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HellFire vs Firing Squad
  158 - 97  
Well it was time for the Playoff game between the Euro-clan Firing Squad and the Swedish HellFire Clan. FS Choice of map,DM3. It started out like many other DM3's chaotic, HF got control pretty early with muti quadrunning in the beginning. HF managed to secure RA Area,Ring and Quad area. FS got pushed back to RL/YA Area, FS launched several attacks vs Quad area but didn't manage to secure the Quad area. HF using their Quadified strenght and controlling almost the whole map, FS desperatly tries to claim some ground but gets denied. One HF player tooled and quadified, doesn't like the bridge that much and decides to attack the bridge with a Q rl ;), he's left with 10h and the bridge still stands, he then gets TK'ed, HF quadrunner down. FS fights back and manages from time to time getting the quad, and they really try to fight their way back into the game, however the time is against them. HF Goes victorius out of this map, final score: 158-97 to HF.
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  236 - 161  
HF choice of map,E1M2. HF gets a nice start and secures ya pretty early. They got half the team tooled up nice with armor and RL'ers. Muti and drej is running some quads, and the gap between the clans grow by the second. It looks to be an easy victory for HF on E1M2, Sphere lags like hell =/. But FS has no intention on giving up, they retaliate and razor mops up in GL/YA Area with his quadfied RL, FS gets control over YA and GL, and slowly gets back into the game, gap shrinks. At the final minutes FS got control over most vital positions, a furious battle starts at Quad area, players spawn RL-Bp and fires a rocket dies and Spawns etc etc, pretty lol ;)..however HF manages to win the battle and can increase the gap once again. Final score: 236-161 HF. GG Both teams.
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   #  Team  PTS  
  1 The Axe Men 5198  
  2 Headcharge 5035  
  3 Firing Squad 4116  
  4 Hard Guns Crew 3870  
  5 TRASH 3849  

Player AVG. FRGS
  1 blixem 70.8  
  2 Fox 70.3  
  3 hib 68.4  
  4 riker 68.4  
  5 reppie 68.1  

  Played games: 431
Clans: 72
Players: 644

Most victories: HC (26)
Most defeats: goh (36)
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