowspawn was the only option and we managed to do that quite successfully. However not good enough, and they tied it with just a few secs remaining. Still a great game. - by Apocalypse3000



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Final decider. Team quad, enemy pent. Ufar made a 45-20 lead or so, while we tried to secure RA for the first few mins. When we finaly got hold of it around the 3min mark, we quickly tied the game and it felt pretty safe. With 5mins remaining we had a ~30frag-lead, which showed to be to much for the russians, even tho they got last pent. - by Apocalypse3000


cosmos - 82.133.67.*** 2004-10-26 23:48:52
tGM - 213.112.206.*** 2004-10-26 23:57:11
heh, they tied e1m2 with some 3 secs left after we had slowspawned for a bit. and after that they had all the armors rls quads etc.
FlePser - 80.60.182.*** 2004-10-27 11:29:51
Must be a heartpumping e1m2 then, seems like e1m2 is map with many close endings (this time overtime \o/)

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