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4Kings vs justified ancients of menace
  80 - 167  
The game was ment to happen at 21.00 CET. We were all rigged up with cams on various proxy's, but for some mysterious reason Jams could not field a team. So we decided after some discussion to wait until the player/s showed up, the game was on 21.40. 4k started best and got the first Quad and RL. They got a little lead, jams faught to get the second quad. But 4k smashed any counter attacks at Quad area, and got the second quad aswell. Jams got control over Quad/Ra area, and got the third quad. They did some nice quadruns wich made the frag gap grow between the clans. At the 14 min mark the score was 33-23 to Jams. Kryten lagged really bad, and dropped to be replaced, this caused some confusion in 4k, finally Janus got in to the game. Jams ran quad and the score gap grew but they never really got a complete lockdown on the map, wich enabled 4k to retaliate and at the 8th min mark SAE faught his way into quad area and grabbed the quad. He managed to get some frags during his quadrun, and 4k was trying to get back into the game they did not succeed though. The last minutes went to Jams as they once again got control over Quad/Ra and held it almost to the end the score was to big now for 4k to catch up. Game Ended 167-80 to Jams.
  181 - 82  
Now it was time for 4K's map choice DM2. 4k got the first Quad but couldn't really put that much use in it. Jams attacked quad area and managed to get ahold of the second quad. However the glory of the quadified Jams player was short, he got gunned down at telly/ya area by 4K. At the 15 min mark the score was 53-14 to 4K. They controlled Q/Ya/Water area and low rl from time to time. 4K's lead just grew bigger and bigger, at the 13 min mark 4K's Quad got bagged and gave jams some breathing room, and time to regroup. But 4K did not waste any time and went on hunt, they smashed the resistance in low rl and jams was with out any RL. 4K on the other hand was tooled with both nice shining armor and RL. At the 6th min mark the score was 113-31 to 4K. Jams got ahold of some RL's and made a brave comback..they got ahold of the quad after some furious battling around Q/Water area. The gap was to big though..and they could never catch 4K's lead, they just made the scores look a little better in tomorrows to speak.
  256 - 111  
So the score was now 1-1 and a decider map was to be played. The clans/players wanted me to do the !randommap at #NQR because the could not agree on a decider map. The bot said "e3m3", and none of the clans wanted that map ;), they finally agreed to choose e1m2 as the tie-breaker. Jams grabbed the first Quad and bagged a few 4K'ers with it. 4K got the first rl, he went to claim gl/ya area wich he did. But without ammo he got overwhelmed by Jams spamming and eventually got bagged. 4K did get the gl/ya area under control eventhough the lost their first RL dude. 4K controlled Quad area and launched an attack with their quadified player, they killed a few Jams players who was defending gl/ya area, 4K was victorious out of that fight though. At the 16th min mark the score was 45-16 to 4K, Jams were able to snatch a quad and got back into the game. 13th min mark the score was 88-44 to 4K, from now on 4K controlled the most vital position around the map, such as Ya/Gl/Q. Jams desperatly tried to regain command of the match, and several furious battles were faught around the Quad area, to often 4K's players was victorius and Jams couldn't get back into the game. At the 9th min mark the score was 116-58 to 4K, 4K lost some battles and RL packs but were often able to retaliate at any lost positions gained by Jams. At the 5 min mark it was a clear indication that 4K got a iron grab on the map and controlled all vital positions, score was 197-65. Jams never gave up and launched a brave attack during the final minutes, but it was to late offcourse, the game ended 256-111 to 4K and 4K advances to 2nd round of the playoffs, GG Both teams. Report by Legio!
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   #  Team  PTS  
  1 The Axe Men 5198  
  2 Headcharge 5035  
  3 Firing Squad 4116  
  4 Hard Guns Crew 3870  
  5 TRASH 3849  

Player AVG. FRGS
  1 blixem 70.8  
  2 Fox 70.3  
  3 hib 68.4  
  4 riker 68.4  
  5 reppie 68.1  

  Played games: 431
Clans: 72
Players: 644

Most victories: HC (26)
Most defeats: goh (36)
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