Current Week: 6
2004-08-09 Team Freedom vs. The Forsakens 0-2 Classic Cup Pro - semi-finals details
2004-08-08 Leftovers vs. boefje 2-0 Classic Cup Pro - semi-finals details
2004-08-08 Justified Ancients of Menace vs. defs 2-0 Classic Cup Amateur - Group details
2004-08-08 JAMS vs. El?intarha 1-2 Classic Cup Amateur - Group details
2004-08-03 Game Over vs. Team Freedom 1-2 Classic Cup Pro - Quarter Finals details
2004-08-02 Leftovers vs. Dutch Hope 3-1 Custom Cup Pro - Final details
2004-08-01 JAMS vs. Apocalypse 2000 2-0 Classic Cup Amateur - Group details
  Round 1 deadline!  040626  

The Summer Cup round 1 deadline is on Sunday at midnight! Unplayed games will be voided or walkovers given appropriately.

The draw for round 2 will be made by an admin on Monday (check priv nqr channel, admins!), but not me. I am going on holiday today and I will be back next Sunday (4th).



  Custom Cup round 1  040606  

The fixtures for the first round of the Custom Cup are up on the matches page, check 'em out over there. There are some very interesting games in there to say the least - SSC will play against their own B-team, GTG face Fraggers United and in a bizarre coincidence, mumS1 and mumS2 both face the same clan as in the Classic Cup first round; klatch and A2K respectively.

Similarly to the Classic Cup, the tournament officially starts on Monday 14th June, and the deadline for the first round is Sunday 27th June. You can play the games before the 14th if you wish, but your opponents are under no obligations.

Also, having played SKTEAM a bit, I've come to the conclusion that it's a bit pants. So let's hear some suggestions for an alternative :)



  Classic 1st round draw made  040605  

The 1st round draw has been made and the fixtures are as follows:

funky pirate superstars vs. Suddendeath
mumS1 vs. klatch
Just For Fun vs. Pigs Of Fucking Fury
renbajs2000 vs. Damneds
Charlatans vs. Eradication Instincts Defined
Satanic Slaughter Clan b-rappu vs. VNV
El?intarha vs. Dybbuk
Hell Patrol vs. Last-Episode
Clich? vs. Shadow Minions
MNY vs. Fraggers United
Neatmeat vs. Batida Swing
Apocalypse 2000 vs. mumS2
Justified Ancients of Menace vs. Brotherhood of Thangorodrim
defs vs. St?l-Kalle Klanen
Vets vs. boefje
Maniacs vs. Veni Vidi Vici

Some interesting games there certainly; I think the ones to look out for will be the match up between the mighty Finns of MNY and Fraggers United, as well as the battle between JAMS and Thangorodrim and the game between NQR6 division 3 rivals Elainatarha and Dybbuk.

Week 1 officially starts on 14th June and the deadline for matches is Sunday 27th June. Get playing :)


  Seedings list  040605  

I've thought hard about this, and of course not everyone is going to agree with my choices for the 16 seeds. Here they are in no particular order...

Griffins Tappra Gossar
Satanic Slaughter Clan
Slime Rules
Game Over
Team Freedom
Dutch Hope
Billy's Burgers
Firing Squad
New Wave
The Foresakens

Flame away :)




After a brief discussion with the admins, I have decided to close the signups for the classic cup at 48 teams. Signups have slowed down in the last few days and 48 is an ideal number. The custom cup signups will remain open until the 32nd and final spot is filled (1 space left!).

The format for the classic cup will be as follows:
16 teams are seeded
1st round: All teams except 16 seeds play, 16 winners go to 2nd round, 16 losers go to amateur cup
2nd round: 16 seeds enter, and play against the winners from 1st round.
This leaves 16 teams in the amateur tourney 1st round, and 32 in the pro tourney 2nd round.

I would ask all clans participating in the tournament to add their playerlists as soon as possible so as to aid the seeding process.


  multi-clanning  040605  

It has come to my attention that some players are registered to more than one clan. Can the following players please let me know which clan you are playing for:

Bigis (Qandrane/Neatmeat)
Blitzer (SSC/Fraggers United)
Kent (OLw/Vets)
Kzuu (Neatmeat/Hippushnik)
Maukka (mums2/mny)


  Signup deadline  040601  

We are changing the signups deadline. They will remain open until Friday 11th June UNLESS the following conditions are fulfilled:

Classic Cup receives 64 signups (currently 47)
Custom Cup receives 32 signups (currently 30)

So as you can see we have 17 spaces in the classic cup, and just 2 in the custom competition. Get signing up boys & girls!



  1st round changes... or not?  040529  

Signups are going well so far, with 34 clans signing up for the Classic Cup, 22 of which have also signed up for the Custom Cup. Keep it up folks.

On another note, some changes to the structure may be necessary, albeit small ones. One of the original aims of the tourney was to be an unseeded knockout competition, but that was before I thought of the Pro/Amateur scheme. It seems like a sound idea to seed teams in the 1st round in order to make an effort to keep top clans going into the Amateur tournament.

So I'd like your thoughts on that, and on the best way to seed. Should we seed half the teams and simply make sure they don't play each other? Should we just seed 12 or so and make sure that they don't play each other? Should we rank all the teams by number and match them up like #1 vs #32 (e.g. for 32 teams) #2 vs 31 etc? Leave your thoughts here.



  NQR Summer Cup website launched!  040526  

Yes that's right, the first ever NQR Summer Cup has been launched. Incorporating a Custom Cup and a Classic Cup, this new 4on4 cup competition is now open for signups.

So go read the rules and signup!

Signups will close at midnight on Friday 11th June, and hopefully the competitions will begin the following Monday.




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