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Screenshots + playoffs
2011-06-08 14:44 by gaz
Hi folks. I have just deleted a game because there were no screenshots uploaded. I am going to be strict on this - if I see a game with no screenshots then it will not count. This is clearly stated in the rules.

Read on for information on the playoffs. The regular season will close on 31st August and will be followed by a short, single-elimination playoff competition.

The top 8 players from the ladder who meet the following criteria will qualify for the playoffs:

Have won at least 20% of matches (0.20)
Have played at least 10 matches

If there are not 8 players who meet these criteria, then the first will be dropped, and the minimum requirement will be to have played 10 matches.

These criteria are included to ensure that both activity AND success are rewarded.

The map pool for the playoffs is not yet settled.
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