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Zetor vs HellFire
  244 - 108  
HF gets penta, but ZR gets rl, lg, quad and ring: almost fullstartinen for ZR :) However, quad is out pretty quick and don?t do much damage. ZR gets ra quickly under control as their rl dude takes control of it. 2nd rl that HF got is killed at ya-high when lg/ra ZR-guy does a broestinen at ya-high, but he is low on health after that stunt of coz, so he dies entering ya-box(gg spawns). 2nd quad goes to HF but he has only boomstick, still HF attacks ra nicely and kills the ZR-rl and takes over ra, good teamplay from hellboys there. Game is a tie: 25-25, so no ?fullstart? for anyone. Now HF has ra and ZR has ya, ZR is early on the next quad and have 3 guys there when hf attacks, but hellboys kills enemy quad-shaft right away. One minute to penta #2 and ZR players start some madfragging; suddenly all ZR players got rl?s and lg, but HF gets the penta so the damage aint so big. Luckily for ZR, HF-penta don?t got rl so ZR players survive this penta easy. A big fight for the next quad is on but ZR gets it and ZR-quad guy clears almost everybody out, but one HF-rl remains at ya, he also gets run over in the dying seconds of the quad. Suddenly ZR got ya and ra under control, score is now 69-53 to ZR. ZR leaves ya as ra is weak and game is still open. HF gets next quad, has shaft and attacks ra with no backup, ZR kills the quad and are still keeping ra under heavy surveillance. HF just cant get that ra?on top of that ZR now has rl at ya, rl at ra-hi and sng-tele is safe, next penta might be crucial, a ZR lockdown can be ?gg?. Score is now 104-68 to ZR, HF needs to answer on the next penta. Hellboys answers nicely; they get pent, ring and quad! They take over the map for a couple of minutes and reduces ZR?s lead to 92-118. But then ZR suddenly has rl guy at ra-hi again, and another rl guy waiting for quad. Ya is still open for anyone. This is as close as HF gets; again ZR gets rl guy to ya, guarding both armos and now they also get a good quadrun, ZR even got a rl guy at high-bridge flooding hellboys at rl and water. ZR is tightening the grip. Last chance for hellboys is to get last penta, but they fail to get it, one lonely hellboy with rl attacks penta but is too late, and he is taken out. Score is now 173-98 to ZR and HF really needed that penta to make a comeback at this map. ZR?s maplock is now obvious since they are starting to play cs at center-up. Hellboys occasionally gets rl/lg/ya but when ZR has powered-up guys getting quad all the time, their brave resistance ends because of it. Last 5 mins are a demonstration of dm3 map control: even if you give enemy some rl?s and ya?s; the quadruns make the map STAY locked. HF didn?t get rl to second penta, and ZR got the last penta, that was enough for ZR to control this map to victory. ZR is just that good on dm3. gg both teams.
  253 - 153  
ZR got first rl and he took the mega. HF got the first quad but it was quickly killed, so then the ZR-rl guy got easy to YA with no pressure at all, making rl guy really strong, having mega and YA. This start ZR took to their advantage and made it hard for hellboys to do a complete takeover at gl/ya. The first minutes the scores was even, with ZR holding gl/ya, getting the most quads, and hellboys building up at mega/ga. But this was ZR?s day and they played outstanding, denying HF quads or getting quads out if HF got it. This was crucial; HF never got any good quadruns if they eventually got the quad, ZR was guarding/pressuring to damn good. And the scores show everything: Hellfire didn?t stand a chance after 10 minutes of the game; ZR was to powered up and never let go. All the attacks on quad/gl/ya was simply denied by ZR. And Hib, what a player, his aim and skill was just outstanding, and he was the man of the match in this one. Have we ever seen a clan play any better on this map? Congrats to ZR for taking the NQR championship, it was a very well deserved win by beating the ?e1m2 masters? Hellfire by not just winning e1m2, but owning it. What a way to finally beat Hellfire on e1m2: in the final. And thanks to Hellfire for being really cool playing the game on edome, with 10-15 ms advantage for ZR, though you really cant say that the ping advantage was important after an ownage like this.

   #  Team  PTS  
  1 The Axe Men 5198  
  2 Headcharge 5035  
  3 Firing Squad 4116  
  4 Hard Guns Crew 3870  
  5 TRASH 3849  

Player AVG. FRGS
  1 blixem 70.8  
  2 Fox 70.3  
  3 hib 68.4  
  4 riker 68.4  
  5 reppie 68.1  

  Played games: 431
Clans: 72
Players: 644

Most victories: HC (26)
Most defeats: goh (36)
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