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2002-05-19 23:35:09 / Legio!
Zetor wins Season 2 of Nations Quake Rank, congratulations from the NQR Crew! Zetor played really impressing in tonights game and won the NQR Final with 2-0 vs HellFire GG!

The final was played on one of the Edome team servers, wich don't have MVD support, we encouraged the clans to record demos, but we only got demo from DM3 im sorry to say ;[, well enjoy the demo! Screens and matchreport comming up tomorrow!

Nations Quake Rank Winners: Clan Zetor
ZR vs HF Scores:DM3 244-108, E1M2 253-153 .

The NQR Crew would also like to thank all clans/players that has participated in Nations Quake Rank Season 2. We Hope to see all of you back here next season.

2002-05-20 00:51:33
High! Congratz Zetor! Nicely done, although i already knew u guy's would win :) more team skills I guess... Well, cya l8tr! -x-

2002-05-20 01:12:52
now im not mad anymore so now i can say congratulations Zetor you played very well, GG. hib = qwejkgod? ;)

2002-05-20 01:34:30
Big Thanks o NQR organizators and those 72 clans, who played a huge amount of games. HF played really well too but now the fraglord was in our side. Good luck to HF?s SD-games!! Hopefully the next season will be at least so great than this season. Maybe the next season with a little different rules, maybe...? But do not make it seem like Smackdown nowdays, give it a personal look :-) SD4 have been a total fiasco in this year, but hope something will change.

2002-05-20 03:37:05
hehe thx rock, btw check topic in #nqr-staff ;)

2002-05-20 03:55:06
yo! :) gg both zr and hf.. zr keeps impressing on me :) too bad with no demo on e1m2 but I guess it?s the way life is? :( hope u start nqr3 soon.. like a summer season? :)

2002-05-20 11:31:55
so lame, dont have demo from final?:(

2002-05-20 12:26:18
twillidilli di do di do.. gg

2002-05-20 15:20:57
Nepra the lost boy :D

2002-05-20 17:48:15
gg both clans but why in hell are there no mvd demos!!!! And the person who was in charge of cams was a scandal!!!

2002-05-20 17:50:49
The final was played on one of the Edome team servers, wich don't have MVD support.....Nice server choise...Mongols!!

2002-05-20 19:20:40
and? Admin force teams to record demos. There were much more demos bofore mvd-era...

2002-05-20 20:59:33
Well we told the teams to record because of the lack of MVD on the server, but they apparently did not record =[!

2002-05-20 21:24:04
1-2 years ago cams didnt switched between players, the best players had an own cam, so they could record at least a spectdemo, if players didnt do that... But its still possible, so if anyone has a specdemo of e1m2, pls give it to NQR-staff.

2002-05-20 23:37:09
I just don?t get it.. first why wasn?t the report up directly after the game when u want to know about it? and second.. why aint it up yet?? I mean there is only on demo so I have no idea of what happend on e1m2 :/ gg??

2002-05-21 00:01:20
lol hagge, u have reported many games, u know that its the winner clan that report the game, then admin crew 'confirm' the game, u know how this work?

2002-05-21 00:58:31
rock there isnt anything wrong with sd rules ? only with players who HAVENT READ THE RULES AND WE ARE HAVING SEASON NUMBER 4 ?? Suggest that all of you guys learn the rules maybe before the 12th season ?

2002-05-21 01:20:03
Jo dom b?sta gossebarnen vann =\

2002-05-21 12:42:52
dreey.. I thought the admins fixxed it in the playoffs... but no no.. something to change for the next season so u can see how the game ended before u forgot that it has been played? and the teams only send in screens.. they don?t write the reports... so keft and fix prac dreey :/

2002-05-21 16:25:13
hagge, tror g?r man i kyrkan...

2002-05-21 16:48:16
Heh Mooniz, i think you missunderstood Rock, he was talking about changing the rules/league system in NQR not in SD...

2002-05-21 16:49:27
Hagge = 100% Whiner.. Yes we will change that till next season....

2002-05-21 21:16:36
SD4 have been a total fiasco in this year, but hope something will change. - Rock u mean u didnt played a single game till deadline? I dont think its Smackdown's fault, all other favourite teams could do it... Bad cos u had a good chance to get far in SD:(

2002-05-22 02:09:45
mooniz GG :-) I recommend you to read the message first and then reply to it :). Chipi: Yes we had some problems in activity but Im not blaming SD about it. Just the admins in SD4 we?re sometimes quite weird, and they couldn?t make any decisions in time. And there are some other functions too which made it a fiasco.

2002-05-25 02:34:23
Legio, thank u :)

2002-05-25 02:35:58
btw.. I wanna thank all admins for this season u have done a GREAT JOB :> without nqr qw would probably be pretty dead!?!?! :(

2002-05-25 15:11:02
just want to comment on rock?s message a bit.. "SD4 have been a total fiasco in this year, but hope something will change. " total fiasco? sure, sd4 hasn?t had that much coverage this season but does that really matter that much? the main focus should be in the games (getting them played before deadlines) which has gone quite well, apart from some clans (and those clans shouldn?t have joined sd4 in the first place..) sd4 has given us a lot of exciting games with quality demos aswell, so i don?t really understand your attitude towards sd, maybe it?s because your team didn?t get the games played :/

2002-05-27 03:35:24
fifi: still ?m not blaming SD about the fact that we didnt play our games in time. Hard to understand it? :-) I just hope the admins can make their decisions just in time in next season.

2002-05-27 03:36:44
fifi: still ?m not blaming SD about the fact that we didnt play our games in time. Hard to understand it? :-) I just hope the admins can make their decisions just in time in next season.

2002-05-27 20:11:10
lack of coverage is hardly a reason to call sd4 "a total fiasco" ?:) rules were published before the season, what rules could possibly be unclear to you ?

2002-05-28 10:21:29
The main thing is that nqr is way more fun than SD. In nqr u can play YOUR favourite map. I think that is tha big thing that makes nqr much funnier. Just take a look at thoose top clans like SR who didn?t DARE to play in nqr cuz they where probaly afraid to loose on maps like E1M6 or E3M2 or whatever...

2002-05-29 13:52:58
Well ... I don't think the top clans didn't play because they didn't "DARE" to. I doubt that a lot of these clans would care much if some lesser clan beat them on e1m5 and posted demos ... simply because there's not much prestige in these other maps and the level on which they are played is still quite low. NQR should continue to concentrate on being a fun and original league (promoting more quantity and new maps) - but I must add that there should also be leagues out there who concentrate on the quality of the competition (and that - in my mind - means limiting the number of maps). In any case - NQR has done a great job and really helped breathe life into the qw-community again. Now with ZR taking the NQR title and either cMF or HF grabbing the SD4 (in my mind - this season of SD has provided the most interesting playoffs so far ... really difficult to predict!) - we no longer have a single "champion of quake" anymore. In the future, we can look forwards to much more interesting games between the top-ranked clans.

   #  Team  PTS  
  1 The Axe Men 5198  
  2 Headcharge 5035  
  3 Firing Squad 4116  
  4 Hard Guns Crew 3870  
  5 TRASH 3849  

Player AVG. FRGS
  1 blixem 70.8  
  2 Fox 70.3  
  3 hib 68.4  
  4 riker 68.4  
  5 reppie 68.1  

  Played games: 431
Clans: 72
Players: 644

Most victories: HC (26)
Most defeats: goh (36)
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