Battle Info  2004-07-25 Classic Cup Pro - round 3

Griffin's Tappra Gossar 1 - 2 Leftovers

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Close game. We got first quad and high rl, they got low, but they lost it shortly thereafter (no pack). We sucked, to tell the truth. Had some major problems locking down the map. At one point we had everything - had low timed etc, etc, but we just sucked it all away. It was pandemonium at dm2 today, and we just barely got away with it. With 3 mins left or so we had a good 30-frag lead but lost control, and leftovers started to spawnfrag. 10 more secs and it might've gone their way. GG! /dak - by Griffin's Tappra Gossar



E2M2TDM - The Ogre Citadel TDM edition


I'm no fan of E2M2TDM, as is well known by those who've read my previous reports. At least we didn't suck completely on it this time. The quad went both ways, and likewise with RA, but LO had the favor of RL and YA for most of the game, and that gave 'em the edge they needed to keep ahead of us. /dak - by Griffin's Tappra Gossar



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


LO tossed cmt4, we tossed dm3, and we ended up on e1m2 with a less than ideal lineup. Ermac and Mrlame are our best e1m2ers and both were missing from this game. If dm2 was pandemonium, e1m2 was chaos reincarnate. We were four lonely men on a way too large planet. We didn't back up our RL or quads, nor could we hold on to YA for very long at a time. Leftovers exploited the mistakes we made very well, and managed to secure the decider. GGs! /dak - by Griffin's Tappra Gossar


m0lle ( 2004-07-22 15:09:32
GG !
Terror ( 2004-07-25 21:44:33
Strife ( 2004-07-25 21:45:38
wee, ggs!
Terror ( 2004-07-25 21:48:46
nu v?ntar ja p? hagge kommentar, som vanligt :)
jOn ( 2004-07-25 21:49:17
apokalypze ( 2004-07-25 23:44:18
Den kommer, Terror, den kommer... 8)
Hagge ( 2004-07-26 09:03:11
omg can't get much closer than this! just too bad that you missed spectating this thrilling game live! :( leftovers looks really impressive atm, can anybody stop them?? GG!
Hagge ( 2004-07-26 09:03:24
apok kan sitt :<
Terror ( 2004-07-26 10:02:50
Jo dvs men oddsen p? att den skulle komma va v?ldigt l?ga :)
Hagge ( 2004-07-26 13:50:44

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