E1M2 - Castle of the Damned  
Times Played 136
Total Frags 44013
Avg. Frags / Play 323.6
Most Played By Campbusters Team 2, Shadow Minions - 10 times
Best Efficiency Thangorodrim, griffin's tappra gossar, War Hammer, Unidentified Quake Entity, EuthanasiA, PsychoHaloons Crew, Hell Patrol, HOT, The Fighting Foes, DvL- 100%
Worst Efficiency noskill, aut Vincere aut Mori, Lockup, Antiquad, !Miscellaneous Misfitz!, Beastie Boys, Dreadful Offensive Squirrels, Bored With Life, Cobots, St?l-Kalle Klanen, Ax3, Splatt, J?garna - 0%
Biggest Ownage HOT 323-19 Mais Quad Bordel @ E1M2
Closest Game Slackers 174-172 disorder @ E1M2
Average Winning Margin 87.3 frags
  Type Map POV Submitted by
 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. suicide commando Division 4 E1M2 jeZper (FlePser) Unidentified Quake Entity
 Kala vs. Dybbuk Division 4 E1M2 Asp Kala
 aut Vincere aut Mori vs. PsychoHaloons Crew Division 4 E1M2 burn aut Vincere aut Mori
 fnu vs. Shadow Minions Division 6 E1M2 Empezar fnu
 Feske Gobbah vs. Frag Shack Division 5 E1M2 wigorf Feske Gobbah
 Bleed vs. Vet's Division 5 E1M2 Ferret Bleed
 The Artists vs. Clan Edge Division 5 E1M2 Billy The Artists
 Chopstick Ninjas vs. Fraggers United Division 2 E1M2 Foppa Chopstick Ninjas
 Hyphen vs. Slackers Division 1 E1M2 HangTime Hyphen
 Firing Squad vs. Campbusters Division 1 E1M2 razor Firing Squad
 Firing Squad vs. Hyphen Division 1 E1M2 blitz Firing Squad
 Justified Ancients of Menace vs. ex BLISTERS Division 2 E1M2 nih Justified Ancients of Menace
 Justified Ancients of Menace vs. HellFire Division 2 E1M2 nih Justified Ancients of Menace
 Campbusters vs. !Miscellaneous Misfitz! Division 1 E1M2 Hagge Campbusters
 Maniacs vs. Cobots Division 3 E1M2 Hustak Maniacs
 Maniacs vs. Cobots Division 3 E1M2 Diablo Maniacs
 Maniacs vs. Cobots Division 3 E1M2 Sassa Maniacs
 Civil Disobedience vs. J?garna Division 5 E1M2 nocturnal Civil Disobedience
 fnu vs. Mais Quad Bordel Division 6 E1M2 Empezar fnu
 griffin's tappra gossar vs. FUDOH Division 3 E1M2 dakoth griffin's tappra gossar
 FUDOH vs. Maniacs Division 3 E1M2 Stalin FUDOH
 Feske Gobbah vs. Paranoids Division 5 E1M2 wigorf Feske Gobbah

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