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Screenshots + playoffs
2011-06-08 14:44 by gaz
Hi folks. I have just deleted a game because there were no screenshots uploaded. I am going to be strict on this - if I see a game with no screenshots then it will not count. This is clearly stated in the rules.

Read on for information on the playoffs.
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Maps added to 1on1 ladder
2011-05-12 00:14 by gaz
Due to popular request, the following maps are now allowed in the 1on1 ladder:

Please note that it is NOT permissible to play any maps besides those stated on the rules page, even if both players agree.
Confirm your games
2011-04-22 14:08 by gaz
Just a reminder - both winner and loser need to login to the website to confirm matches. This applies to all ladders. The person reporting the game must also remember to confirm the result after they have reported it.
Clarification of team set-up for 2on2 ladder
2011-04-15 15:06 by gaz
You can add as many players to your line-up as you like (i.e. more than two). This way, you can play many more games within your clan, if you want to. Or, you can sign-up separately.
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1on1 ladder now live!
2011-04-15 12:09 by gaz
Have fun!