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  • Cheating
  • Fullbrights
  • Match settings
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  • The NQR admins are always right

  •  Introduction ^^ 

    Nations Quake Rank isn't about money, it's about having fun playing this god given game, QuakeWorld. To be sure all the teams can play each other in a fair environment, we need to have these rules/requirements.

     League system ^^ 

    Regular Season

    Nations Quake Rank NA uses a "3-1-0" point system. Each clan will play every other clan once during regular season. All matches during the regular season will be played using the best of 3 maps system:

    The points system works as follows:

    You win a game that ends: 2-0 = 3 Point(s)
    You win a game that ends: 2-1 = 3 Point(s)
    You lose a game that ends: 1-2 = 1 Point(s)
    You lose a game that ends: 0-2 = 0 Point(s)

    If teams are even on points in the table, the following will seperate the clans (in this order): The map difference, number of maps won and finally the frag difference.


    The top four clans will go into the Playoff competition. The competition will work like this:

    SEMIFINAL 1: #1 vs #4
    SEMIFINAL 2: #2 vs #3

    FINAL: Winner of SF1 vs Winner of SF2

    All playoff matches are are best of five maps.

     Fakenicking ^^ 

    Use your real nickname

    When you play NQR NA games, always use the nickname that was reported to NQR NA by your team leader at sign-up. Players using a different nickname(fakenick) will not get any credit for their frags in statistics.


    1st offence: the offending player's team is given a warning.

    2nd offence: the offending player's team will receive a 1 point deduction penalty.

    Subsequent offences: the offending player's team will receive a 1 point deduction penalty in addition to a point deduction penalty of the sum of all previous penalties under this rule.

    Aliasing / Ringing

    If a player is thought to be "aliasing/ringing" for a clan (i.e. they are playing in multiple NQR NA clans and/or are not registered in any clan) the penalties will be heavy. We will review every case individually but clans should be reminded that anyone / any team caught doing this will face a ban from NQR and heavy points deductions.

     Your team ^^ 

    Your team needs to have a working homepage with updated info about all active clanmembers.

    Team roster

    There is no limit to the number of players in a team.

    Altering team roster

    After sign-up -> before regular season starts:

    • You can add and remove as many players as you want.

    Start of regular season -> 3 weeks into regular season:

    • You can add up to 2 players.

    No player additions will be allowed once we are 3 weeks into the regular season.

    Players can only transfer between clans during the first 3 weeks of the regular season.

    All teams are expected to behave properly and treat the opponents and admins with respect. Teams can be removed from the league for repeated offences and teams with a known history of trouble can be denied participation.

    Teams not fulfilling these requirements can be forbidden to enter the Nations Quake Rank.

     Cheating ^^ 

    Forms of Cheating:

    DO NOT use Automation Scripts:

    • Movement scripts (rocket jumps, spawn movement etc.)
    • Automated (team) messages such as Mega Health timers and Autotook reporting
    • Scripts that change a player's skin depending on their health, armor, weapon or powerup status

    DO NOT Modify Models:

    • Changed models of any kind! Your client must report a clean set of models to an f_modified check, without exception.

    • Check with: /f_modified

    Over 100% System Speed:

    • Achieving a system speed of over 99.99% is considered cheating. Since this can happen by accident, people who are caught with a higher value will only be asked to reboot and reconnect.

    • Check with: /f_speed

    DO NOT Modify Client / Proxy Software:

    • Modified and/or recompiled quake-executables, QuakeWorld clients and proxy software are not allowed.

    As a Spectator, DO NOT Relay Information to Players:

    • During a game, spectators of a game are not allowed to communicate information concerning the game to the players in any way or fashion
    • This ban includes but is not limited to:
      • Real life spectators
      • Voice communication tools (Qizmo, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo)
      • IRC, Instant Messages
    • Prohibited information includes but is not limited to:
      • Powerup/weapon/armor timing
      • Enemy location and status
    • Breaking this specific rule is considered a very heavy offence and penalties will be given accordingly

    Other offences

    DO NOT Intentionally Drop from Server

    Having one or several players intentionally drop from server during a game without replacing them in no more than one minutes time can be deemed an offence by the preciding admin (depending on circumstances).

    DO NOT Pause the Game

    Pausing the game is NOT allowed no matter what the reason's behind it. Any way of interfering with the connection of the opposing team (e.g. by any type of flooding or crashing servers) is obviously prohibited. We reserve the right to treat any behaviour that is deemed to be unsporting as an offence and will be dealt with appropriately, at the discression of the admins.

    Please remember what the game is about, having a good time. Quake is a gentlemans sport you know!

     Fullbrights ^^ 

    Fullbright player skins are allowed.

     Match settings ^^ 

    Team Deathmatch: 4on4 (Both teams must play with 4 players, and furthermore during the match, 3/4 players on both teams must be North American at all times )

    Match Settings:

    Timelimit:20 minutes/timelimit value
    Overtime:5 minutes if match is a draw/overtime
    Deathmatch mode: 1/deathmatch value
    Team play mode:2/teamplay???
    Spawn model:Kteam, KteamPro or Normal QW/spawnmode??
    FPS:A maximum of 77 fps is allowed/cl_maxfps value
    KFJumpToggled Off/tkfjump

    Check settings every time via commands /status /status2 to avoid problems!

     Record demo ^^ 

    Since NQR doesn't require an admin to be present at every game, it's very important that you ALWAYS record a demo when your clan plays a game. If there should be any disputes between the clans or anything else concerning the game, you need to show a demo to prove your point.

     Approved maps ^^ 

    Maps that are allowed in NQR NA matches are DM2, DM3, E1M2

    Best of 3 games (Regular Season):

    1. Each team chooses a map.

    2. /cmd rnd team1 team2 command is used to determine who chooses first.

    3. If both teams win a map (1-1) , the 3rd unplayed map from the map pool is used as the decider.

    4. Exception:
      • The exception to this is that if both teams chose the same map (e.g. 2 x DM3), the decider map will be that map as well.

    Best of 5 games (Playoffs):

    1. All 3 maps are played.

    2. DM2, DM3, E1M2 is the map order.

    3. If the score is 2-1 after three maps, the team trailing the series chooses the 4th map.

    4. If a 5th map is required, the other team choose the final map.

     Scheduling matches ^^ 

    All matches are pre-scheduled per week so that:

    • most clans will have one match to play per week(you might have 2)
    • clans can dynamically agree on the best time during the given timeframe

    Walkover (WO):

    Reporting a Walkover victory should be used as the last resort if one clan is unable to play a game during the scheduled timeframe

    • The able team should present evidence of attempted / failed contacting (IRC, Mail, IM) of the team that is unable to play

    • If the evidence is sufficient, the able team will be awarded a Walkover victory (3 points)
    • If the evidence is insufficient or fabricated, the match will be Voided

    • NOTE:
      • Once a game has been voided a W.O. cannot be accepted.
      • Do not report a WO after the first failed contact / scheduled game, instead try again!

    Voided Match (V):

    If both clans are unable to play a game during the scheduled timeframe

    • The game can be played during Catch-up week after the regular season

    Catch-up Week:

    • The Catch-up week starts directly after the last regular season week
    • The goal is to reduce the amount of WO and V matches before Playoffs.

    • You can only play previously Forfeited and Voided matches during this week

    Special Cases:

    To further reduce the amount of WO and V matches, scheduled matches can be rescheduled at the Admins' discretion if

    • Both clans have a good reason for rescheduling
    • Admin's are requested rescheduling before the scheduled week

     Inactivity ^^ 

    Inactivity will not be tolerated. NQR is for active clans, not idlers. The NQR admin team reserves the right to remove any team from the league that they consider to be idling. You have been warned!

     Server issue ^^ 

    The matchserver is decided by both teams. A server giving approximately equal connection conditions should be found. In principle, all maps are played on the same server.

    If a fair server cannot be found, cmd minping can be set to bring the AVERAGE ping of the lower pinging team to the same as the opposition, upto a maxmimum value of 51ms (unless agreed otherwise).

    If teams cannot agree on a server conditions then an NQR Admin should be asked to settle the conflict. The NQR Admin's decision is final!

     Proxies and clients ^^ 

    The only client allowed in NQR is the latest official release version of FuhQuake(currently 0.31, build 675). The Qizmo proxy version 2.91 is also allowed as it can help with routing. During regular season the NQR NA Crew will often NOT be on a server to check for cheat's etc. So it is up to YOU players to check eachothers settings. We press on this issue to be done before any game, and after each map. NQR Crew will allways attend during NQR Playoffs, and will then peform the checks needed to be done. But as stated below, if argument should happen between 2 clans, then contact an admin to settle the conflict, what the admins says and decides is not negitionable.

    Concerning f_checks

    FuhQuake is required to have -ruleset smackdown and -norjscripts cmd line parameter added.

    To check for cheats, such as fake clients, modified models and sound, you need to check 2 things. First you have to determin, wether or not the clients on the server are genuine, ie. not modified. Next you can check for modified models. The procedure is explained in detail as follows:

    1. Checking for client authentication:
    For FuhQuake you need to do an f_version, then a /validate_clients to check if the replying FuhQuake clients are genuine.

    2. Checking for modified models, sounds etc:
    f_modified will reply if players have modified anything. All players must reply all models ok.

    If a player drops after a f_check, the player must be rechecked when he returns to the server. If an argument should occur between the clans, then the clans should go to #american on IRC and get an admin to come to the server and settle the conflict. Any player/clan that shows some bad models or other bad settings must change them at once, failing to do so and an admin may impose restrictions upon this player/clan, such as giving the other clan a WO or banning the clan/player from NQR.

    NOTE: There is a bug when routing via Qizmo proxies. It will post "modified player/eyes model" when you enter a server. Don't mind this, as long as f_version shows an original authenticated client, and f_modified shows all ok.

     Reporting a game ^^ 

    As soon as a match has been played, the winning team should report the result to NQR NA. To report a game you simply login on the NQR site and choose the necessary option.

    Make sure to submit the following info:

    • names of both clans
    • name and frag count(for both clans) for each map
    • screenshots for all maps in 320x200 pixels, GIF or JPG format
    • the date the match was played


    • You MUST notify the NQR NA Crew if you are reporting a match that was played over multiple days.

    • If you have any problems with reporting a match, you can contact the admins on channel #american in IRC QuakeNet network.

     The NQR admins are always right ^^ 

    The NQR NA Admins are the sole authority on any issue concerning the NQR NA league.

    Please note that NQR reserves the right to alter these rules without prior notice. The changes made by the NQR Crew are not open to public discussion.


    These rules are based on the Smackdown league's rules-section and much have been taken directly from their rules page and some has been edited to fit the Nations Quake Rank rules section. Many thanks to Smackdown and it's staff for authorizing us to use these rules.


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