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Battle Info  2005-04-17 1 - Week 5 (6)

Firing Squad 0 - 2 Griffins Tappra Gossar

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Bit drama in this game. First it was scheduled a couple of days beforehand for 22:00 but then spoink remembers at the last minute he has a soccer game and has to play "now". So we head on in without warmup and it comes down pretty close. Some of us (myself included) were already a bit edgy because of the sudden change of time and so when reppie's warplag kicks in at a bad time some comments are made. In general it wasn't too bad a game, but it got a bit tainted by the atmosphere. When we then swap to E1M2 and 1-2-3 elects to kick some specs (to make lag better) I make an honest request to the specs to use qizmos instead because it might help with the warping and I think it was one comment regarding 'warp' too many. FS give us WO and game ends on a tad sad streak. Oh well, I usually enjoy playing FS cus they're such good sports, but I think both teams were a bit on edge today. Maybe we'll get another chance in playoffs, hopefully we can find a better time/conditions to play in then! //dak - by Griffins Tappra Gossar



W.O. - Walkover




willgurht - 85.8.3.*** 2005-04-18 00:12:03
nice pings!
Apollyon - 82.140.27.*** 2005-04-18 00:29:37
At least all those qw celebs got into the screenshot. Better than nothing, no?
flepser - 80.60.182.*** 2005-04-18 04:32:39
No max spectator set?
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 2005-04-18 08:46:50
omg, can u guys stop ruining games with this kind of overkill speccing? use qizmo or watch the demos ffs...
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 2005-04-18 10:15:53
reppie always lags, I very much doubt the specs caused that lag...
dakoth - 213.113.123.*** 2005-04-18 11:08:04
Yeah but it was a bit worse than usual in my opinion gaz. Anyway reppie told me after the game it was because of the time we played, nothing else. Didn't know that at the time though.
vleesch - 82.92.74.*** 2005-04-18 11:23:19
reppie got used to his laggy connection i guess, but seriously, there should be just 2 spec slots or so... a qizmo cam and an admin!
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 2005-04-18 11:38:07
Only way to stop all those specs is to either upgrade to the beta release of MVDsv (which can be crashed using a bug) or to set a spectator password, unfortunately. Just got to wait for the stable release of MVDsv which fixes the spectator 2 bug.
Hagge - 217.210.144.*** 2005-04-18 15:20:25
maybe the 2nd and eventually 3rd map can be played another day? would be a shame to see such a game not getting played :/
reppie - 82.73.70.*** 2005-04-18 15:51:25
yea my lag wasnt caused by specs, 123's lag was :)
willgurht - 85.8.3.*** 2005-04-18 16:37:06
Why not ask the specs to leave?
and kick em from nqr if they dont?
mja - 81.202.239.*** 2005-04-18 18:03:12
reppie play?s better when he?s annoyed... just like blixem... ;)
mrlame - 81.227.129.*** 2005-04-19 02:08:31
doesn't matter if he is annyoed or not cuz u as his opponent can't hit him when he is warping it really sucks :/
reppie - 82.73.70.*** 2005-04-19 10:28:21
i cant help it, so whats the point in the continious whine about it :)
mrlame - 81.227.129.*** 2005-04-19 21:10:44
trying to kill a opponent u can't hit beacuse he is warping so much... makes it so pointless to play fs
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