Battle Info  2003-03-24 Division 1 - Week 4 (2)

The Axemen 2 - 1 noskill

E1M5 - The Gloom Keep


Started pretty bad, with noskill getting both rl and sng. But I guess they didnt have any clue how to get any control. We kinda took over, and had a good control over sng and rl. They had rl a few times, rocketjumping to quad outside, making it difficult for our quadrunner. But every time they got quad, it was usually on low health, so he went to gl. Enemy quad was never a real threath to us. I was kinda suprised when the match was over.. We won with over 100 frags, but it felt much more even. Perhaps because ns denied us "full" control. They always had a lurking rl somewhere. I guess you werent that prepared ns, but you sure put up a fight anyway. gg. - by The Axemen



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Oh my fucking god. Im so seriously angry. Writing a report for 45 minutes, minute for minute.. Of this SERIOUSLY close game. But hey? When I saved the report, I was not logged in anymore? It took too fucking long time to write the report :> And back button? Didnt work. Fix it nqr-page coder! Or else...! Anway, the game started kinda lol as it always does for axemen on "regular" maps. The fact that all ns players managed to telefrag eachother and start with -4(!) didnt help much. They got rl, penta, shaft and ring. Pre denied the ring guy quad, and went for RA, but there enemy shaft owned him. Soon NS had control, and we were playing Volleyball in the pool whining about bad spawns. Score was about 120-30 when 3rd penta was up. (axemen also got 2nd penta, but didnt manage to do much with it.) TiMMi got the pent, took quad and went for RA, but RA was somehow secure, and he continued hes journey for frags towards ya. None there, he went to water. And THERE they were. :> He killed only a few before penta went out, so he returned to ya, very low on armor. He secured ya for 30 secs, when tco killed quad-pre in a strange way. Pre spawned ya, and was kinda angry. He took ammo, even if TiMMi only had 1 rocket left. TiMMi got mad and owned Pre on purpose. At the same time, 2 enemies came from high-bridge, loifing into TiMMi, and of course he br0sted bigtime, giving away rl and ya. :> We maintained control, and got a lead, but never managed to rape ns like they raped us in the start. Ns gained frags slowly in the end and Zhin got last quad on the score 157-155. Janozh and TiMMi hided in water, while tco was on ya. Zhin went to ya as tco teleported to window. Zhin followed and had a rlfight with tco. As zhin's pov showed, he had 1hp left.(!) He jumps down to water at penta, and tco spawned lift, but didnt dare to attack him as the score was 157-156. TiMMi pined bigtime in order to prevent zhin to come from penta water. In the same time a ns player came from behind with a (superfast) nailgun and ra. TiMMi got a direct hit with gl, but had low health left. He pined again, hoping for both to die, so axe would win 157-156, but ns guy had too much armor, so TiMMi bored with 2seconds to go. OT penta went to a boomstick axeman, which took rl and quad and went for RA. The penta was over and he didnt have any armor, so he waited, meanwhile the quad faded away and ns managed to stay alive. He went to sng and got totally owned by 3(!) ns guys waiting for him. Then we were back to nothing, and ns got a 10frag lead. In the last minutes we had mostly control, but ns hided well, and when tco killed a teammate and TiMMi got owned by zhin, it was over. VERY good game ns. My report was about twice this length, but Im really tired of writing now. Fucking shitty page. :> Next time I'll write in word or something. - by The Axemen



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


plz play with the nicks that you are listed as. lol faith. - by NQR Admin

Another thriller.. Ns got rl and quad, and had control over quad-gl-ya very quick. In 2 minutes, they allready had a 35-11 lead. But we pushed back, and the game was very even for a long time. After 10 minutes it was 113-108 to axe, but ns came back and took the lead once again. But the margins was small.. Thanks to finals great ya camping, TiMMi got a important quad with 5 minutes to go. He went for ya, while killing about 10 spawns on his way, and all in a sudden it was a 30 frag lead for The Axemen. Ns continued to loif, but axe controled gl and ya, and the gap between the clans increased. With a 60 frag lead it stopped, and the last 1-2 minutes was more or less only boomstick. gg ns. - by The Axemen


canius - 2003-03-14 12:38:48
GG Horatio
Horatio - 2003-03-14 12:39:45
GG canius mannen
Janozh - 2003-03-25 00:03:59
nice gfx huh?
TiMMi - 2003-03-25 00:18:01
Damn, what a seriously intense game. I'll write a report as always.. Tomorrow. :)
Hagge - 2003-03-25 00:31:48
heh..... seems to be a nice game and I must say I?m a bit suprised that axemen won.. seems like janozh knows e1m5 now! ;) have to watch the demos but what about uploading dm3 as well ? gg
TheChosenOne - 2003-03-25 00:32:36
Unable to upload dm3 demos. Always something wrong with the uploading system :(
TheChosenOne - 2003-03-25 00:34:28
hehe.. just needed to zip it 8)
Diki - 2003-03-25 11:27:04
Heheh, they doesnt have enough skill so they have to play map like e1m5 :o
LOL - 2003-03-25 12:09:28
haha janozh is sooo bad @ regular maps. just look at dm3 he IS LAST! he suxx totally!
Link - 2003-03-25 15:53:04
Diki: lets hope you dont have to eat those words :) Looking forward to AQ game :>
Link - 2003-03-25 15:55:46
We had 156-155 one sec to go on dm3 and took e1m2. So we suck on those maps? :)
Link - 2003-03-25 15:57:44
Sorry, I forgot Finland was dm2 only land. Spawncamping = Finlandia skill
niomic - 2003-03-25 18:06:19
2 quads owned by shaft @ dm3, so ezzzz. Randommap sux0r some huge donky balls. Just wasted DS on dm2 before this game and we had a trial player playing. But like link said, that's the only map we know how to pwn.
razor - 2003-03-25 21:19:50
whine whine... just say gg and be happy... and whats so wrong with e1m5... dont whine just cause you dont know it.... and diki why did they won e1m2 then and played a close dm3 ?
Janozh - 2003-03-25 23:21:38
niomic.. eat my shorts (and diki 2). razor 4 statsminister.
TiMMi - 2003-03-25 23:25:32
Hahaha Janozh. You've becomed a "norrbagge" :)
faith / horo - 2003-03-26 00:51:04
dont whine bout my nick ive changed it and i can change name @ settings. and thats what im doing now. swe sucks oK? wait until i prac a bit from now on ! :<
Janozh - 2003-03-26 12:01:50
ok I'll "wait a bit until u prac from now on". What the hell that is supposed to mean.
Hagge - 2003-03-26 13:53:25
faith start praccing I know u can do better than this!!!!! ;(
sweeper - 2003-03-31 02:14:13
faitha :<
m0lle - 2003-04-01 14:25:08
Noskill Axe?d down by janozh & co !! GW!

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