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Everything specified by this document is to be followed by everyone participating in NQRLadder. Things not specified are to be agreed on by the participating players when they play eachother. Rules are subject to modifications and additions at any time.

Signing up

NQRLadder is a QuakeWorld 1on1 tdm only league. Signing up is simple. All QuakeWorld players are welcome. There is no restriction on countries allowed in NQRLadder. The only requirement is a valid IRC-channel on QuakeNet where you can be found.

You will be provided with a login and password for the ladder.

Banned players are not allowed to enter the league without being authorized to do so by a valid admin.

Clients & Proxies

The following clients are permitted: ezQuake 1.9.3 Stable (build 2572), ezQuake 2.0 Stable (and 2.0.1 Stable), ezQuake 2.1 Alpha (build 3143 only), ezQuake 2.1 beta, Fodquake 0.2, FTE 3343.
All clients must be started with the correct ruleset: smackdown (ezQuake), nqr (FTE), eql (Fodquake). How? "ruleset smackdown" (in console), then disconnect and reconnect. "allow_scripts 0" works without reconnecting.


You are all grown men/girls and know that cheating is wrong. If anyone is caught cheating, that person and the player he/she belongs to will be banned for life from NQRLadder.

Cheating includes but is not limited to: Hacked clients/proxies, aimbots, ghosting and automatic timers.

Movement scripts (including rocket jump scripts and KFjump) and automated team messaging scripts (such as autotook and skin-changing scripts) are also banned.



Playing games

If you don't play games, you won't gain any points...

A player participating in NQRLadder is allowed to challenge any other player participating in NQRLadder. Games will be played in a best of three fashion where each player picks one map to play. The player to choose first shall be decided by coin toss (/cnd rnd). The maps allowed are stated above. Games will be played 1on1 tdm, nothing else.

Both players agree on servers where the maps will be played. NQRLadder will not force players to play on any special servers. It is up to the players to decide where to play.

The only required server settings for each game are:
Servermode: 1on1 tdm
Timelimit: 10 minutes
Overtime: 3 minutes
Deathmatch mode: 3
Teamplay mode: 0
Powerups: Disabled
Discharges: Enabled
Berzerk: Disabled
KFjump: Disabled (tkfjump)

If any player wins the both of the two first maps, resulting in a score of 2-0 or 0-2, the game is over.

If the game goes to a 1-1 tie after the first two maps, a deciding map (from the list of allowed maps) is to be played. If the players can not agree on a deciding map, the following map selection procedure is to be used:
Each player removes two maps from a selection of five maps: DM4, DM5, DM6, ZTNDM3 and AEROWALK, also known as the big five (TB5). The map not removed is the one that will be played as the decider map. The player to remove first shall be decided by coin toss (/cnd rnd), with each player taking it turn to remove a map thereafter.

Reporting games

Very important: The WINNER of the game reports the game. The loser confirms the report.

Post-game procedure for the WINNER

Please report the game within 3 hours of finishing the game.

Make sure you take screenshots of the results for each played map. The total game score must be clearly visible in the screenshot.

Procedure: Login. Click "Report game". Select your opponent and maps, fill in map scores and submit the form. Now you will be redirected to a page where you can upload the screenshots. Choose map and select the corresponding screenshot. Repeat for all maps. You can now confirm this game on the "Confirm game"-page.

If you want to write a report for the game you can click "Reports" and select the game. Screenshots can be re-uploaded by clicking "Screenshots" and selecting game. Reports and screenshots can be edited/uploaded at any time.

You will not receive any points for the game until both players have confirmed and have no previous unconfirmed games.

Post-game procedure for the LOSER

When the winner has reported the game it will appear on your "Confirm game"-page. When it does, you can check if it's reported correctly by clicking on details. If you want to confirm it click confirm.

You will not be recieving any points for the game until both players has confirmed and has no previous unconfirmed games.

If any player refuses to confirm a valid battle, the winning player can ask an admin to force a confirmation of the battle. If a player repeatedly refuses to confirm valid battles, he will be removed from the league. Players posting fake reports will be taken care of in the same fashion.


Important: All players start out with 1000 points. Players can NEVER lose points by playing games, they can only gain points.

The player rank in the NQRLadder ladder is decided by points (rating) and are accumulated by playing games. The point difference between the players playing a game determines the amount of points at stake for that particular game. The game player A: 2000p vs player B: 1000p will have more points at stake than the game player C: 1000p vs player D: 1000p. It is easy to draw the conclusion that players benefit from playing players that are much better/worse than themselves as it will increase the amount of points at stake.

The player losing the game will still receive points. Even if player B with 1000p loses vs a player A with 3000p, it will still gain some points. The point ratio between the players is a good indicator on the score ratio required for both players to receive approximately half the rating at stake. Player A (3000p) will have to score (3000/1000) = 3 times as many frags as player B (1000p) in the game to receive at least half of the points at stake. E.g. 600-200 (600/200 = 3) would satisfy that criteria. Anything less will probably mean that player B will walk away from the game with a bigger share of the points.

Winning maps will also give you a bigger share of the points.

Two examples:

1) Player A: 2000p, Player B: 1000p.
Game ends 2-1 (500-250). There are 300 points at stake in this game. Player A will receive 167 points and Player B will receive 133.

2) Player A: 1000p, Player B: 1000p.
Game ends 2-1 (500-250). There are 150 points at stake in this game. Player A will receive 100 points and Player B will receive 50.

The procedure to calculate the distribution of points is as follows:

Rating at stake (RAS) = 100 * (Player 1 points / Player 2 points).
For Player A and B in example 1) this would be 100 * (2000 / 1000) = 200

Expected performance (EP) = Player 1 points / (Player 1 points + Player 2 points).
For Player A in example 1) this would be 2000 / (2000 + 1000) = 0.67
For Player B in example 1) this would be 1000 / (2000 + 1000) = 0.33

Actual performance (AP) = Player 1 score / (Player 1 score + Player 2 score).
For Player A in example 1) this would be 500 / (500 + 250) = 0.67
For Player B in example 1) this would be 250 / (500 + 250) = 0.33

Points for game score (PGS) = (AP / EP) * (RAS/2)
For Player A in example 1) this would be (0.67 / 0.67) * (200/2) = 100
For Player B in example 1) this would be (0.33 / 0.33) * (200/2) = 100

Points for map wins (PMW) = (RAS / 6) * maps won
For Player A in example 1) this would be (200 / 6) * 2 = 67
For Player B in example 1) this would be (200 / 6) * 1 = 33

Total points (TP) = PGS + PMW
For Player A in example 1) this would be 100 + 67 = 167
For Player B in example 1) this would be 100 + 33 = 133

Special case: If one player gets a negative score it will get AP = 0 and the other player AP = 1.

Season ending

Regular season + play-offs

The regular season will end on 31st August 2011. Thereafter, a short play-off competition will take place for the players who place highest in the ladder. The structure of the play-offs will be announced later.