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- Season 7 - Clan MalFunction
- Summer Cup 2004 - The Forsakens & Leftovers
- Season 6 - Slackers
- Season 5 - Slackers
- Season 4 - Slackers
- Season 3 - Lege Artis
- Season 2 - Zetor
- Season 1 - Flaming Fist

  Season 7 - Clan MalFunction ^^  

Season 7 saw the introduction of the "conference" system, whereby each division was split into two groups of equal skill. The best clans from each division advanced to the playoff competition. In division 1, we saw a repeat of the NQR4 final between Slackers and Clan MalFunction. This time it was CMF's turn to come away with the title, winning as they did by 3 maps to 1 to be crowned as worthy champions of NQR7 and thereby denying SR a fourth successive NQR title.

Division 1 Playoff Champions: Clan MalFunction
Runners-up: Slackers

Division 2 Playoff Champions: Eläintarha
Runners-up: Veterans

Division 3 Playoff Champions: Veni Vidi Vici
Runners-up: Assassins

Division 4 Playoff Champions: Postal Justice
Runners-up: Shadow Minions

Division 5 Playoff Champions: Bufflarna flyger i luften
Runners-up: Clan Cube Squad

  Summer Cup 2004 - The Forsakens & Leftovers ^^  

The 2004 Summer Cup saw 4 separate competitions; classic & custom, with a "pro" and "amateur" in each. Leftovers reached the final of both pro competitions, but were only succesful in the custom cup, where they defeated Dutch Hope 3-1. In the Classic Final, Forsakens won 3-2 to take the victory.

Classic Cup Pro Champions: The Forsakens
Runners-up: Leftovers

Classic Cup Amateur Champions: Eläintarha
Runners-up: Justified Ancients of Menace

Custom Cup Pro Champions: Leftovers
Runners-up: Dutch Hope

Custom Cup Amateur Champions: Qandrane
Runners-up: Thangorodrim

  Season 6 - Slackers ^^  

Slackers won their 3rd successive NQR title in season 6, defeating old arch-rivals LegeArtis in the final by 3 maps to 1. NQR6 used a unique playoff system, whereby teams met each other across the 5 divisions in 3 separate competitions.

Gold Playoff Champions: Slackers
Runners-up: Lege Artis

Silver Playoff Winners: Fired
Runners-up: Kala

Bronze Playoff Winners: OLw
Runners-up: HoLY

  Season 5 - Slackers ^^  

NQR5 saw Slackers picking up their second successive NQR title, but they were hard-pushed for their glory once more. This time it was Disorder that they faced in the final, with the final map being won by Slackers by just 6 frags.

Division 1 Playoff Champions: Slackers
Runners-up: Disorder

Division 2 Winners: HellFire
Runners-up: Fragomatic

Division 3 Winners: Veterans
Runners-up: MNY

Division 4 Winners: Paranoids
Runners-up: Billy's Burgers

Division 5 Winners: Eläintarha
Runners-up: Clan Code

Division 6 Winners: Gauntlet
Runners-up: Stål-Kalle Klanen

Division 7 Winners: Assassins
Runners-up: FIPS

  Season 4 - Slackers ^^  

NQR4 witnessed a true classic match in the final, with Slackers coming from 2-0 down to win 3-2 against Clan Malfunction, winning the decider map by 2 frags.

Division 1 Playoff Champions: Slackers
Runners-up: Clan Malfunction

Division 2 Winners: Chopstick Ninjas
Runners-up: HellFire

Division 3 Winners: Griffin's Tappra Gossar
Runners-up: EarthQuake

Division 4 Winners: Kala
Runners-up: Dybbuk

Division 5 Winners: Swedish Super Cops
Runners-up: Paranoids

Division 6 Winners: HOT
Runners-up: Thangorodrim

  Season 3 - Lege Artis ^^  

NQR3 was the first season to use the divisional system.

Division 1 Playoff Champions: Lege Artis
Runners-up: Clan Malfunction

Division 2 Winners: Campbusters
Runners-up: Four Kings

Division 3 Winners: Second
Runners-up: Gamblers

  Season 2 - Zetor ^^  

This was a truly success season, in a timespan of 3 months 431 Games was played (including playoffs), quite an astonishing nr. One reason for the high nr of games beeing played was because of the system's design so to speak, you could never loose points only win points. This encouraged many clans to play like never before.
The league was running the 10 % ladder based system, which had both its charm and flaws, more flaws though. But clans really enjoyed the the league and there was always a NQR game beeing played everyday, 3-4 games was played each day. We could never imagine
this scenario due to our previous season which got totally idle due to various reasons (new server, server malfunction etc). But it sure was a nice suprise to see NQR2 beeing such a success.

In Nations Quake Rank Season 2 theese 16 clans made it to the playoffs:

The AxeMen (.NO)
Headcharge (.SE)
Firing-Squad (.NL)
Hard Guns Crew (.PL)
Trash (.DE)
Clan C6 (.SE)
Clan MalFunction (.FI)
4 Kings (.UK)
Koff (.FI)
HellFire Clan (.SE)
Kalevala (.FI)
Daltons (.FI)
America Must Die (.RU)
Gamblers (.SE)
Zetor (.FI)

Idle hit us all at the playoffs stage, and it took quite a long time to get the playoffs done (as usal). But however we got it underway and clans started to play their games.

This was the results from Round 1.

HEAD vs GB = 2-0
4K vs JAMS = 2-1
CMF vs KOFF = 2-1
ZR vs AXE = 2-0 (WO)
HF vs C6 = 2-0
HGC vs D = 2-0
FS vs AMD = 2-0
K vs TRASH = 2-0

Results from Round 2.

ZR vs 4K = 2-0
HF vs FS = 2-0
CMF vs HEAD = 2-0
HGC vs K = 2-1

Results from Round 3.

HF vs CMF = 2-1
ZR vs HGC = 2-0

Result from Bronze game.

CMF vs HGC = 2-1

Result from Final Game.

ZR vs HF = 2-0

Final words.

ZR played really well in this final game vs HF and deserved to win Nations Quake Rank season 2. HF had been doing some impressing advancements in the playoffs and during regular season, so many spectators put their money on HellFire to win this final. How wrong
they were, because the finnish lions surly was awake..and ready for a bloody fight and eventhough HF fought brave to try and gain command of the match they were constantly denied by the overpowered ZR players, ZR showed some really impressing teamplay
throughout the whole game. Due to the game beeing played on one of Edome's servers we were sadly not able to get any mvd demos from the final, players were encouraged to record demos but failed to do so. Only one demo is avaiable, from Hib's POV on Dm3.
The NQR Crew would like to congratulate the finnish guys in Clan Zetor who faught hard for this victory!

Finally, the NQR Crew would like to thank ALL the clans and players that participated in Nations Quake Rank 2, you made this into a kick-ass season! Hope to see you next season.

  Season 1 - Flaming Fist ^^  
  The very first NQR, a strange one.

This was the very first season of NQR, therefor the league was not really developed and tested. However many clans and players signed up to fight eachother in the new league, then called Nordic Quake Rank. The first season only allowed teams from the nordic countries to sign up, therefor the name. When the season was finished the league was renamed to Nations Quake Rank due to expansion and accepting clans all over europe.

After one month (or more) of hard battles in the first stage of NQR the top clans advanced to the playoffs. This is how the table looked like when the playoffs began:

1. Unforbidden (37 PTS)
2. HellFire (33 PTS)
3. Noskill (25 PTS)
4. Clan KOFF (19 PTS)
5. Clan MalFunction (19 PTS)

The semifinals where played between Clan MalFunction and HellFire, Flaming Fist and Unforbidden. And the final where to be played between Clan MalFunction and Flaming Fist. A date was set and the games was ment to be played, but never was due to some mysterious reasons I cant quite remeber. Just recently we where notifyed that the final actually was played! The winner was Flaming Fist. So, congratiulations to the now dismantled swedish clan Flaming Fist! Below are screenshots from the final.


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