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2002-07-05 23:50:57 / NQR Crew
Hello ppl!

Right now a web signup page is beeing constructed we are estimating it to be finnished during this weekend. On that page you will be able to signup your clan for the next season of NQR. Be sure to read about all new addtional rules, league system, decider maps etc etc. We will also provide you with a snapshot of the new NQR page =).

2002-07-05 23:56:17
first comment again =[

2002-07-06 00:02:50
k?ft lamer s? jag inte deletar det

2002-07-06 00:04:25
Lame =)...

2002-07-06 01:52:34
i just wanted to say siemka @LL again im @ the USA , Chicago atm, and i need a qw CD :))))))))))) HELP ME SOMEONE :EEEEEEEEEEE

2002-07-06 01:55:24
...]{idding, its great here, got chicks to f*** skin to tan etc greets to ya all, but id do with a qw cd aswell :E

2002-07-07 00:48:42
lame :) billy the kid :) hope you have a wonderful time B>

2002-07-07 00:55:34
btw I?m going on vacation too.. will anyone miss me? :)

2002-07-07 01:43:54

2002-07-07 03:04:38
Nope why yes Hagge

2002-07-08 00:58:30
Damn you sux :P

2002-07-08 12:42:25
what/who decides which clans go into div1? will it be based on last season or just picked by the clans rough ability and how they did in nqr2, sd4 and recent games?

2002-07-08 16:07:39
why dont u use the same ladder system as in nqr2 instead of the 2 div system now? that was great

2002-07-08 16:35:27
storm, we will consider teams' performance in nqr2, but will also consider other factors as you suggested. we have seen sd4 and a number of team changes since nqr2 finished and all this will be considered. if a team feels desperately out of place in the division we put them in, we will of course listen to any comments they have. but in the end, the admins decision is final :)

2002-07-08 18:29:22
ok thanks although im wondering if this is the way to go. not had time to really think about it yet. ok done now, yes the 2 divisions might be better but then the small clans dont get to play the big ones. also will there be a cup sort of thing at the end, top 6 of div1 and top 2 of div2 go into a 8 clan cup to find a winner? Problem is not all clans can play loads of games so a lesser clan that plays loads more can win the league which is ok but doesnt truly show the best clan. the old system with the play offs at the end did....

2002-07-08 20:28:52
The rules clarifies some answers, but who reads rules anyway? :( No, the less good clans cant met the best in this system. If you want to get slaugthered, then just ask for a prac? Whats the diff anyway, coz its official ? Or you can wait for next SD to come around. Some clans will be put in div. 1, some in div. 2, then we have many clans we are not sure of, those clans will get the chance to pick where they wanna play. So clans better think carefully about if they wanna own or get owned. And we dont use the ladder of NQR2 coz then the best clans will have trouble getting opponents, no one will play them, ergo how can the best clans make it to the playoffs when they dont get a chance to get points ? The old ladder system had its flaws, too big flaws. And you are all welcome in #nqr to discuss anything you want :>

2002-07-08 20:32:31
the main drawback with the ladder system of last year was that it was time-dependant. i.e. teams that played and won games at the beginning of the league didn't get as many points as those that waited right till the end before starting to play.

2002-07-08 21:05:34
Yes, look at Axemen, they got ib late in the league, but managed to get on the top of the ramkings, coz we played all clans when they had like 1500-2000 points, that made Axemen's way to the top "easy"

2002-07-09 02:59:07
The ladder system was kinda cool...and neat in it's way. But as Link and Kryten had to many flaws =[...we hope this Divisions system will be a good alternative =).

2002-07-09 03:00:00
Ah yea..about the will be able in a few days! =)

2002-07-11 10:20:23
We must give this new leaguesystem a chance before we judge it too hard. The NQR-crew have discussed details back and forth concerning maps, 2 divs, playsystem etc. If the signup clans are serious about playing in NQR we belive everything will run smooth as a lubricated mouse on a bald head. You all have a big responability to once again make this league rokk, probably even more than last season. That makes everybody a winner at the end. ^J^

2002-07-11 11:37:46
ye the new system looks good.. but it?s fun to meet the good clans than play in div 2 :\ cu in a week :)

2002-07-11 16:04:25
more nice games to specc if the sucker clan is in its own div... or?

2003-07-16 05:44:58
i am from portugal and i am looking 4 a script like yours... 4 CS clans to challenge eachother... can u send me the script? @ tks

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