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2007-05-28 Mean Machine vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-F details
2007-05-19 Core vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-F details
2007-05-17 Mean Machine vs. smackthatass 3-1 BC-SF details
2007-05-09 Clan MalFunction vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 0-3 GC-F details
2007-05-06 jokkmokk vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-SF details
2007-05-02 Clan MalFunction vs. Team Freedom 3-1 GC-SF details
2007-05-02 EnemyQuad vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-SF details
2007-05-01 Core vs. JUGS 3-1 SC-SF details
2007-04-29 Slackers vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 1-3 GC-SF details
2007-04-26 Hell Gloom Crew vs. JUGS 0-2 SC-QF details

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  Semifinals info!  070420  

We're finally done with the quarterfinals and all semifinals are ready to be played! Deadline for semifinals is Wednesday 2nd of May!

Gold Cup semifinals:
Clan MalFunction vs. Team Freedom
Wednesday 2nd of May, 22:00 CET
Slackers vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys Saturday 29th of April, 21:15 CET

Silver Cup semifinals:
Jokkmokk vs. Ballistic
Core vs JUGS

Bronze Cup semifinals:
EnemyQuad vs. O CLA
Mean Machine vs. smackthatass

The semifinals are played like this:

Winner of QF1 (A1-B4) vs Winner of QF3 (A3-B2)
Winner of QF2 (A2-B3) vs Winner of QF4 (A4-B1)
Where A1 is the winner of group A etc.

Post time and date in comments or in #nqr!

// NQR Staff


antic - 130.240.193.*** 070501 @ 11:19:30
EnemyQuad vs. O CLAN May 2nd 23:00 CET
Desmo - 217.157.130.*** 070501 @ 23:02:37
Silver Cup semifinal
Ballistic vs Jokkmok on Sunday 6th of may.

I know its past deadline, but its the best we can do, & jmk is ok with it.
Desmo - 217.157.130.*** 070501 @ 23:03:38
ye, forgot time: 21:00 CET
djevulsk - 130.235.34.*** 070502 @ 12:56:46
Desmo, alright. Thanks for telling us. We'll allow it since it's only Gold Cup that has a fixed date for the final.
antic - 130.240.193.*** 070502 @ 20:33:06
EnemyQuad vs. O CLAN moved to 22 CET. Like if you cared :(
djevulsk - 85.24.189.*** 070502 @ 23:25:11
Thanks. We do care.

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