2004-08-09 Team Freedom vs. The Forsakens 0-2 Classic Cup Pro - semi-finals details
2004-08-08 Leftovers vs. boefje 2-0 Classic Cup Pro - semi-finals details
2004-08-08 Justified Ancients of Menace vs. defs 2-0 Classic Cup Amateur - Group details
2004-08-08 JAMS vs. El?intarha 1-2 Classic Cup Amateur - Group details
2004-08-03 Game Over vs. Team Freedom 1-2 Classic Cup Pro - Quarter Finals details
2004-08-02 Leftovers vs. Dutch Hope 3-1 Custom Cup Pro - Final details
2004-08-01 JAMS vs. Apocalypse 2000 2-0 Classic Cup Amateur - Group details
  Structure & fixtures for rest of tournaments...  040719  

Classic Cup Pro:

14 teams left.

Round 3 will have a 1 week timeline, ending next Sunday 25th July.

Damneds vs Game Over
Thangorodrim vs MNY
Foresakens vs Suddendeath
Cliche vs Firing Squad
Hyphen vs Freedom
Griffins Tappra Gossar vs Leftovers
Veni Vidi Vici vs boefje

There will then be 7 teams left in the competition and it will proceed with 1/4 finals (one team given a "bye"), 1/2 finals and a final, with one week for each round.

Classic Cup Amateur:

5 teams left.

From now there will be a group stage, with each clan playing the other ones (same points system as normal NQR). The deadline will be Sunday 8th August, and the final will be played between the top 2 clans in the last week, to be played by Sunday 15th August.

The 5 clans are:
JAMS, A2K, defs, Zoo & Vets

Custom Cup Pro:

4 teams left:

Straight knock-out semis/final, 1 week deadline for each.

Semi-finals (deadline 25th July):
Firing Squad vs Dutch Hope
Veni Vidi Vici vs Leftovers

Custom Cup Amateur:

2 teams left:

Final, 1 week deadline (25th July).

Qandrane vs Thangordrim



Zilver ( 040719 @ 22:15:20
Why isnt vvv in classic cup? I was never able to contact slime rules and i mentioned this to oosi.
chit ( 040719 @ 22:34:32
FlePser ( 040720 @ 11:16:34
Many WO so far :(
gaz ( 040720 @ 11:49:30
Cos you didn't report WO before the deadline...
ok98 ( 040720 @ 12:10:44
it sux that sd will be beten by forsakens this week and dont end up in any of the groups :( Next time lose the second game if u want to play against more clans :((((((((((((
gaz ( 040720 @ 17:52:19
ok98 you would have to beat foresakens and then another clan if you want to be in the 3 team group, and if you'd lost the 3rd game then you'd still be out anyway :P
JKova^tF ( 040721 @ 00:18:46
when will the fixtures be up (aka when can the games be reported)?
gaz ( 040721 @ 08:13:10
tonight hopefully, i haven't had a spare moment yet
JKova^tF ( 040721 @ 14:08:12
oki. keep up the good work :)


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