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2002-06-29 16:21:59 / NQR Crew
Hi everybody =), we thought it was time to update a little on what is going on with NQR. We are enjoying the summer vacation as all of you ;), our progress on the NQR3 site is going along just fine. I got the oppurtunity to check on a preview of the site and it looks very promosing. We will have quite a lot of new feautures more stats on every clan and player and so on. As many of you know we will not be using the 10% system anymore, due to it's many flaws =[. So a new system will be implemented, more info about system and info corncerning maps, rules etc will be announced later on.

Well that's all for now, hope to see all of you back here when NQR3 open it's doors again =), until then we wish you all a nice vacation.

// the NQR Crew

2002-06-29 16:26:26
first comment =]

2002-06-29 16:27:21
lol ;)..

2002-06-29 16:35:38
i don't wish hagge a nice vacation :(

2002-06-29 17:39:54
i only wanted to say : SIEMKA @LL =[

2002-06-30 02:13:52

2002-06-30 02:38:55
It would be very nice to have this site archived somewhere, so in a few years, you can look up what really happened in those games long ago... "did we really lose to those noobs"...

2002-06-30 03:20:34
Wish you all a very CLOSE ONE =[

2002-06-30 17:16:14
Oh yes, YOU REALLY lost to QH on e4m6 !!!!!!! :>

2002-06-30 21:15:27
can hagge be banned from nqr3 please?

2002-06-30 21:17:12
Well, our intention is to archive all games and we will have that on the new page aswell. "Hall Of Fame" will contain all demos, games, screens and match reports from the old seasons, starting from season 2. So no worries =).

2002-06-30 21:18:27
Storm..Heh ;)..

2002-06-30 21:23:46
thx storm for always supporting me =[

2002-07-01 02:02:04
hagge i want a rematch on ztntdm3 when i have played more than 10 minutes in a week, have a clean mouse and you use qwlc+qizmo

2002-07-01 02:11:25
LOOOOOL! "and you use qwlc+qizmo" qwcl is for cheat ass lamers

2002-07-01 15:43:07
the only "cheat" i ever use are full bright skins which have been allowed in every league for a couple of years. I am not aware of any other cheats i am using but please list some common ones and then I might be able to admit to some more that i wasnt aware of

2002-07-02 01:59:57
Please dont start another of those my-client-r00lez-your-cheatz0r-client-sux-azz flamewars.

mastah blastah
2002-07-02 09:50:49
Lornelin owns your sorry asses 8)

2002-07-02 11:12:47
ok lornelin :)) hagge: can you please wear a special skin tonight in RMR so I can see you easier. I dont care if I have 80ms, my sole plan is to kill you, and you only.

2002-07-02 12:52:14
lolroflmao I?m in same group as storm B> I can wear no skin just for you storm :( I?m gonna win!

2002-07-02 14:30:21
i hope you do win. i will be last as i will have worst ping and no practise. however i plan to come 2nd last at least :))) forgot you are used to wearing nothing for me ;p

2002-07-02 14:36:08
hihi hagge du kommer fostra den stackarn :)

2002-07-02 15:33:30
you slagging me off again in a language i cant read dre? so pointless as i cant take offence :p

2002-07-04 01:43:24
storm: du fattar som inte det h?r och det ?r bra iom att din mamma ?r en lortig gris som bajsar p? sin nattkudde innan hon ?ter upp den. detta ?r dock bara m?spiss i j?mf?relse med din pappa som ?ter veckogammal flensost p? sina stringkallingar... and as last words: have a happy summer vacation!

2002-07-04 02:44:35
storm ?nskar du en glad sommar men inte mig? :(

2002-07-04 17:39:07
HAHAHAHAHAH zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz summer vacation? im not some teen like hagge, im 25 and work so i get 4 weeks off a year :(

2002-07-04 20:55:41
storm: haha dina blygdl?ppar ?r s? stora att du kan flyga med dem direkt du bresar p? benen, men f?rmodligen inte lika h?gt som med dina h?ngbr?st som n?stan n?r ner till kn?na. oh i'm sorry, i hope you have a nice life then!

2002-07-05 01:21:22

2002-07-05 06:38:33
please keep up the storm bashing, hagge i hope you own storm good, he's fat and his car is broken

2002-07-05 11:29:03
thank you blitz. got a job yet? fair points about being fat and yes my car is broken, along with my other 2 as well. at least i dont look like you though :))

2002-07-05 14:29:09
now its time to stfu u poor pale englishmans... 8)

2002-07-05 15:16:32
i know where you live drejfus

2002-07-05 19:01:23
omg B>

2002-07-05 23:52:32
Cara, stop using faul languge! I don't care in what language you write!

2002-07-05 23:58:05
I farted :(

2002-07-06 00:33:21
HAAHAH cara owned

2002-07-06 01:18:57

2002-07-06 01:19:10

2002-07-06 16:16:08
Nagge ollade h?r - 02

2003-05-25 13:48:03

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  2 Fox 70.3  
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