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The admins of NQR
Icce Updates/Founder
Cero Updates/HTML/PHP
Kryten Updates/HTML/PHP
Madmax Updates/HTML/Graphics
Salan Updates/Development
Fluffy Updates/Botprovider
Legio Updates/Research
Link Updates/Research
Nepra Updates/Co-founder
Drejfus Updates
Rock Updates

Credits to
Oppy For writing the random map script.
Challenge Smackdown For letting us use some of their rules.
Last but not least, all the clans and players for participating in NQR!
   #  Team  PTS  
  1 The Axe Men 5198  
  2 Headcharge 5035  
  3 Firing Squad 4116  
  4 Hard Guns Crew 3870  
  5 TRASH 3849  

Player AVG. FRGS
  1 blixem 70.8  
  2 Fox 70.3  
  3 hib 68.4  
  4 riker 68.4  
  5 reppie 68.1  

  Played games: 431
Clans: 72
Players: 644

Most victories: HC (26)
Most defeats: goh (36)
HTML/PHP by Cero. HTML/Graphics by Madmax