Battle Info  2003-03-27 Division 1 - Week 5 (3)

Clan Malfunction 2 - 1 The Axemen

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


We played well, but Fix played even better! They got 3 last pents but we managed to survive at our lovely ra side they made some nice attacks to quad somewhere when it was 2-3mins left. gg - by Clan Malfunction

Cmf had a good start with quad-ring, and penta. They had a good grip in the beginning, and advanced quickly. We got second and last penta, not the one in the middle CMF. :) Anyway, our penta runs sucked bigtime, never managed to take control. CMF took this home pretty easily, but I must say, the axemen didnt have their axe-effect with em, this time. GG anyway cmf. - by The Axemen



E1M5 - The Gloom Keep


Nowadays there's alot of lame acts going on in Quakeworld scene and real sportsmanship events are rare, so I guess I have to praise Axemen as good as I just can right here. AXEMEN RULE! They gave us a opportunity to recall e1m5 tactics in mind by praccing it one time before the official match against us! That was something incredible, normally QW clan would just say that 'hahahah play or die' or something else as mature, but Axemen were really really great and actually gave us a chance. Well, we tried our best but Axemen's were just simply better than us in this round and deserved their victory. Greatest game for a long time! AWESOME AXE!!! - by Clan Malfunction

As CMF's report say, we pracced e1m5 once before the nqr match, we won with about 40 frags, with no good playing at all. Too much mess-up, and no good TP. In the real thing, we had some kind of control over sng and mostly rl the first 15, but CMF managed to take some quads, makinig our control go to hell. :p With 5 min left, cmf somehow took over sng, and had 2-3 rl's. They managed to make the game kinda close. No doubt that TiMMi's 70 frags made the difference here. :pp - by The Axemen



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


This round was somewhat even for the first 10-12 minutes, but then we got our teamplay going and got lots of frags during the last minutes. - by Clan Malfunction

Another "not-so-good-performance" by axemen. We played _BAD_. CMF started of with a tight grip. TiMMi had 0 frags in 9 minutes. I think I killed like 5-6 teammates in this first minutes. :> CMF was in lead with alot after 5 minutes, but we started to camp quad early, making problems for cmf. We took over, and had a hope, that or lack of performance the first 5 was just a glitch. I think we were behind with 20-30 frags, when TiMMi stood alone on YA for 20 secs, with enemies coming in from EVERYWHERE. CMF took the control, but we loifed alot, and gave away alot of frags. Last 5-6 minutes was.. A bad performance. :( GG cmf, you are nice. :) - by The Axemen


Hej Horatio h - 2003-03-14 12:37:41
GG canius
canius - 2003-03-14 12:39:55
GG Horatio
Link - 2003-03-27 23:53:30
Well, they didn't show you TiMMi tactics, lame =)
Janozh - 2003-03-27 23:54:41
thx CMF... its nice to get some cred from the goodier clans like you, disorder and fs.. who respect us for our choice of map. most of the time we only get to hear like; "cowards who choose e1m5.. etc" gg.
Hagge - 2003-03-28 00:03:47
gg! jester ownz! ;) btw who won the e1m5 prac? :]
TiMMi - 2003-03-28 00:44:52
We won with 40-50 frags I think.
dREk - 2003-03-28 08:12:14
Looks like a nice game.. I better download the demoz. :P
TiMMi - 2003-03-28 09:28:46
Something wrong with the demos. :(
busti - 2003-03-28 10:00:17
awesome to see some real sportmanship and nice attitudes! gg!
sexC - 2003-03-28 11:25:07
The demos aren't working :|...
crazymac - 2003-03-28 11:54:44
demos are working, they are just compred with ZIP, and have wrong extensions!
sexC - 2003-03-28 12:16:34
ta cm, next time just leave them as .zip so that we don't have to play detectives :]
jester - 2003-03-28 13:25:37
I always seemed to find my own place when the 20 min was up ;)
supa - 2003-03-28 22:10:06
Uh, what ZIP? Demos seem to be compressed with RAR, not ZIP.
TiMMi - 2003-03-29 19:09:14
I believe they are compressed with .gz Winzip did the job. Rename the file from 4on4oekscmf.mvd.php to xxx.mvd.gz or something. Im not sure if this work, but you might try it. :)
fix - 2003-03-29 22:00:37
yes they are..they are uploaded in that form they came from server.. *.mvd.gz it was if i remember right
clox - 2003-03-29 23:50:17
janozh, put those conchars up on your page :>
janozhzhzhhz - 2003-03-30 04:30:34
eyas but my page is inacitve.. psiuve um durnk
Link - 2003-03-30 19:26:59
lol :>

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