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  CMT3 - Deutschmaschine  
Times Played 59
Total Frags 17598
Avg. Frags / Play 298.2
Most Played By 4Honor - 9 times
Best Efficiency Bufflarna Flyger i Luften, Profeterna, sexy, Wicked Assault Rangers, unleet, Just For Fun, kalvar aspirerar till bufflar, knockback, Suddendeath, Clan Cube Squad B, Death Dealers- 100%
Worst Efficiency shadow minions, Paranoia, illuminati, megamen, Harmonium, Fraggers United, ChoseN, =Vets=, The Big Losers, Warriors on Battlefield, Boefje, defs, PsychoHaloons Crew, Klatch!, Postal-Justice, Hyv?t, Pahat ja Rumat, luis clan - 0%
Biggest Ownage Bufflarna Flyger i Luften 312-3 Harmonium @ CMT3
Closest Game kalvar aspirerar till bufflar 132-129 Korea Team Fighting @ CMT3
Average Winning Margin 96.9 frags
No demos available for this map.
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