2004-08-09 Team Freedom vs. The Forsakens 0-2 Classic Cup Pro - semi-finals details
2004-08-08 Leftovers vs. boefje 2-0 Classic Cup Pro - semi-finals details
2004-08-08 Justified Ancients of Menace vs. defs 2-0 Classic Cup Amateur - Group details
2004-08-08 JAMS vs. El?intarha 1-2 Classic Cup Amateur - Group details
2004-08-03 Game Over vs. Team Freedom 1-2 Classic Cup Pro - Quarter Finals details
2004-08-02 Leftovers vs. Dutch Hope 3-1 Custom Cup Pro - Final details
2004-08-01 JAMS vs. Apocalypse 2000 2-0 Classic Cup Amateur - Group details
  NQR Summer Cup Classic Finals  040809  

Unfortunately both of the pro semi-finals were walkovers :(

The final will be between Forsakens and Leftovers; it promises to be a close game and it could be quite exciting. Watch this space for news of coverage.

The classic amateur group stage finished as so:

(B indicates lost 2-1)

1 Elaintarha P4 W5 B0 L0 P15
2 JAMS P4 W4 B1 L0 P13
3 A2K P3 W1 B1 L1 P4
4 VETS P1 W0 B0 L1 P0
5 DEFS P3 W0 B0 L3 P0

The final will be between JAMS and Elaintarha.

The deadline for both of these games is Sunday 15th August.


JKova^tF ( 040810 @ 15:30:24
was it gaz again who did these? were you drunk or what? :) how can we have 4 played games and 5 wins etc..? this ofcourse doesn't change the standings but is amusing nevertheless.
gaz ( 040811 @ 08:22:07
i'm always drunk! the first time i did this you'd played 5 games so i guess i didn't correct this :P
JKova^tF ( 040811 @ 16:12:07
so you did em wrong and them someone else corrected them...wrong? i suspect oosi then if it wasn't you
gaz ( 040811 @ 19:21:48
No, at first I wrote P5 W5, then realised that it was only P4 but forgot to correct the W and the points.
JKova^tF ( 040811 @ 22:39:55
oic. then we continue to blame you


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