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  NQR NA Week 1 Predictions  050328  
5 Angry Men vs. The Boss

pg says - This could be an early preview of the finals. I honestly don't know who is going to take this one. Boss and 5AM have scrimmaged numerous times and seem to split games about 50:50. Probably be 2-1 but the winner I cannot say.

5 Angry Men vs. Illuminati

pg says - 5AM should be able to take this easily, but I am hoping Ill can put up enough of a fight to stop a blowout. 2-0 for 5AM.

The Boss vs. The War Against Terrorism

pg says - TWAT has been practicing lately and added to their team roster. They even managed to beat Eels on DM3 by a few frags the other day. I expect DM3 is their strongest map however, so DM2 and E1M2 might give them trouble. TWAT might be able to steal one from Boss if they are lucky but 2-0 is more likely.

Udder Insanity vs. Fruit

pg says - Fruit should take this, but UI will put up a good fight. I'm curious who will play for Fruit, as I am not sure who their starters are. UI was very weak on E1M2 vs WTG so they will likely lose that map if it's played. Fruit over UI 2-0.

CCCP vs. Confederacy

pg says - CCCP is going to lose, and lose badly. I just hope they all have qw setup and show up for the game. Confederacy has added a few players so they will likely have 4, but I honestly have no idea who that will be. Confederacy will be able to overcome anything CCCP tries. Confederacy over CCCP 2-0 by blowout. Don't despair though CCCP, as Confederacy I would rank as 3rd best team.

Brown Eels vs. Where?s the Grapple

pg says - Eels should be able to take this solidly but WTG could steal a map. WTG seems to favor E1M2, but I doubt they will have much chance on DM2, or DM3. Eels have many DM veterans while WTG is still learning. In a way I am rooting for WTG because they are all such great guys, and display a great attitude towards QW. Yet, I am a member of Eels so the result is obvious, 2-0.

The War Against Terrorism vs. Illuminati

pg says - This could be as close as Boss vs 5AM. TWAT and Ill have been trading blows lately in scrimmages, but TWAT just acquired more members who should help them. I have a hard time seeing either team totally lock a map. I'm going to predict an upset here 2-1 for TWAT. I think they can just eek out a win.


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