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2002-07-11 20:03:08 / Link
Some clans/players have already been telling the admin-crew that they want to play the CMT maps in NQR3. We in the admin-crew are not 100% sure about this, so it would be very helpful for us if you, the players out there, could also share your thoughts about this by commenting on the issue.

If you dont know what the CMT maps are then you can download them HERE. The CMT maps are already uploaded to Telenordia, Hellfire, Z and EA servers (cmt1 cmt2 cmt3 cmt4 cmt5). If the CMT maps will be added to NQR3, then all 5 CMT maps will be added, not just 2 or 3.


2002-07-11 20:09:36
well i want custom maps to nqr, but then remove maps like e1m6/e3m3=those maps are really small and e3m3 can be pretty cepe map

2002-07-11 20:09:51
sure, let all CMT maps be included.

2002-07-11 20:36:16
Get in those maps! I think they got lots of potential and many peopel are willing to give them a chance. But we have to make sure they are on all servers not just a few.

2002-07-11 20:54:35
Yes i agree apoll first of all we need to check wich server have them and wich don't...

2002-07-11 21:45:45
ive played all cmt maps in pickup games quite alot and i think 4 of 5 maps are very good... would be cool to have cmt maps in nqr :P~

2002-07-12 00:37:02
naked ownz androm is ok the rest sux even more then dm3 and those who have seen me play dm3 understand what i say 8)

2002-07-12 01:47:18
very good point mrlame...wanna be in the admin crew? we could use a guy who understands maps so well as you...

2002-07-12 01:54:10
well i dont think they should be. i dont think enough players know them at the moment and i dont think they will be on many servers. its ok for scandanavian clans who have a better choice of servers, over here in the uk there are only a few servers that are acceptable and they must ALL have these maps put on.

2002-07-12 02:01:08
i also agree with Goljat about some of the exmx maps. these should be taken out, but why should they be replaced with more maps a lot of people dont know? 1 or 2 maybe, but not 5

2002-07-12 14:28:45
Fuck the CMT maps!

2002-07-12 14:30:12
Yes, some exmx maps out, CMT maps inn sounds good. The only thing is that some clans have those maps as their map of choice, and thats what NQR is about, be able to play that map. We already took away many maps from NQR2, making the map list much smaller. If we keep cutting down on maps, maybe NQR wouldnt be that fun for everybdy no more...I dont know :|

2002-07-12 17:21:44
It would be good if the CMT maps are available in NQR3, but here in Holland not a single server got them , that would be a problem for the dutch teams , doesn't it ? and e2m5 MUST be included as well ! :P

2002-07-12 18:20:24
I don't think you can make a descision that would satisfy all. Also I think the only reason people still play qw 4on4 is dm2, dm3 and e1m2.

2002-07-12 19:27:45
@Kryten: I dont think saying not many players know the CMT maps is a valid argument. The same can be said about the episode maps as well. The servers are a serious issue though. We need to harass the respective admins to add them. Don't be shy, you will only have to play an "odd" map here and there i think. If you loose you can still own the other team on the (well known) decider maps. If the maps prove to be of some quality they will also be played more and everyone gets to know them by time. For me it does not make a difference to play a lower quality map once in a while, be it an episode map or a custom map.

2002-07-12 20:29:28
...and of course you need to define what a "lower quality map" is :)

2002-07-12 20:41:20
im against cmt maps as i am against exmy maps :) a clan that knows how to play "one-outta-this-world" map well can get quite a lot of points in this system , its a good thing that some exmy maps are out after nqr2...

2002-07-12 21:04:42
No thanks, custom maps are too immature at the present time (a lot of players dont know/havent played them). As stated above, there is also logistical problems with servers - games might have to be played with hugely unbalanced pings because one team wants a custom map. I think custom maps might be ok in smaller leagues (e.g. national leagues, or scandinavian perhaps) where the communities are much less varied and will be playing similar maps and servers (for example UK leagues have used custom maps for 5 years). But keep them out of NQR please.

2002-07-12 21:41:25
So how will we ever get new maps inn ? Its gone 6 years, should we wait another 6 years ?

2002-07-12 22:11:15
Yes please

2002-07-13 17:11:21
Qw need new good TP-maps, but I don't think all cmt-maps classify. There's also a BIG problem due to lack of servers who contain them atm. No good idea to put them in NQR before it's possible to play them in each country first.

2002-07-13 19:28:25
I dont hink getting them uploaded to servers is the big problem, I think ppl's acceptance is the main issue...

2002-07-13 19:31:29

2002-07-13 21:22:55
No e3m4 = no cmt maps. Androm9 ownz tough.

2002-07-13 22:18:57
We removed e3m4 because we thought it was not good for serious 4on4, sorry...

2002-07-13 22:31:03
If we cant have e4m6 (thanks a lot link =<) its only logical not to allow e3m4 either, since its even weirder.

2002-07-13 22:35:49
Nice to hear you think its weird, proves our point :>

2002-07-13 23:50:56
Is e1m5 a good map for 4on4? :> Only clan that plays that map is your clan. And I have never seen it been played in a pickup game (: Well e3m4 is n't the perfect 4vs4 map thats true, but e1m5 is even worse. And if the normal e-maps arn't allowed I can't see why some cmt maps will be allowed that like 1% of the qw scene has played.

2002-07-13 23:51:28
Name should be Raue and Link should be at the ebginning of the comment (:

2002-07-14 00:04:30
Yes, e1m5 is a good map for 4on4, thats why it is inn NQR this season. You refered to the Axemen, who played e1m5: we played 28 games, that means 28 times e1m5. Over 50% of the clans we played against said that e1m5 was in fact a nice map to play 4on4 on. I tell me that UF and QH can say the same ? I think not... It does not matter what name the map got, if its exmx or cmt or whatever, we pick the maps from what the maps ARE, not where they are from or what name they got. We want quality maps, we didnt see that e3m4 and e4m6 was quality maps for 4on4, again: sorry...

2002-07-14 13:54:37
1)When we started playing NQR2 (i was a CPT member then ) i even didn't know half of maps that people played but after I saw some demos i started to "know" them... and in my oppinion it was fun and thats the idea ---> TO LEARN SOME NEW MAPS ain't 7 years of playing DM2, DM3, DM4, DM6, E1M2 a bit long time ??? 2)I wonder how many of u guys saw all the maps u r against of ???? not to mension that for sure none of u saw any demos like SR vs HF <<- on CMT3 ( I think or 2 ) TOTAL OWNAGE 3)On the other hand I wouldn't put all CMT maps.. but it's just my opinion and i think nobady will get hurt from playing a game from time to time on a worse map than DM2, DM3, DM4, DM6, E1M2 :D 4) Look @ yourself all u guys that say "no" and see what r u saying... u sound like a 5 years boy stateing "I WON'T EAT VANILLA ICECREAM COZ I WANTED BIGGER VANILLA ICECREAM" I mean that QW ain't LIFE and the world will not colapse if u loss some CMT maps but if U ( or many many other ppl) start to like it ... qw will be reborned with a new face and THATS THE POINT :)

2002-07-14 14:58:50
Well, its all about attitude, not everyone has the same attitude :)

2002-07-14 16:38:30
If e1m5 is a good map for 4on4, why are axe like the only clan in history 2 play tthat map? :) . And as I said iI have NEVER seen e1m5 on a pickupgame. And qw is no longer what it was, it's dying slowley, so I don't think so many quakers wan't to learn new maps as the cmt maps.

2002-07-14 18:29:52
Maybe playing on diff maps is good for qw? As you said, qw is dying slowly, about time we did something about it? Maybe some map-variation can help? Ppl dont play a map because they dont know it, not because they think it is bad. Ppl are playing to win, not for fun, and that is what is making the qw scene die slowly, as you said. How can ppl know if a map is good or bad if they dont try it? Maybe we should listen to the ppl that really knows the maps, instead of listening to the ppl that dont play diff maps at all, but yet they know everything about maps? Raue, it seems to me that you are the kind of sort that dont want variation at all, does that mean that you and ppl like you are the reason for qw's funeral? Can't you see we are trying to make something happen?

2002-07-15 05:23:09
every map is fun if you know it

bot_` aka b52
2002-07-15 08:40:38
well, some of cmt maps are really nice, but, ffs, until they're widely developed, they can not be official nqr maps, because this thing will result in server troubles, WOs and so on. thanks a lot, do u really need a shit like that? why can not we just select dm2, dm3, e1m2 and 2 more maps from eXmY? i think that clans signed up in nqr can just elect 2 custom maps by voting. ofcourse, e3m7, e2m2, dm6, e1m2, dm3, dm2 should be excluded from the poll. isn't it a way to solve the fucking trouble? :D

bot_` aka b52
2002-07-15 08:44:39
one fix: not 2 custom maps, 2 remaining maps...

2002-07-15 09:45:10
Here we go.... dm2, dm3, e1m1, e1m2, e2m7, e3m3 Thats the maps we should play :D. Elvis has left the building !!!

2002-07-15 10:48:37
Raue You say you never played E1M5 in a pickup game. I bet you'd disconnect if E1M5 came up in a pickup game because you hate it, or? bot_` aka b52 That will never happend. If we choose dm2, dm3, e1m2 and maybe 2-3 more maps to play Ill prolly leave NQR or something. What made NQR so popular last season I think was the freedom to choose from all the ID maps. If you want to play dm2, dm3, e1m2 (and a few more maps) play in SD. Playing the same old maps all the time sucks the most. People are afraid of new maps, but once you get to learn them they are really funny! So drop the attitude towards CMT maps, If we never start playing them they will never be played. Link for president! :)

2002-07-15 10:58:10
i think adding 1 or 2 of them would make sense but not all of them. unfortunately link is caught up in the politics of not wanting to upset some of the mappers. so we must suffer some less good maps just to save some ppl's egos? :/

2002-07-15 19:10:59
Nah max0r I play all maps. But e1m5 have never came up on a pickup when I have played, while maps like e1m1,e1m3,e1m4,e1m6,even e1m8 have been played. of the e1 maps Only e1m5 and e1m7 I havent played in a pickup game, e1m8 instead of e1m5 says quite lot imo.

2002-07-15 23:24:43
Razor got a point here "all maps r fun if u know them". Agree...but let the circumstances allow all players to play them in a decent manner before we put all those "new" maps in NQR? 1 or 2 ok! As I said earlier..we need new maps..that's just as true as QW need big league/tournaments like NQR/SD. I wanted to get your asses out here and play, and the result of my wish became NQR. We can/must work on all issues that develop QW and NQR/SD. Offcourse we have different opinions in some matters, but that's a part of the growing process. This dialog with all devoted quakers, makes it possible to slowly tune our minds towards progress and success in the end. Time is our best friend but also our worst enemy. If we can't get this damn machine to work properly, we all gonna "ride the rocket" right out of the quakearena.

2002-07-15 23:54:10
No custom maps @ NQR!!! I cant even find find my bonghole at those CMT maps :/

2002-07-16 00:05:28
takes like 2-3 pickup games on each map to know them ok, and i promise u gonna love the maps if u just give them a chance... coz they are very good maps...

2002-07-16 00:08:29
maybe 5 maps is too much to learn... maybe bring in only two maps to start with.

2002-07-16 00:11:39
Icce has spoken...=]! I agree with what Icce has to say..

2002-07-16 00:43:46
I think bringing in all 5 CMT maps would be too much. However, adding 2 or so could work out well. I think lots already know the a9/naked versions? It seems stupid to say all 5 or nothing simply to please a few of the map makers rather than what the majority of the 50 clans signed up think! You will probably have difficulty getting the cmt maps onto all the necessary servers though!

2002-07-16 01:12:11
cmt1 and cmt3. Cmt1 is really kickass map. cmt4 dont know :)

2002-07-16 02:23:31
btw... i dont mind e1m5 since we owned axe so eeeeeaaaassyy on it... and neither e3m4 since we owned uf eeeeassy there too.. especially knight.. muahahah

2002-07-16 05:07:45
imo bringing custom maps to nqr makes as much sense as changing the shape of a football pitch,apart from e1m2,e2m2 and MAYBE e3m3 , exmy maps simply arent that good in tp to include them in serious qw tournaments

2002-07-16 16:16:00
Last season ppl never had any problems with playing "strange" maps, and it was an awesome season. I didnt even care if we played e3m4, e4m2 or e4m6, we won 2-1 anyway. Nice to see that you all care about maps this season, that should bring NQR in the right direction And razor,; luck is a good skill :)

2002-07-17 03:50:02
can we start season now? like first games on 27-28.7.2002 so we can finish this before december :)

2002-07-17 05:08:54
If the cmt maps will be included I think all maps should be included, even maps as start and end cause it's fun maps :) And yes cmt3 ownz good work on making that map, cmt and cmt4. The other cmt maps sux so much that u think a newbie like link made them =()

2002-07-17 05:09:39
cmt3 and cmt4 even steven.

2002-07-17 05:41:54
add cmt maps please, they r0x! P.S. And remove some e#m# maps ;)

2002-07-17 07:55:46
Ok, its time to to say some words about it. 1.For all ppl who are talking about "upload problem", i just wana ask - was it a problem to upload KTPRO on the servers ? No. Ktpro now located on ALL servers in europe. But its a server mod, map uploading is MUCH easier, cos u dont need change your cfgs and something, u just must put 5 maps to the maps dir. Thats all ! So - forget about this problem. If u can upload ktpro, u can upload maps too. Thats all ! 2. ExMx for desinged for SINGLE player only. Its NOT dm maps. There are many problems on that maps, they are unbalanced etc. If that maps was designed in ID, its not means that that maps was designed by god himself. 3. CMP maps was desinged by skilled designers and skilled players. We know the game, we know what is good and what is bad. We are not gods, but we just KNOW that game. There was many discussions to make the maps more balanced for tp. CMT maps was designed SPECCIALLY for teamply 4v4. Not for single like like exmx, not for FFA like original DMx, not for duels, not for other shit. THAT MAPS DESIGNED SPESSIALLY FOR TP 4V4 AND THERE NO ANY PROBLEMS TO UPLOAD IT ! CAN U UNDERSTAND IT FINALLY ???

2002-07-17 08:35:55
Just for the record.._ALL_ servers do not have KTPro installed, such as the edome servers ;).

2002-07-17 08:40:40
Well, the cmt map project did take some time. We did a lot of testing and we had many discussions to make everything right. And if I am not mistaken, this was the only project where players and mappers worked so close together, for one simple reason only: to get maps that PLAYERS like, not only maps that the mappers like :) It seems that CMT3 and CMT4 has been accepted by a lot of ppl in the Scandinavian region. Why? because ppl play them. And that is the only way to know a map, and discover how good it is, to play it. CMT1 is being played more and more also. CMT2 was the first map out of the projet, and was played a lot in the early stages. CMT5 has also been played a little, but not the same amount as CMT3/CMT4. The elite 4on4 players from the best clans are saying the maps are very good. When they got to know the map, they said the map was excellent. This only proves that the quality of the maps are what they were supposed to be: desigend for 4on4. Should we listen to ppl who says the map sucks, when they dont have a clue about it? Should we listen to ppl that thinks that maps like start, end, e3m4 etc is maps for 4on4? Or should we listen to ppl who knows how to make a good 4on4 map? And to the most experienced players; the elite. The CMT maps are not dm2 spawnrape heaven. It is balanced maps where skill will prevail. I thought that was what we wanted, to have the most fair game possible, not some lucky spawns or a lockdown that is very hard to break down. If CMT maps are in NQR3 or not, it really doesnt matter, because sooner or later, maps like these are what we will play 4on4 on. Why? Because they are made just for that purpose, to play 4on4 on. Dm2, Dm3 and e1m2 are the classic three maps, why? I guess ID didnt know how to build 4on4 maps for Quake, it was too early in 1995/1996 to make great 4on4 maps. The community that didnt know anything better at the time, decided that these 3 maps was it. That was not surprising when you look at the rest of the ID maps. Folks: do your self a favor and look VERY carefully at the CMT maps, a lot of players have already discovered them, but the majority have not looked at it yet, you should, they are the future of 4on4. Just my 2 cents...

2002-07-17 13:03:05
Goljat: we are working hard to get the new site coded. There is a lot of work involved. Actually let me re-phrase that... *I* am working very hard to get the site coded because cero is on holiday for almost a month ;( If there are any experience PHP/MySQL coders out there that would like to lend a hand then please get in touch. Even an August start is looking a bit doubtful at the moment.

2002-07-17 19:49:23
I think the argument that these customs shouldn't used because they aren't on all servers is a red-herring. The reply is simple: they can be uploaded to existing with little effort. However, the mopre important objection, it seems to me, is whether these maps are of the same gameplay quality as the big 3? I think going full bore with all 5 maps is going overboard myself...but that's just me. I see no reason why gromm's map and naked can't be used along with the big3, giving 5 options for maps in the tourney. The 2 customs I mentioned have a lot of strengths and have been played a the majority of qw players sort of "know" those playing fields; and they do have potential to add some spice to qw tdm. I do not want what i say here to miscrued to mean that I think the big3 are what Link thinks they are. I reason, however, that having some more variety on tdm playing fields will force clans to develop novel tactics and strategies...and individuals to develop original ways of jumping and manoeuvering around them. All this would make the qw tdm community refresh its thinking a bit; and I believe this would only add to the greatness of the tdm maps we already have--I mean, who can disagree with making qw tdm better? respectfully, xhrl

2002-07-18 12:35:30
I think every map works out 4vs4. This is only a matter of the "better" clans don?t dare to play new or less known maps because they are afraid to loose against less good clans who have learned an unknown map and rocks at it. Let all ID maps be played AND bring in the custom maps so quakeworld can change. It is really about time after 6 years u know....

2002-07-18 17:19:47
i think its not the "better" clans that dont dare to play "cp maps" like exmx its the newschoolers that dont wanna play them, they have only been playing the big 3 and they dont know the other maps that where played back in 96-98, tho some of the "better" clans are newschoolers and thats why u might say the "better" clans dont dare to play new-old maps ;) btw CMT maps rox, give them a chance....

2002-07-18 23:58:07
Horatio why should qw change? If it has been a highly-competitive game on the same id maps for 6 years why should it change?

2002-07-18 23:58:31
btw no lithium in nqr? :( is lithium alive?

2002-07-19 01:11:52
If the cmt maps aren't included in NQR3 then when will people begin to play the damn maps? Never! The Custom Maps Tourney doesn't seem to happen so this is at least a good way of making people learn and play these great maps. Power to the ppl :)

2002-07-19 01:27:42
[13:37] *** Lithium is now known as #The_Gaping_Lotus_Experience

2002-07-22 05:32:00
link stop saying that ppl don't know the maps if they don't like it its the only argument you have all the time i know dm3 and i still think it is boring plz explain why, i don't know naked very good but i think that is one of the most fun maps i have played explain that and give me some solid arguments cuz some of the CMT maps really SUCK big salty chocolate balls no matter what your own opionion is and i have also gave my opionon on some cmt maps to make them better but you only seem to make them suit "your" mind of qw have to be played or something eid gull norsk?,

2002-07-22 05:36:38
oh and btw cmt2 and cmt5 is prolly the most boring maps i EVER fucking played in my whole life of qw and you also talks about qw is being destroyed by lame community who all thinks about winning and noones playes for fun and then u say u want more "serious" boring maps like e1m5 which is SO DAMN BORING I RATHER SO MY OLD GRANDMA MASTURBATE AND thats why maps like e3m4 is more fun cuz its not so damn serious its a LOL map with alot of powerups and a complete different playstyle

2002-07-22 05:56:00
it all comes down to whos best on e4m6

2002-07-22 11:06:41
well i can't agree with mrlame

2002-07-22 13:05:06
BG Lame =[.. ;)

2002-07-24 02:42:25
Since you know the maps so well mrlame, then you should participate my map trivia and own my questions, let me know when you are ready

2002-07-26 23:48:45
i r ready r u?

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