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  NQR NA Week 1 Predictions  050328  
5 Angry Men vs. The Boss

pg says - This could be an early preview of the finals. I honestly don't know who is going to take this one. Boss and 5AM have scrimmaged numerous times and seem to split games about 50:50. Probably be 2-1 but the winner I cannot say.

5 Angry Men vs. Illuminati

pg says - 5AM should be able to take this easily, but I am hoping Ill can put up enough of a fight to stop a blowout. 2-0 for 5AM.

The Boss vs. The War Against Terrorism

pg says - TWAT has been practicing lately and added to their team roster. They even managed to beat Eels on DM3 by a few frags the other day. I expect DM3 is their strongest map however, so DM2 and E1M2 might give them trouble. TWAT might be able to steal one from Boss if they are lucky but 2-0 is more likely.

Udder Insanity vs. Fruit

pg says - Fruit should take this, but UI will put up a good fight. I'm curious who will play for Fruit, as I am not sure who their starters are. UI was very weak on E1M2 vs WTG so they will likely lose that map if it's played. Fruit over UI 2-0.

CCCP vs. Confederacy

pg says - CCCP is going to lose, and lose badly. I just hope they all have qw setup and show up for the game. Confederacy has added a few players so they will likely have 4, but I honestly have no idea who that will be. Confederacy will be able to overcome anything CCCP tries. Confederacy over CCCP 2-0 by blowout. Don't despair though CCCP, as Confederacy I would rank as 3rd best team.

Brown Eels vs. Where?s the Grapple

pg says - Eels should be able to take this solidly but WTG could steal a map. WTG seems to favor E1M2, but I doubt they will have much chance on DM2, or DM3. Eels have many DM veterans while WTG is still learning. In a way I am rooting for WTG because they are all such great guys, and display a great attitude towards QW. Yet, I am a member of Eels so the result is obvious, 2-0.

The War Against Terrorism vs. Illuminati

pg says - This could be as close as Boss vs 5AM. TWAT and Ill have been trading blows lately in scrimmages, but TWAT just acquired more members who should help them. I have a hard time seeing either team totally lock a map. I'm going to predict an upset here 2-1 for TWAT. I think they can just eek out a win.


Enjoi - 050328 @ 23:34:51
TWAT over Ill 2-1...no way fool Ill over TWAT 2-0
def - 050328 @ 23:37:27
I predict, The Boss > Five Angry Men :D
krn - 050329 @ 05:59:44
ever since i started playing qw i have always been the underdog or on an under dog team. does anyone remember ST we played in sd2 and went to the playoffs and ill is goign to the playoffs and i will see it done
jayarr - 050329 @ 08:06:18
enjoi knows
niomic - 050329 @ 17:48:15
TWAT will not take a map from The Boss, luck or no luck, just ain't gon' happen. gl hf


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