Sad troops  2004-09-26  
For this season's first interview, I met up with the coolest doods in div 5; namely, Sad Troops...
1. Tell me a bit about who I'm speaking with here...
Aggnog: we are both from the quake 3 mod promode , trying out qw tdm for the first time
2. Yeah, but who the hell are you 2? Real names, ages, etc!
endi: Agg can do this.
*endi leaves interview*
Aggnog: i'm nathan from south wales uk, 17 years old, enjoy typical teen stuff partying, music, gaming
3. Nice. What games have you played online before coming across QW?
Aggnog: i started with quake 2 ( no hate :( ) for about 2 years, when it started to decline i moved over to quake 3 and did alot of experimenting with different mods and stuff .. i found promode (which shares some simularities with qw and q2) and really got into it, i've been playing that for just about 2 years aswell now
4. Ok...
Aggnog: i run a succesful tdm/ctf clan called #leto - which is actually where some of the sadtroop members come from
5. So what inspired the troops to take up QW?
well promode has always been quite inactive and it's something most people just learn to live with, it could take a whole evening just to find and arrange a prac .. with the lack of competition we've actively been looking for some other new games to try, doom3, tribes:v, etc.
for me personally i always wanted to really give qw 4v4 a good try
6. Had you played QW at all before?
Aggnog: yeah, the activeness of the community always impressed me and it's got fun, fast gameplay which i've just wanted to try out =)
7. What aspirations do you have for your troopers in your debut season in NQR? (Questions starting to get mixed up here, damn IRC!)
Aggnog: i briefly played with clan ] Z [ in qwtf 8v8 for a league called covertops - we won undefeated too so it was pretty cool :D
from practicing with alot of the div5 clans we've learnt a TON already, i really hope we can make a dent :D
i guess we're aiming for atleast the playoffs
8. It's good to hear that you're not just here to make up the numbers. Any hot tip for div 5 champions (if it's not yourselves of course...)
the only clan from div5 to beat us so far is sd2, and that game was pretty close anyway ;D
9. Your choice of clan name is pretty original, and I have to say the clan tag of ":(" is genius. But why are the troops so sad?
hah. again going back to promode, in an arguement a while ago someone once said to pez "you were ok pez, till you joined the sad troops of leto" .. we just thought it was really funny name that fitted quite well to our scarey new experience of qw .. SO SAD:(
10. That's a good story :D Like it, like it. I also notice you have an interesting clan page; was it at all influenced by the now dead UK clan "numeric"?
never heard of them, they were obviously just copying us :(
11. OK, we've just had a lengthy break from this interview so we can actually *play* some QW :D Anyway, I'm back with aggnog and endi from sad troops. How sad are you guys, on a scale of 1-10?
aggnog: 3259872938052835928745238402398423940832423423
12. That's pretty sad.
aggnog: SO SAD
13. Do you think there's a chance that the troops will one day cheer up and give us a grin?
aggnog: the only thing that could make us happy is winning nqr
14. There's not much chance of that happening tho, is there..? ;)
aggnog: who knows:(
15. mrlame has just joined the interview. tjena mrlame!
aggnog: czE cZE
mrlame: *says nothing*
16. Hello?
mrlame: i can't give an interview right not my manager told me to shut out nqr, sorry.
17. OK!
aggnog: mrlame is kind of responsible for sadtroops y'know. he is the one that suggested that we should make a qw clan
mrlame: i've helped a few clans getting started and recruited noobs but don't tell it for anyone, can't ruin my image as hardcore. B>
18. OK then. who do the sad troops tip for NQR7 div 1 glory then?
aggnog: let me have a look a sec.... *goes to look*
19. Do not attempt to adjust your monitor...
aggnog: i think it'll be a gtg vs sr final
20. Well, there's a prediction that shows your QW experience to its fullest :D
... and hib will quit mid game to help us in our final.

21. gellehsak has just joined the interview!
gellehsak: aggnogs a homo
22. Nice insight there... anyway now some non qw-related stuff... bacon or eggs?
aggnog: EGGS
mrlame: yummi
23. Daddy or chips?
Aggnog: Chips
24. If you could sleep with any one woman in the world... who would it be?
Aggnog: gellehsak's mom,, uhm mena suvari.
25. Good choice. Finally give me a prediction for England-Wales in WC2006 qualifiers ;)
england are so dead it's untrue. wales - sponsored by sad troops.
26. Well you spoke much sense through this interview until then... thanks sad troops and I hope you will cheer up soon! :D
aggnog: \:(/
gaz - 2004-09-26 22:17:15
Not finished yet :D
gaz - 2004-09-26 22:46:44
Finished now
tyrone - 2004-09-26 22:50:24
omg.. sadtroops will eZ in div 5
Rage - 2004-09-26 22:51:14
I've tried to make the sadtroops laugh a few times during our practice game, but it's impossible.
They are depressed...really really depressed! We need loads of Prozac for there guys:(
deepos - 2004-09-26 22:56:16
miss maturness - 2004-09-26 23:09:17
sh4un - 2004-09-26 23:36:05
omfg aggnog ur a lamer
shaun - 2004-09-26 23:36:29
Aabech - 2004-09-26 23:38:01
:::::::: D
FlePser - 2004-09-27 00:18:13
wootwoot - 2004-09-27 00:30:54
Aggnog is very welsh. You cant get lower down the pile than that.
ix - 2004-09-27 00:31:36
fkn japanEz of Ez
cougar - 2004-09-27 00:35:23
Hagge - 2004-09-27 00:37:40
this interview made me so sad :(:(:( *cries* :'(
Bagheera - 2004-09-27 00:38:24
ofcoz Suddendeath players always owns . )
nas - 2004-09-27 01:28:25
Legio! - 2004-09-27 03:45:20
Haha outstanding interview :)!
rot - 2004-09-27 04:09:58
menth0l - 2004-09-27 07:54:57
bwaaaa ;_;
mooniz - 2004-09-27 10:12:40
oufak i thought mrlame is hardcore??
son - 2004-09-27 10:48:51
deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!! :(
tranq - 2004-09-27 14:31:51
woaw, carr?ment des fran?ais qui se mettent ? quake : POILANT !!
vladde - 2004-09-27 14:41:54
Mrlame youre a disgrace to entire bgsr crew FUCK OFF
Rage - 2004-09-27 18:13:45
Look at this! sadtroops are a hoax! cheaters!!

<FlePser> omg a canuck :((( he must be sad to be a canuck :(
<aggnog> haha
<aggnog> oh no i laughed
<aggnog> :(((((((((((((((((((((((((
FlePser - 2004-09-27 18:17:18
I am witness!
fausto - 2004-09-27 18:18:14
so sad :<
manny - 2004-09-27 18:21:12
:))))))))))) :(
zeki - 2004-09-27 22:06:36
<3 agg

sad troops : ( (
apokalypze - 2004-09-28 00:57:52
On the to-do-list: learn how to switch to rl if you?ve got it, instead of using buckshot until you die. EGD nog. 8)
timooo - 2004-09-28 13:38:25
they are not the coolest in div5 :(
Leppis - 2004-09-28 14:11:00
agreed with timooo
gijs - 2004-09-28 14:59:25
sadtroops RoxORs!!!!
gaz - 2004-09-28 15:43:47
:( sad troops :( ... :D osams :D
RAMorYan - 2004-09-28 21:52:03
We will see who's the best... :)
gpl - 2004-09-29 19:19:41
KillerGod - 2004-09-30 18:16:25
nice interview.. :D
Slajer - 2004-10-01 18:19:39
original tags?
bah! :)
gaz - 2004-10-04 14:17:30
racersnigeln - 2004-10-10 11:53:38
more interviews gaz!! u rock! <3
son - 2004-10-11 02:41:53
ye more interviews!!!! :o
Angua - 2004-10-17 23:17:31
actually you could just go back a few years in quakeworld and you find that tag :) no need to go to q3 to find alike ones Slajer...
Drexciyian - 2004-10-19 22:43:13
Nubs in cpm
Nubs in qw

Different game, same nubs

pez - 2004-10-26 00:10:13
cara - 2004-12-03 18:08:32
kinda unserious for my taste.. good with new clans though, always funny..
koDds - 2004-12-04 22:28:30
fkn nwbs get back to cpm :))
mg - 2005-02-15 19:12:53
qwi work for an intelligence-gathering organisation known as A3 ( AKA the Alcatraz) i am the co-odinator
of the splinter cell programme, and no it isnt fictional, or a Clancy cliche. my tolerance has run thin,
question my acts again and you will face the concequences.

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